Retail: Furniture and Furnishings - Press Releases Launches in Dubai Offering Free Electric Curtain or Blind Upgrades has launched its new service of fitted curtains and blinds in Dubai United Arb Emirates. As part of the launch the company is offering customers free upgrades to automatic blinds or curtains. has a wide range of fabrics imported from Italy, UK, USA, India and even China the company has over 1,000 fabric choices to renovate your home or office.

Kouboo Store Sells Luxury Home Decor Range to Support Underdeveloped Communities

LogoCalifornian web store supports economically challenged communities around the world by outsourcing handmade items and selling these worldwide as luxury home decor elements and storage solutions for both residential and office use.

The Search for a Supplier of Elegant and Tasteful-Looking Furniture Has Now Come to an End

For those who want to have elegant and tasteful-looking homes, the good news is that Evelyn London, the design headquarters of which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, is offering suitable furniture made of ethically sourced, high quality materials. According to Evelyn London, the Italian furniture they offer include sectionals that make a statement, bedrooms suites with bold accents and all the furniture pieces required for enhancing the looks of a home. They offer home accents that include welcome mats, porch swings and a wide array of fine home decors. Similarly, they are popular for their wall decors as well as their amazing collection of rare and exceptional outdoor home enhancements as well.

Artefacto11, Creators of MyFriendLumi, Want to Bring Functional Art Into Our Homes, Make It Accessible and Fun

MyFriendLumi is a minimalist sculpture which can be used in a number of different ways. The handmade sculpture can be placed anywhere in the house to add atmosphere to a plain room or provide ambient lighting where needed. It is also, perhaps, one of the most modern and luxurious night-lights on the market. "Our mission is to help democratize art by making it less exclusive and more accessible to everyone, including children," state Benoit, co-founder of Artefacto11. "Functional art is defined as artistic objects that have a practical purpose in our everyday lives. That is what MyFriendLumi is trying to achieve" says the creator. According to the artist, MyFriendLumi makes use of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to help introduce useful interactive art in our living spaces. One of the unique features of MyFriendLumi is the ability to be "dressed up" with different accessories. The creators also made it kid-friendly by hiding the electrical components safely away from curious little eyes and prying hands.

Give the Gift of Floor Art with Maloumian Oriental Rugs This Holiday Season

LogoIt is that time of year when many are looking for the perfect gift to accent their home or business during the holiday season. With so many options, it is important to find a quality item that will add a touch of finesse. Maloumian Oriental Rugs has the perfect solution to this issue with their five show rooms of gorgeous Oriental rugs. It is impossible not to find one that matches the pre-existing decor of a home or business.

CA Modern Home Spotlights Louis Poulsen

LogoLouis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer founded in the late 1870s and named after Louis Poulsen. Its headquarters is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and today, it has become well-known for its signature PH-lamps by Danish designer Poul Henningsen which debuted in 1926 and are still manufactured to this day. Besides Henningsen, Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen also famously worked with Louis Poulsen.

Pramoda Inc Creates Special Pricing on Amazon for Their USB Powered LED Desktop Lamps for the Holiday Season

Pramoda Inc., an up and coming provider of household products for consumers, has announced that they are pricing their USB Powered Desktop Lamps to sell out for the Holiday Season on Amazon. Offers Infinity Massage Chairs with Different Massage Techniques for Rejuvenation

LogoOne of the leading providers of massage chairs in the USA, is offering Infinity massage chairs at the market's best prices. An array of Infinity massage chairs that the company is offering includes Infinity New 2017 Altera Massage Chair, Infinity IT-9800 Leather Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Black, Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair, etc. All of the Infinity massage chairs are designed combining cutting-edge technology, traditional therapeutic measures and aesthetic appeal. At, Infinity massage chairs are available in multiple colors combinations, like black and black, black and orange, white and berry, and white and black. These unique massage chairs are engineered with different massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, synchronic, knocking, Shiatsu and combination. Individuals planning to buy a massage chair can explore an exclusive collection of Infinity massage chairs being offered by

Kouboo Store Supports Poor Communities Development Through Handmade Luxury Decor Objects Sales sells a unique selection of home decor items, sourced from various exotic places of the world, in an effort to support poor communities that rely on crafts for their survival. Doles out Exclusive Tips for Bedroom Furnishings and Decorations, an online resource for latest home decoration and furnishing tips, recently started doling out exclusive tips for bedroom furnishing and decoration. The fashion room decoration tips are written by both home decoration experts and random homemakers who contribute to the online portal by sharing pithy tips for bedroom decoration and furnishing. aims to make it easy for their readers to decorate and furnish their homes.

FINE Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath Co. Offers Transformative Kitchen Cabinets This Holiday

As the holidays approach, many homeowners are aware that they will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious meals or baking delectable cookies. Regardless of what it is, kitchens get a lot of action come the holidays with family coming over and kids on break, milling about for a meal. Certainly, many homeowners will be reassessing their kitchen layout or mainly: their cabinets.

FINE Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath Co. Invites Customers to Give the Gift of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens do not necessarily have expiration dates; however, where families are concerned, they may very well. With the holiday season underway, kitchens are being frequented quite often. Meals are being planned, cookies are being baked, and family members are trampling all around it, banging cabinets and the like. It's a stressful time. Having a tiny or inefficient kitchen can easily grate on a homeowner's sanity. That is why FINE Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath Co., the leading kitchen and bathroom remodelers in Bucks County, suggests that homeowners give themselves the gift of kitchen remodeling this season.

