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Acid vs. Alkaline? Kitchen Supreme Releases Report to Help Pasta Lovers Have a Balanced Internal pH

A diet rich in unhealthy, strongly acid foods (meat, dairy products, bread) causes the accumulation of waste in the system. Once in the blood, the lymphatic system tries to clean them, but, being overworked, it stores the acid in the vital organs such as the heart, the pancreas, the liver, the colon and thus the diseases emerge. Plus, the acid offers a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and other microorganisms which cause damage to the glands and organs and disturb the cellular activities and functions.

Walk-In Cool Provides Refrigeration to Restaurants

Walk-In Cool provides refrigeration and freezers to restaurants in and around the Pennsylvania area. The refrigeration company believes that having a functional freezer refrigeration system is the most important component in ensuring the safety and sanitation of a client's restaurant business.

Brad Markussen Looks to Increase the Production of BBQueCan with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoAll About BBQ has recently come up with their new product BBQueCan, a revolutionary BBQ utensil that has been designed to make grilling, smoking and roasting smaller food items easy like never before. The product also saves grill space and prevents the smaller items from becoming casualties down through the grate and into the grill.

Vientos Precision Wine Cellar from Volsen Launched at Amazon Shopping Site

Home appliances brand Volsen has recently announced that their product Vientos Precision Wine Cellar will now be available for purchase from the popular shopping site Amazon. Upon contact, a representative of the Volsen Company maintained that the wine cellar is among the few of their products that the company had launched earlier this year.

12 Volt Technology Offers Waeco Fridges for Sale

Logo12 Volt Technology, a renowned market place for 12 volt appliances, offers best-in-class Waeco Fridges at the most affordable prices. An array of Waeco Fridges that individuals can purchase from them include CFX28, CFX35, CFX40, CFX50, CFX65, CFX65DZ and much more. All of the Waeco Fridges that they provide consume less power, which are perfect for those camping trips, weekend away or even the longer week trip. So, people looking for a quality 12 Volt Fridge Freezer for their Boat, Bus, Truck, Caravan or motorhome, can explore an exclusive collection of Waeco Fridges on the company's official online portal,

JZ Quality Products Presents the Stainless Steel Garlic Press

JZ Quality Products presents the Stainless Steel Garlic Press that will add flavor to your favorite household meal and ease your kitchen preparation. Chefs, both amateur and professional, have found garlic to be the savory ingredient that adds the extra "umph" to a signature dish. However, extracting the best flavor, without the lingering effect of stinky hands, can be tricky. The Stainless Steel Garlic Press provides a smart and economical way to bring out the zesty flavor without the collateral damage to clothes and hands.

Thefreshome Reveals Its Picks for the Best Vacuum Sealer Available for Purchase in 2016

Making and preserving one's own food has turned from a necessity into a hobby. Interested consumers are overwhelmed with different choices when it comes to choosing the right gadgets to help them with this activity, and this is why Matthew Williams, the chief editor of Thefreshome, has released a guide that tests and showcases the finest vacuum sealers in 2016.

Ecommerce Giant BBK Direct UK Ties Up with Brand Minerva to Offer Amazing Line-Up of Kitchen Decor Products

LogoShoppers can now find a unique range of functional kitchen decor products with assurance for design and quality when they visit for their home products shopping. The ecommerce giant has already made a name for itself with a huge option range for the other aspects of home décor with major brands tying up with the platform offering bathroom, bedroom and flooring products.

ReviewInsider Releases Its List of the Best Carpet Cleaners Available to Buy in 2016

Various carpet cleaner manufacturers have been hyping up their products through aggressive marketing campaigns for decades, and finding the right model based solely on over-promising advertisements is certainly unwise. This is why Justin Morris, editor-in chief at ReviewInsider, has announced that the site is publishing a guide on the best carpet cleaners for the year.

Western Fireplace Supply Offers Wood Burning Fireplaces with Innovative Wood Burning Technology and Advanced Design

LogoA leading Fireplace store in Colorado Springs, Western Fireplace Supply offers Wood Burning Fireplaces at competitive prices. The company pairs expert craftsmanship with elegant styling to provide quality wood burning fireplaces. All of their fireplaces are intricately designed using high grade materials for performance and versatility. Keeping in mind the varied needs of their customers, Western Fireplace Supply stocks wood burning fireplaces in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. These wood burning fireplaces are EPA II-certified with powerful heat output and a long service life. Individuals looking for the highest quality wood burning fireplace can count on the company for their needs.

Kevin's Kitchen Appliances to Make Lives Easier

Kevin's Kitchen Appliances is a website that makes quality kitchen appliances available for interested buyers. Whether it is coffee makers or blenders, there are several significant items that complete a kitchen. Though these are smaller in size, they are necessary in every kitchen and the same can be had at competitive prices when purchased online. It is important to check the brands or the manufacturers to make the most of them and ensure that they are durable. Since they can be ordered at any point in time and from anywhere when purchased online, this is a convenient method.

Global Commercial Parts on Rare Appliance Brands

For restaurant owners and other people in the food service industry, maintaining equipment is a major part of the overall operation. Often, restaurants, food service workers, and appliance repair professionals struggle to source hard-to-find or discontinued repair parts, which is why so many people have turned to California-based Global Commercial Parts. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company sells in a wide range of appliance and equipment repair parts from hundreds of brands, including those needed to maintain highly-specialized food service equipment like ice cream machines, meat processing machinery, and freezers. "Equipment operators and food service industry owners rely on our company to provide repair parts for their appliances," says Victor Perebikovsky, the company's owner. "We keep a huge range in stock and can even find discontinued items needed to keep specialized equipment running at peak performance."

