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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- Reports from people claiming to have experienced weight loss success by using raspberry ketones are circulating over the internet. While these stories are not scientific or scrutinized for corrorboration, these people claim they are using red raspberry ketones supplements with great success as a weight loss aid. On the one hand it must be considered that many of these stories could be nothing more than hype being circulated by manufacturers or marketers. But, on the other hand, the potential of an extract from raspberries as a weight loss helper was enthusiastically recommended by none other than Dr. Oz on television, in early 2012.

Interest in raspberry ketone weight loss supplements reached frenzied proportions after being highlighted on the Dr. Oz television show in early 2012. After the TV program aired a second time, the buying frenzy was in full force and health food stores across the nation were unable to keep the supplements in stock for some time, until suppliers were able to gear up to meet the increased demand. And, sales remain extremely strong today.

On the Dr. Oz raspberry ketone episode, Dr. Oz and a guest said raspberry ketone weight loss supplements have been demonstrated to produce significant weight loss results, especially when combined with improved eating habits and increased activity. Some folks have questioned whether simply eating red raspberry fruit would be just as effective, but Dr. Oz explained eating fresh raspberries would not be practical because a person would have to consume about 90 pounds of raspberries per day in order to duplicate the results said to be achieved by taking the raspberry ketone nutritional supplements daily.

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