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The Blind Gallery Brings an Artistry to Interior Design and Window Treatments in Late Summer 2017

LogoThe Blind Gallery is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of window treatments or interior design services throughout the rest of summer 2017. Together, owners Luke Castle and Tony Rey have established relationships with the best of interior designers, builders, and manufacturers in their business. When it comes to window treatments in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas, customers trust The Blind Gallery for style, as well as authority.

Wide Range of Top Quality Wooden Products Available Online from Samdi

Many people enjoy the luxury of top quality wooden products and accessories, incorporating these stylish items into their everyday life. Finding a broad selection of quality wooden accessories to suit any decor is now easy at Samdi. Whether looking for a perfect gift or innovative and beautiful accent items for around the home or office, Samdi offers a wide range of naturally grown and produced top quality wooden consumer electronics accessories including:

Internal Curtain Window Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoInternal Curtain Window is an all new and patented window that also has an internal curtain embedded inside it. The relationship between a window and a curtain is ages old and a lot of people find it really hard to keep their curtains clean at all times. Moreover, curtains can get old or out of fashion but these amazing internal window curtains can never get old. Users can simply turn this window to put its curtain on and they can turn it back to remove the curtain. Moreover, they can turn the window halfway to have the fresh air pass through.

Customers Go to Amish Furniture of Bristol for Their Dining Room Furniture

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Children going back to school serves as a reminder that the holidays are quickly approaching. During the holidays, family will be coming over to tell stories and enjoy meals. Anyone that is searching for dining room furniture in Camden County does not need to look any further than Amish Furniture of Bristol.

SooRoo Kids Lampshades Are Coming to Light via Kickstarter

LogoSooRoo Kids Lampshades are unique lampshades that are designed to help the children in reading at the time of night. Made by a skilled team of NY sketch artists, these lampshades are a unique kids bedroom accessory and a very useful tool to help them study or read bedtime stories. The creators of these amazing lampshades are now seeking community support via Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to back and support this campaign generously.

Razborback Dyna-Shield Anti-Fatigue Mats Available from

Industry-leading provider of floor mats, floor matting products and other floor matting solutions now carries Razorback™ Dyna-Shield® anti-fatigue mats in its online store, the company recently announced through its Twitter account. The floor matting solutions company, which counts businesses in a wide variety of industries as well as individuals among its diverse clientele, carries a variety of industry-standard and customizable floor matting products online at its website, listed below.

ECOSTOOL: A Multi-Functional Item Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoECOSTOOL is an all new ecofriendly furniture that is a unique combination of several useful items into a single one. Created for kids as well as adults, it is a toy, a stool, a seat and a stand, all in one. With an aim to change the perception of the people regarding high quality furniture, the creators of this amazing invention have announced that they are now seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo and they are welcome everyone to participate in the campaign.

Martin's Furniture Announces Mega Mattress Sale

LogoMartin's Furniture is pleased to announce their MEGA Mattress Sale for the month of August. Choose from a variety of brands and styles.

The Blind Gallery Specializes in a Variety of Blinds and Shutters Perfect for Summertime

LogoThe Southeastern Philadelphia duo of The Blind Gallery brings fifty years of experience into the homes of their customers. Having worked closely alongside the best interior designers, builders, and manufacturers of windows, they're versed as experts in their industry. Coupled with an eye for window treatments, they serve customers from the Jersey Shore to the city of Philadelphia. Together, Luke Castle and Tony Rey specialize in a variety of delightful and artistic blinds and shutters, for the summer of 2017 and beyond.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Taking New Customers in Need of Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

LogoOriental rugs provide a beautiful touch to any home decor. However, unlike regular carpet that can simply be vacuumed a few times a week, oriental rugs require more specific care. To keep an Oriental rug in good shape, it's important to have it cleaned periodically to remove dust and dirt that may become ground into the material. Luckily, Maloumian Oriental Rugs is taking new customers in need of Oriental rug cleaning services. Owners of Oriental rugs will find that Maloumian Rugs offers a high level of professional care for all rugs in need of cleaning.

Christopher Boots Lights Are Being Illegally Copied and Sold Online

Christopher Boots Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based Industrial Designer of unique and beautiful handmade lights, furniture and other various artistic pieces announced to the public the increase in the activities of imposter brands replicating Christopher Boots lights.

Now, the Real Period Stickley Available from Joenevo Antique Mission Furniture

Joenevo Oriental Rugs and Furniture, a renown and well-respected Pennsylvania-based dealer of antique mission stickley furniture, oriental rugs, art pottery and more, proudly announces the availability of many pieces of very rare and highly desirable Gustav Stickley mission furniture at very competitive prices. In some cases, the company has available multiple examples of the same model, for example available now are three eight-leg Gustav Stickley desks model number 712 dating from 1902-03, 1905-08, and 1910. Expands Line to Include Dust-Star Indoor Mats

Dust-Star™ Indoor Mats, versatile indoor floor mats made by one of the top brands in the industry, are now available through the online store maintained by is an industry-leading provider of floor matting products that is known for providing customized floor matting solutions to improve health, safety and efficiency for both individual clients and commercial clients across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Amish Furniture of Bristol Provides Homeowners with the Best Dining Room Sets

It may be the middle of the summer, but it is never too early to begin thinking about the holidays. The holidays are a great time for families to come together, and Amish Furniture of Bristol can help anyone that is looking for dining room furniture in Camden County.

