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In Stock Kitchens Now Offering Free Design Services from Kitchen Cabinet Design Specialists

In Stock Kitchens, a leading supplier of RTA discount kitchen cabinets is pleased to announce they are now offering free design services from their in-house kitchen cabinet design specialists. Customers who schedule a consultation can receive a free design that will aid in their search for the perfect kitchen cabinets to assemble for their renovation project. Customers who take advantage of this service will be affected greatly, as the design of their kitchen cabinets will improve the kitchen remodeling project.

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Now Offering Complimentary 3D Kitchen Designs This April

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, a leading supplier of kitchen cabinets to Philadelphia and New Jersey homes, is pleased to announce they are now offering free 3D kitchen designs for customers this April. One of the biggest issues when remodeling an area of a home is being able to see it before the work begins to actually get done. After all, nobody wants to stop half way through a project and decide the kitchen doesn’t look right. Instead of going through all of this trouble for a dream kitchen, customers can receive a virtual preview of their kitchen.

Furniture Company Celebrates Spring with Fresh Decorating Tips

LogoAccess Furniture recently posted a blog article outlining six innovative ways to bring spring into the living room. Now that spring has sprung, it is time to update the living room to reflect the freshness and lightness of the season.

Outdoor Furniture Company Presents Meditation Garden Ideas

LogoDesign Furnishings recently published a blog article offering advice about creating a meditation garden around wicker furniture. A meditation garden with comfortable wicker furnishings is the ideal place to unwind after a long day and contemplate life.

Loni M Designs Opens New Online Furniture Store

Social Media Top Team, one of the foremost respected consulting firms helping business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging online video marketing, social media and unconventional marketing strategies, has announced one of its latest creations, the new Loni M Designs online furniture store front.

In Stock Kitchen Now Offering Affordable, RTA Kitchen Cabinets This April

In Stock Kitchens is pleased to announce they are now offering affordable, RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets this April. Homeowners may not understand how much money they can save on a renovation project when choosing ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. The fact that homeowners don’t have to pay for the labor to assemble them, is reason enough alone, to choose them. In Stock Kitchens offers high quality cabinets that help keep the cost low because they are ready-to-assemble.

Garage Cabinets Offers Safe Storage for Large and Bulky Items

All garages are not created equally. Neither are garage needs. Perhaps a family is trying to squeeze two cars, hockey gear, spare tires, and camping equipment. Their needs for garage organization is going to be far different than the family starting up a home-run business and uses their garage for work storage instead of cars. Garage needs are so varied that for garage organizational systems to be of any great use across the board, they need to be flexible and customizable enough to facilitate the needs of all sorts of family garage uses.

LaContempo Offers Exclusive Range of Living Room Furniture at Competitive Prices

LaContempo is a leading online store offering exclusive and excellent quality furniture from Italy and other parts of Europe. The online store is a one-stop resource for many to buy an exclusive range of exquisitely crafted furniture at extremely affordable prices. Be it for living room furniture, modern dining room furniture or for that matter, modern bedroom furniture, LaContempo has it all for the customers with a taste for something different and unique.

Have Something Ugly to Hide? New Fake Rocks to the Rescue

Home owners don't have to look at unsightly utilities in there yards, gardens and landscaped areas anymore. A new breed of ultra realistic fake rock covers makes covering these objects fast and easy. Based in Madison, WI, RocksFast deals in 100% American Made fake boulders and rocks, and they can deliver their products anywhere throughout the USA.

Tents & Events Announces Table Rentals for Spring Parties

LogoAs the warm weather approaches, many outdoor parties are being planned. Whether in the backyard, or renting out a venue for the event, organization is key in throwing a successful party. To accommodate the guests, and provide a comfortable place to sit down and eat, Tents & Events is pleased to announce they will be offering table rentals for spring parties. No matter the function, or layout of the party, there are a variety of tables—and plenty of them—to seat all guests during the party.

Upholstery Repair from Expert Upholsterers at Austin Furniture Repair

LogoIt is neither possible nor economically feasible to buy a new set of furniture whenever a person plans a home renovation project. As an effective alternative, one can try repairing the old furniture and upholstery in order to give a completely new look to the renovated home. When it comes to furniture repair or upholstery repair in Austin, Austin Furniture Repair is the leading name that’s famous for delivering quality services at affordable rates.

Great Ideas for Unfinished Furniture - Available Online

Most people are particularly fond of having the best furniture in their houses. There are many ways through which individuals can now finish their own furniture which has not yet been completed. There are various ways through which people can actually get to complete chairs, cabins and many other pieces of furniture without having to struggle too much or waste any time for that matter. tends to reveal all these ways, step-by-step, for the convenience of all the interested people from all over the world. Cheap unfinished wood furniture can now also be made and many ideas regarding the matter can be found on the site. Moreover, painting and staining ideas are also available for everyone who loves the task. By unfinished furniture, it actually means that individuals can get to give it the finish look by staining or painting it according to the way they want. This can also do it in accordance with the surroundings of the furniture.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Company Offers Spring Cleaning at Special Discounted Rates

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta company, Platinum Carpet Systems, is pleased to announce springtime specials for customers. Right now, customers can get great rates on carpet cleaning for up to seven rooms of their homes.