Enjoy Cozy Winters with Heaters and Fire Pits from

What best way to enjoy the holidays with family than to have a cup of hot chocolate besides a warm fire pit. offers exclusive fire pits, fireplaces and heaters for indoors and outdoors. They also offer outdoor furniture and accessories perfect to decorate the gardens and patios.

Much More Decor – A One Stop Store for Home Decor & Accessories

The coming season many homes would go through major makeovers. While some makeovers are done to utilize the space more efficiently and the others are done to give the interiors a new look. But the fact is, homes do not need an expensive makeover in order to change the look and feel of the interiors. All that needs to be done is some money well spent on some thoughtful decor. offers some exclusive, exquisite and charismatic home decor collection which would definitely accentuate the interiors. Offers Osaki Massage Chairs with Advanced Functions and Controls, one of the most renowned sellers of massage chairs, offers a variety of Osaki Massage Chairs that are highly functional, and extremely comfortable. The Osaki Massage Chairs that they offer features a zero gravity design with special focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage, according to body curve. Delivering an extremely deep tissue massage, Osaki Massage Chairs help to enhance immune system, remove toxins and prevent illness. Some of the Osaki Massage Chairs comes equipped with the latest 3D technology that allows rollers to map each unique back curvature of the body and adjusts the massage to fit. strive to provide the best customer service in the industry while providing accurate information and support services for their products.

Upgrade and Enhance Outdoor Spaces with Aluminum Patio Furniture from Western Outdoor Living

LogoOne of the most renowned names for outdoor furniture in Colorado, Western Outdoor Living is offering the highest-quality aluminum patio furniture at the market's best prices. An array of aluminum patio furniture that the company offers to enhance their clients' outdoor area includes Homecrest - "Palisade," Woodard - "Belden Deep Seating," Woodard - "Cortland Deep Seating," and many more. All of these patios are manufactured with aluminum extrusions, employing cutting-edge technological tools to maintain standards and product durability. Consumers looking to upgrade and enhance their outdoor space with the most luxurious patios can explore the exclusive collection of aluminum patio furniture offered by Western Outdoor Living.

LAComfy Discount Furniture in Los Angeles Has Initiated Christmas Holiday Sale

LogoLAComfy Discount Furniture in Los Angeles has offered their customers Christmas holiday sale, which makes it possible to save 15% with the Christmas15 Promo Code when shopping for the products of the company online. Customers, who purchase these products offline, have a chance to get up to 25 % discount. The offer is very convenient and available both for regular customers of the company and those clients, who have made up their mind to shop for high quality furniture on the web.

Create a Productive Office Environment with Unique Furniture Solutions from Spacio

LogoSpacio is one of the prominent names for office planning and design in London. They offer top-notch quality furniture solutions for offices and homes. All of their furniture is designed with the utmost care to meet with each client's requirements. They have a team of highly-qualified creative designers who work closely with clients to provide the best furniture solutions within their specified budget. The furniture that the company offers is manufactured with the highest-quality materials, and by employing cutting-edge technological tools to get the perfect finishing and shine. The company's furniture solutions are uniquely designed to create a productive office environment. Offers Osaki Massage Chairs to Render Soothing Massage

LogoA reputable online store for massage chairs, is offering the finest selection of Osaki Massage Chairs with many convenient features. All of their massage chairs render a soothing massage experience similar to traditional massage therapy. These massage chairs have a number of massage options like kneading, Swedish, rolling, Shiatsu, dual-action, and tapping, which ensure a full body massage and ultimate relaxation. The range of Osaki Massage Chairs that the company offers include Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair w/ Foot Rollers, Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair – Deluxe, Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair – Deluxe, and much more. Individuals looking for the highest-quality massage chairs can explore an exclusive collection of Osaki Massage Chairs which is being offered by

Mexican Imports Beautifies Homes on a Budget

LogoIn an age where home decor has all too often steadily come to be reduced to mass produced look-a-like pieces lacking a sense of uniqueness and personal touch, many are coming to have a newfound appreciation for styles that delve back into a more authentic look and feel. One company that truly abides by this notion of the desire for something more genuine is Mexican Imports. Teases This Year's Black Friday Mattress Deals is the leading online source for mattresses. This year, the site will reveal some teasers of the exciting new offers it is going to promote on Black Friday.

Home Makeover Made Easy at is pleased to offer the latest home decor essentials for home and garden. Customers can find the latest and beautiful collection of 3D stickers, decorative clocks and crafts, garden decor and tools and essential cooking tools. This season is full of joy and people are usually seen in a festive mood always; catching up with their friends and family, partying, having dinners, and going to casual evening parties and so on. And many people love to decorate their homes with new artifacts, Christmas decor items, wall accents and many more. For all such people who are looking at decorating their homes with some of the most beautiful decor accents, then this is the right place to start with.

Appealing Home Decors Guaranteed by has been operating with an aim to recreate all living spaces in the simplest manner which proves out to be absolutely inexpensive. They offer all the products under four main sections- kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The innovative idea of changing the outlook of the home is the promise of the service provided by

Schultz Innovation Announces the Launch of New Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair on Amazon

In a recent update from Schultz Innovation the company has announced the availability of the new Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair on the popular shopping site As per the information posted on the shopping site the massage chair can be purchase at the cost of $14,450 along with free shipping.

CA Modern Home Begins Selling Original BTC and Studio Cheha

LogoOriginal BTC is based in Oxford, England and is a leading manufacturer of classic British lighting. All of its modern transitional lamp products are exclusively made in the United Kingdom and feature clean, simple forms using only the highest quality materials to capture the unique spirit of British design.