Bespoke Acoustic Interiors Provides Commercial Acoustics and Interior Design Solutions Combining Unique Design Ideas

The UK's leading office fit out specialist, Bespoke Acoustic Interiors offers acoustics and interior design solutions to commercial sector. The interior design solutions they offer reflect meticulous attention to detail from initial concept stages through to final completion of the project. They provide hands-on acoustics and interior design solutions that are designed to meet its customers' requirements. With their years of experience and quality work, they are able to articulate their customers' needs and can create unique, stylish interior space that reflect their brand vision. Bespoke Acoustic Interiors have been in this industry for years, and so far have served many clients including the London Oxford Airport, Rolls Royce, St. David's Foundation, UCL, BEDFORD Insurance group, and many others.

The Real Period Stickley Available from Joenevo Antique Mission Furniture

Joenevo Oriental Rugs and Furniture, a renown and well-respected Pennsylvania-based dealer of antique mission stickley furniture, oriental rugs, art pottery and more, proudly announces the availability of many pieces of very rare and highly desirable Gustav Stickley mission furniture at very competitive prices. In some cases, the company has available multiple examples of the same model, for example available now are three eight-leg Gustav Stickley desks model number 712 dating from 1902-03, 1905-08, and 1910.

Spacio Offers Workplace Planning and Design Services to Create Comfortable Work Environment

LogoA leading provider of fit-out and refurbishment services in the UK, Spacio offers workplace planning and design services to create a comfortable work environment. With their expertise, the company provides end-to-end turnkey office design solutions as per the needs of their customers. Their team of experienced professionals takes time to thoroughly understand each project and aims to provide solutions that blend with their clients' business objectives. Spacio specialises in optimising use of space in the workplace. They use the latest tools and global networks to complete all of their projects with the same degree of diligence for planning and coordination. Business owners looking for cost-effective office design services can contact Spacio for their needs.

Winteriors Decor LLC Provides Interior Designing and Fit out Contracting

LogoWinteriors Decor LLC is a certified fit out company with office locations in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi specialized in turnkey commercial building projects and interior designs. They are a prime company dedicated to creativity, perfection, honesty and customer satisfaction through their flexible commercial systems that give their clients the full measure of choosing the design format and material. Winteriors Decor LLC has a comprehensive network in the United Arab Emirates enabling them to offer their services anywhere and outsource the best materials from varied locations.

Marine & Watercraft Safety Solutions Now Available from

An industry leader in floor matting, floor matting products and customized workplace environment solutions,, has announced its ability to provide clients with matting products designed for marine and watercraft use. The floor matting solutions provides its marine and watercraft solutions for a variety of clients, from large companies to individuals.

The Blind Gallery Taking New Customers Interested in Superior Sun Shades by Hunter Douglas

LogoWhen it comes to offering blinds or shutters in Bucks County, PA, as well its surrounding areas, The Blind Gallery is looking for customers in need of new window treatments before this summer ends. It is the perfect time for property owners to ensure they have their preferred method of administering privacy or preventing sunlight from entering their homes. Is Known to Contribute to Social Causes as Well

People who are looking for an online platform for antique goods in the Palm Beach area can consider the aforementioned website. In addition to being a dealer and collector of these, the entity is known to help contribute towards Aids and Homelessness. Its association with Foley & Cox Interior Design is able to facilitate the same. Being a well known antique store with an online presence, the said source has earned the respect of many users for its contribution to the society. Houses Some of the Better Antique Products for Home Decor

People who are looking for antique home goods for their homes as well as their clients' can consider the aforementioned website. It is owned and managed by Paula Roemer and is based in the Palm Beach area. However, interested people can peruse the online platform as well and order for antique goods from anywhere across the globe. Launches New Collection of Patina Pillows

People who are looking for Patina pillows from Batiks can consider the aforementioned website. It is a platform that deals with antique home décor items and Patina pillows are their specialty. These are available in various colors, styles and sizes and can be custom made to suit the requirements of individual customers. Launches Attractive Antique Home Decor Items for All

Decorators, home designers and others who are interested in antique home goods can consider the aforementioned website. It is a source for a variety of items that can be placed in different areas of the house. From pillows to bamboo furniture and lamps, there are several interesting products which can be perused at the platform.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Classically Cleaning Rugs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

LogoMaloumian Oriental Rugs is proudly cleaning rugs in the classical way up and down the North East of the US. Spanning three generations and 90 years of tradition, Maloumian Oriental Rugs has been the premier supplier and cleaner of classic oriental rugs in Montgomery County and surrounding communities. True to its roots, Maloumian Oriental Rugs still practices the ancient technique of Makoor, ala nomads of the 5th Century B.C.