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Custom Fireplace Design Introduces Vita Fireplace, a New Vapor-Fire Design Without Venting and Heat Issues

LogoCustom Fireplace Design (CF+D), a leading manufacturer of designer fireplaces in North America, recently launched a new Vapor-Fire fireplace design called Vita Fireplace. The company refers to this new creative design as the ultimate fireplace solution without venting requirements and heat issues.

Radiator Hut Offers an Extensive Selection of Black Designer Radiators with a Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee

The UK's leading online supplier of radiators, Radiator Hut offers an extensive selection of black designer radiators with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All of these black designer radiators are manufactured with the highest grade components and are sure to add style and efficiency to any home. They offer black designer radiators in various sizes in both vertical and horizontal designs. Technologically advanced, their black designer radiators are focused to provide efficient heating solutions in a cost-effective way. Also, all of their radiators are stringently tested to BS EN 442 standards and meet ISO9001:2008 regulations. Offered with fixtures and fittings including wall brackets, these black designer radiators are easy to install and ensure longer service life.

Start the New Year Afresh! Insignia Outlet Sales Specials and Promotions for 2018 Are Now Live

The new year has begun! Spring is going to arrive soon, making the end of winters the perfect time to grab steam showers, shower cabins and steam baths for amazing discounted prices. Insignia Outlet has announced the 2018 Sales Specials and Promotions.

Steam Up the Season of Love! Insignia Outlet Announces Valentines Day's Offers

Love is in the air and Insignia is celebrating the season of love with Valentine's Day Sales Specials and Promotions which includes an amazing 7% off on the complete range of products including steam showers, shower cabins and steam shower baths. Buyers can enjoy an additional 7% discount even on discounted products.

Insignia Now Offers Easy Spares and Replacement Parts is an exclusive official online manufacturer of steam showers, shower cabins and steam shower baths. As one of the world's leading producers of luxury steam showers, they are able to offer additional discounts, promotions, savings and now they will be offering easy spares and replacement parts, so their users can continue to enjoy their Insignia shower cabin, steam shower or bath for longer.

Making Steam Bathing More Accessible, Insignia Offers DIY Kits

Committed towards their objective of offering a wide range of steam showers and hydro massage shower enclosures with exceptional quality for affordable prices with the freedom of creaking something truly personal and bespoke. Insignia Range, the official seller of Insignia line of products in the UK will now be offering Insignia's DIY Kits that allow people to build their steam room and benefit from spa quality steam baths at home.

Immediate Appliance Offers NJ Residents Quality Heating Repair

When residents throughout Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ experience issues with a home heating system, they need a heating repair company to rely on for quality service. Immediate Appliance offers expert heating repair service to ensure that homeowners throughout the area can stay warm during the coldest months of the year.

Modern Store Equipment Celebrates 60th Anniversary

LogoModern Store Equipment, an online provider of commercial refrigerators for sale, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Since its founding, Modern Store Equipment has been helping liquor retailers increase profitability without sacrificing design.

Save on Appliances Now Stocking Factory Seconds at Discounted Prices

Widely known in greater Melbourne area for their top-notch services, Save On Appliances Superstore is offering factory seconds at a cheap and discounted price. This offer gives its customers an opportunity to own fridges, freezers, washing machines and other white goods at a cheap rate. It is just like a black Friday sale but the only difference is that they are offering it every day.

Choose a Zumex Juicer in 2018

LogoZumex remains at the forefront in designing and manufacturing juicers. Its ongoing success can be attributed to many factors including but not limited to its juice extraction system. With this system, Zumex juicers are able to extract the maximum amount of juice while avoiding contact with peels, resulting in a high quality, fresh tasting, all-natural juice. Zumex's business lines include foodservice and retail, vending solutions, and food engineering.

Immediate Appliance Supplies Homeowners with Emergency Oven Repair

Homeowners are encouraged to keep the number of Immediate Appliance available in case the need arises for an emergency stove or oven repair this winter. Providing fast and reliable service, Immediate Appliance is a leading choice when it comes to appliance repair and emergency heating repair in Princeton, NJ* following the New Year.

Transform the Look and Feel of Any Interior with State-of-the-Art Designer Radiators from Radiator Hut

One of the leading providers of radiators in the UK, Radiator Hut offers state-of-the-art designer radiators that are sure to transform the look and feel of any house or workplace. The radiators are available in a variety of finishes such as black, chrome, anthracite and white, in both, traditional and modern styles. All of these designer radiators are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials like premium steel and has an outstanding BTU output which ensures that optimum warmth is maintained, without compromise. The different types of designer radiators they have in stock are vertical designer radiators, horizontal designer radiators, landscape wall radiators, black designer radiators, anthracite designer radiators, and white designer radiators, just to name a few.

Anasa Offers Luxurious Saunas to Deliver an Extremely Pleasant and Refreshing Experience

One of the leading names in the spa industry, Anasa offers luxury saunas to deliver an exceptionally refreshing and pleasant experience to the sauna owners from the comfort of their homes. Their saunas provide a number of benefits including an environment to relax and de-stress, whilst also helping users to detoxify their body through sweating out toxins. Not just this, these saunas have impeccable health benefits too, such as helping to reduce blood pressure, reducing circulatory disorders, and cleansing the skin. Built to excellent standards and visually appealing, the different types of saunas that individuals can purchase from Anasa include lounge saunas, premium saunas, infrared therapy saunas, outdoor saunas, home saunas and bespoke saunas.