Appliance Repair Company 'E&J Appliance' Hires New Tech

E&J Appliance Service Company is proud to welcome George, an expert technician who has 15 years of experience in the appliance repair industry, as a vital addition to their staff. The company, which specializes in the repair of major appliances, continues to grow thanks to their superior repair services and excellent customer service. According to the company spokesperson, George's skills and expertise will be extremely useful in providing much better service to their customers. He adds that they are still looking for qualified technicians to join their team to meet the needs of their expanding customer base.

KitchenFinest Announces Its Guide of the Best Rated Pots and Pans in 2016

Cooking can be a worthwhile hobby as well as a rewarding career. As with any other pursuit, the right tools are required to make cooking various dishes easier and less up to chance, which is why Maria Wilson, editor-in-chief at KitchenFinest, has announced the release of a guide on the best cookware she's tested this year.

Washmatic India Introduces Undercounter & Conveyor Dishwashing Machines for Commercial Dishwashing

There are a number of hotels, restaurants and other facilities where bulk and commercial dishwashing is important to maintain the required hygiene and cleanliness. Washmatic India specializes in designing a variety of commercial diswashing machines that are perfect for the commercial and industrial facilities. These machines are available in different designs and models and can wash dishes in bulk.

Bonade's Non-Toxic Built Taps and Faucets Brings Class and Aesthetics to Kitchens and Washrooms

Nothing relaxes us more than a stream of soft and refreshing bubbly water. No wonder washbasin taps and faucets have evolved in design to create new ways to experience nature every day. Bonade, the globally known name in sanitary ware, now brings a fresh change to taps and faucets with a new product range built from safe and eco-friendly materials.

Walk-In Cool Promotes Custom Combination Walk-in Cooler/Walk-in Freezer Units

In today's age, commercial businesses are looking to save money wherever they can. Business owners want to store large amounts of product and reduce refrigeration/freezer costs if possible. Whether a customer wants combination units for general cold storage, beer, liquor, floral, beverage or dairy display, Walk-In Cool provides state-of-art units for competitive prices. Walk-In Cool features COPELAND and TECUMSEH refrigeration exclusively.

Field Testing Performed by Denny's Antenna Service Ensures a Top Quality Product Every Time

LogoFinding a product that is high quality, from a reputable vendor, can be a difficult task – even for the most seasoned shopper. Too often, products are overhyped, over exaggerated, or just plain falsely advertised. When it comes to watching quality cable television, the key to a crisp, clean image is using a high quality antenna. Fortunately, the professionals at Denny's Antenna Service provides the perfect solution to poor TV reception woes. Based in Michigan, the nearly three decades-old company has a wealth of experience to draw upon. Where they excel most however is in their testing process: every single item they sell is field tested first. Once those items pass inspection, they are then put on store shelves. The painstaking process ensures complete user satisfaction, especially when coupled with the company's 90-day guarantee.

Happy Amazon Customer Sindy Tells of Her Experience with Her Blow Torch from Sinsearly Cuisine

Sinsearly cuisine™, a leading provider of quality kitchen products and manufacturer of the Blow-Pro™ blow torch continues to dominate on Amazon.

Lake Appliance Repair Brings Factory Authorized Appliance Repair to Carson City and South Lake Tahoe

LogoLake Appliance Repair, the Northern California and Nevada leader in residential appliance repair, announced that they will expand their service area from Reno, NV to as far south as Carson City and South Lake Tahoe.

Don't Miss the Future of Fresh. Zumex Introducing the NEW Mastery Cold Press at the PMA Fresh Summit 2016

LogoMake sure to drop by booth 1009 during the Fresh Summit to see our new Mastery, a new generation of Cold Press machine that will revolutionize the Juice Bar Industry.

Customers Rely on Atlas Appliance Repairs for Superb Refrigerator Service

Residents are relying on Atlas Appliance Repairs for refrigerator repair service in Burlington County, NJ and the surrounding areas. This company's expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers sets them apart from the competition.

Prime Heaters Unveils Reviews of the Best Tankless Water Heaters

Review website Prime Heaters has recently launched a new article wherein reviews of the five best tankless water heaters have been published. According to the information available on the website the article includes not only the reviews but has also listed some important considerations which can be useful when shopping for the best tankless water heaters.

Best Cooking Tool of the Last 20 Years Invented, the Magic Whistling Lid

New Startup Ambition Products LLC announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards based crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund the initial production run of their revolutionary patent pending universal cooking pot lid. The product is called the Magic Whistling Lid and it whistles like a tea kettle when water boils.

Major Appliance Repair Parts Inventory Grows at Global Commercial Parts

Restaurant owners and service professionals in need of appliance repair parts to fix an ice machine or commercial oven have more resources than ever, thanks to the Internet. Yet not all parts sources are the same. A recent article in a major consumer magazine indicated that trying to purchase repair parts direct from the manufacturer or appliance retailer may not be the best solution. Independent parts retailers, the article states, are a much better choice, offering a more complete selection of appliance repair components at more competitive prices. Global Commercial Parts, a leading retailer of commercial appliance repair parts, understands consumers have a better chance of finding the parts they need with an independent company. "The appliance manufacturers and retailers specialize in producing appliances for sale, and many are not equipped to handle parts requests for repairs," says Victor Perebikovsky, owner of the company. "Independent parts retailers, however, stock the parts most likely to need replacement at better prices than the manufacturers."