RE BATH Now Offering Free Color and Pattern Upgrades Through April 15, 2014

LogoRE BATH is now offering free color and pattern upgrades through April 15, 2014. The regular costs of upgrades are out the bathroom window this month. Choose any color and any pattern upgrade for a new bath 100% free – a $1200 value. Additionally, April 15th will see the end to $500 savings at RE BATH. Now is the perfect time replace tiles and tubs or remodel the whole bathroom. Start off spring with a fresh look and a new, easy to clean bathroom.

San Francisco Small Businesses Forced out to Make Room for New Housing

The victims of the affordable housing crisis are well-known by now across the city as new developers buy buildings and evict or force out the renters. The city's answer to build new units has introduced a new victim to the watershed: small businesses.

LaContempo Offers BDI Home Theater Cabinets and TV Stands at the Best Prices

LaContempo is a leading Los Angeles based retailer of contemporary Italian furniture and offers a wide range of products from famous brands like Armen Living, Innovation USA, Rosetto Italy, SohoConcept, SALONI, Domitalia, Calligaris, and BDI. The company has earned an enviable reputation for providing quality home and office furniture at the most competitive prices. Whether you are looking for leather sofas, side tables, sofa beds, dining tables, bedroom sets or home theater furniture, you will find great deals at LaContempo’s online store. The company works with the most reliable shipping companies nationwide to ensure that all the orders are delivered on time.

Curtis Brothers Furniture Partners with BizIQ

Curtis Brothers Furniture, a family owned and operated appliance, electronics and furniture store in Rush County, IN, has formed a marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

Keller Kitchen Turns to Pcdata for Pick to Light Solutions

LogoKeller Kitchen, manufacturers of quality kitchens for business and consumer markets, needed a faster and more efficient picking process as well as delivery reliability had to improve. The stock differences had to be reduced further and a new system needed to increase flexible deployment of staff.

Bean Bags Co Introduces Bagimals Kids Chairs

For casual but stylish seating, giant bean bags at have much to offer. Supremely functional, bean bag chairs are portable, offer support for the body, and scream “playful.” They bring a new texture to the flow of the design while allowing homeowners to experiment with bright colors and patterns that do not overpower a space. A long-time favorite of children, bean bags make a perfect choice for a kids’ room, living area, or family game room. In order to expand its selection to include designs for its youngest customers, Bean Bags Co, the premiere provider of adult bean bag chairs at, is thrilled to introduce Bagimals Kids Chairs.

Banish Worries About Your Home Furniture and Home Decor - You Now Have Moroccan Furniture

Just, a corporation that came into existence in 2000, is one of the leading Moroccan furniture distributors in Florida. They say that they take wholesale or container orders from the Trade and sell discount to the public and that the designing of the unique products and pieces they supply is done by themselves. They proudly add that they do not import those products that are available in the market but ensure to supply only high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Sublime Decor Provides Full Range of Home and Household Decoration Services

Interior designing and decoration make an enclosed space liveable and workable. Besides, it is the arrangement of equipment and decoration that create the distinction between offices, homes, warehouses, etc. Sublime Decor is an interior decoration service provider that can take care of all kinds of need of the locals. The company provides professional painting and decorating services of both domestic and commercial standards in Manchester and Cheshire. From arrangement of furniture in specialist rooms such as professional kitchen to painting furniture for contrasting or matching look, employees of Sublime Decor can provide sublime output in the field.

Meghna Designs Looks to Raise $10,000 via Kickstarter for the Upcoming Launch of 2014 Luxury Fine Jewelry Line

LogoAfter the success of her debut fashion jewelry collection, Meghna Patel is ready to launch her first fine jewelry line with funding help.

Furnishing Homes Offers a Variety of Furniture Online

Furniture is that element which makes a house a home. Beautifully crafted furniture with desired durability is the need in every house. However, not everyone can hire carpenters and designers to get customised furniture according to ones requirement. Therefore, the chances of finding the right piece or set of furniture is the greatest when there is ample variety to choose from. Furnishing Homes is an online furniture store that has satisfactory varieties of all kinds of furniture. The furniture retailer is based in the UK and provides good quality furniture at affordable prices. In fact, none of the competitors of the company have bettered the price that Furnishing Homes offers.

For Durability That Will Not Be Beaten, Granite Work Surfaces Complete the Perfect Kitchen

Worktop Factory is one of the leading on-line distributors of the newest and also the loveliest natural stone tops. A top refers to countertops, or worktops, that are any surface wherever work or any activity is undertaken. A natural stone material is the ideal surface for this environment and nothing enhances any kitchen more so than a Granite Worktop. Natural stone is the perfect addition for any building project and granite offers the ultimate in style and finesse.

AAA Park It Outdoors Offers a Wide Range of Recycled Plastic Furniture at Reasonable Prices

AAA Park It Outdoors, the highly renowned and reputed manufacturer and retailer of superior quality outdoor furniture items and park equipment, is offering a vast range of recycled plastic furniture, to all its customers at highly attractive prices. The company, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has set a benchmark of excellence in the field of park furniture by offering a wide range of outdoor furniture and equipment for parks and playgrounds.