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Innovative, Digital Agency's New Platform Makes It Easy to Advertise Local Businesses Online


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Interactive Advertising (IA) is proud to announce the release of the Interactive Advertising Platform (IAP), a technologically advanced proprietary framework that is the driver behind their digital advertising campaigns on the Internet for their clients, especially those targeting the Canadian market. The IAP allows local business owners to have an incredibly powerful, “hands free” digital marketing solution, combining ease of use with raw power. IA is an innovative digital marketing agency providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing agency services to clients that are trying to, or have tried to, abandon “cart and buggy” advertising methods for an online based model; one which is based on online branding, and organic, targeted, search traffic generated through the IAP. The Interactive Advertising Platform is a game-changing marketing machine; it is built on a technological platform based on the latest in technology, and can be applied to any industry that can leverage online marketing in its favor.

The Interactive Advertising Platform is the Mercedes-Benz of 21st century marketing campaigns; for businesses engaged in SEO for lead generation, traffic generation, and online branding. IA has been testing the IAP platform in various scenarios, alongside Google’s 1.5 algorithmic updates per day in 2013, in order to ensure the most powerful technological model for the official launch to the North American public, encompassing all content and asset types available at this time.

Examples of applications of the IAP, include leveraging organic SEO digital marketing strategies in order to “rank” YouTube videos on the search engines in record time, even in high competition areas. As well as Ranking website pages, social media profiles, and other content types to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) on Google (among others such as Yahoo and Bing) using 100% proprietary SEO techniques. Interactive Advertising has developed the IAP from the ground-up, testing at every step of development, and it has shown that leveraging the best marketing, technology, and technological management practices can consistently produce a meaningful return on investment.

So what exactly is this exclusive platform and who will be allowed to leverage it in their favor?

The IAP is a proprietary platform that encompasses all of the major SERP indicators such as page-rank, social media signals, unique / relevant content, and a variety of non-disclosed factors that enabled the platform to place Interactive Advertising’s clients on to the first-page of Google for their targeted keywords. The platform has been tested countless times and will work for any business model; it is especially powerful for local businesses, and on a larger scale, B2B enterprises.

A custom program based upon the IAP can and will work for any fully integrated SEO based digital marketing model. The most powerful digital marketing campaigns are SEO based. The IAP works with a variety of digital strategies such as social media marketing, press releases, content marketing, and Internet advertising campaigns to optimize the SEO power for an incredibly leveraged, organic inbound marketing strategy. The IAP takes all appropriate content marketing channels into account and integrates those activities into a solid digital marketing strategy for all campaigns. Adding the IAP to a company’s online marketing arsenal will dramatically change organic marketing for that company from day one.

That’s great, but why build this?
Interactive Advertising created this platform because of the failure of traditional advertising agencies to change with the shifts in consumer behavior, especially in Canada. It is the view of the Vancouver BC based digital advertising company that traditional advertising agencies rely too heavily on traditional outbound marketing techniques, choosing to distance themselves from the tougher, operational side of direct consumer contact marketing. The fact is businesses can no long rely on lofty brand awareness campaigns in this digital age, so a solution had to be found. When none could be found, it had to be created.

The idea behind the platform is simple. It creates an integrated online process that uses original content to provide important educational advice to targeted consumers, which helps them with their purchasing decisions. The platform will help businesses by developing and promoting original content such as blog posts, which will attract interested and engaged prospects, who will begin to associate and rely on the company as an active thought leader in their industry. This leads to a significant increase in their brands reputation online by getting pages indexed on Google via “inbound links,” leading to an increase in targeted visitors to their web properties. Systems have been put in place to track the progress of all IAP campaigns, and the systems allow Interactive Advertising to adapt their strategies based on solid analytical metrics based on the current search environment in order to ensure improvements over time. This in itself is a revolutionary innovation to the advertising industry.

The Interactive Advertising Platform is the breath of fresh air the marketing world has been gasping for. Interactive Advertising had the foresight to see the inevitable shifts of consumer behavior in this digital age, and adapted to them. According to their website, “switch to an inbound-oriented strategy early in your marketplace, have us execute it perfectly, and you will have a leg-up on your competition lie no other.”

About Interactive Advertising
Interactive Advertising ( was created because of the failure of traditional advertising agencies to change with the shifts in consumer behaviour. They have worked closely with technology companies to develop more results-driven services and more efficient processes, drawn on the teachings of industry luminaries. They have been influenced by the legendary technology organizations such as Apple, and Google. They are the breath of fresh air the marketing world has been gasping for. They had the foresight to see the inevitable shifts of the business world, and they adapted to them.