Zumex Commercial Juicer Solutions for 2018

LogoZumex provides commercial juicers in a multitude of colors for businesses such as cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores, and juice bars. These machines are divided into juicers and multi-juicers such as the small Minex and the Multifruit, respectively. Each juicer is designed to provide long-term durability and powerful juicing to create a fresh, delicious cup of juice with an all-natural taste for customers. All juicers are easy to operate so owners can spend more time focusing on running their business.

Award-Winning Immediate Appliance Offers Fast in-Home Repair

Residents who are in need of emergency heating repair in Princeton, NJ or want to get the appliances in their home fixed as soon as possible are encouraged to contact Immediate Appliance for same-day service* and repairs.

Immediate Appliance to Provide Emergency Heating Repair Throughout the Holidays

The professionals at Immediate Appliance are ready to provide same-day appliance services and emergency heating repairs to clients in Ocean County, NJ* and beyond this holiday season. Immediate Appliance believes that if a heating system malfunctions and shuts down in the middle of a cold night, families shouldn't have to suffer through freezing conditions through the winter. With their high-quality, award-winning services, they'll have systems operating correctly as soon as possible.

Insignia Attains the Position of Europe's Number One Hydro and Steam Shower Company

With the massive influx in the popularity of steam and hydro showers there is no doubt in the fact that many companies have been trying to achieve a position at the top. People are now realizing that instead of spending hundreds of dollars in spas constantly, they can make a worthwhile purchase that lasts them for quite some time.

White Radiators from Radiator Hut, a Stylish Add-on to EnSuite Bathrooms

Radiator Hut, one of the largest marketplaces for designer radiators in the UK, offers white vertical radiators that are considered as one of the best and stylish add-ons to ensuite bathrooms. All of their white radiators are constructed using special grade low carbon steel, which makes them fully rust resistant and extremely strong. Highly beneficial for saving energy and money, white vertical radiators are designed in varied forms along with a glossy or traditional finish, to ensure a uniquely reflective, room brightening effect like never before. Available in flat and round panels, the wide array of white radiators they have in stock includes, 1600 x 280MM white flat panel vertical radiators, 1600 x 350MM white flat panel vertical radiators, traditional column radiators, and 1600 x 472MM white oval panel vertical radiators, to name a few.

Insignia's Reliance of Innovation Has Propelled Them Ahead of Many Other Companies

Insignia is a name that has become synonymous with some of the market's most reliable and exceptionally crafted washroom products and accessories. Their massive array of products includes things such as hydro showers, steam showers, steam generators, accessories and much more.

Insignia Astonishes Customers with Impressive Christmas Special Offers

With seasonal holidays, it is expected of stores and businesses to provide sales and promotions to their customers. However, the discounts in most cases aren't nearly as high as one would expect, and thus, the customer is forced to buy the product at nearly the identical price.

Insignia's Delivery Is Now Free of Charge for All Products Purchased in Mainland UK

Hydro and steam showers are become increasingly common all around UK. A major shift is happening and people are no longer considering these products as a sort of luxury, but instead, due to their massive benefits and increasingly lowered prices, as a necessity.

Reliable Commercial Beverage Fridge from Industry Leader

Commercial beverage refrigerators play a very crucial role in highlighting the beverage brands. When someone walks into a supermarket for buying a beverage, the first thing that they look for is the brand. It is important for customers to find what they are looking for. And hence brands need to highlight themselves to stand out of the crowd. This company specializes in exclusive beverage refrigerators in 2 door, 3 door, 4 door and 5 door compartments. These refrigerators offer a visual display of beverage products organized neatly and allowing the customers to browse with peace and buy them without a doubt.

Stonewoods Urge All to Consider Getting Their New Fireplaces in the New Year

All of a sudden it is nearly Christmas and although there is not much time left for people to get new fireplaces and stoves installed in their homes this year one leading supplier of fireplaces, Stonewoods, are urging all to consider getting them installed in the New Year instead of waiting till next Christmas to start looking again.

Anasa Offers Unrivalled Steam Rooms Equipped with Splendid Hansgrohe "Drench" Rainmaker Feature

One of the most reputable names in the spa industry, Anasa offers high-end steam rooms that come equipped with the unique stunning Hansgrohe "Drench" Rainmaker feature. Steam rooms enable individuals to rejuvenate and detoxify their mind, body, and soul from daily stress. Each of their steam rooms is intricately engineered with added features including illuminated recesses, touch screen steam control units and integrated drainage. These contribute to the overall pleasure experienced by steam therapies, and promote physical and emotional wellness among individuals. The wide range of steam facilities provided by Anasa London includes a variety of steam rooms, such as the Hammam, steam shower, and cold solutions such as snow rooms and ice chutes. These steam facilities have been designed by an outstanding team of extremely dedicated and skilled professionals with utmost precision, and have been tested on rigorous parameters for durability and quality.

Wood Burning Stoves from Western Fireplace Supply Offer Energy Independence and Rustic Allure

LogoPurchasing an item like a wood burning stove is an investment for the future. One of the primary considerations in deciding which stove to buy is the size of unit required. This depends not only on the square footage being heated, but also on the location within the house that the stove will be operated from, and on the living patterns of the family. An approved vent to the outside of the property is a requirement so living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, and basements are all possibilities for housing the stove. If the family room and kitchen are open-plan, then the heating requirements may be similar in either room, questions can then be asked in terms of where the family spends the most time and if they want to watch the stove throughout their evening. Western Fireplace supply has Colorado Fireplace Showrooms in Avon, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. Their experienced team has over 30 years' experience in helping Coloradans find their perfect match in terms of suitability, design, and budget.