Retail Press Releases

Vincenzo Decemvirale Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Windsor Watches

LogoInspired from British history, the unique Italian design of the Windsor watch is for both men and women.  Now, Decemvirale is offering the Kickstarter family a chance to own one of these high-quality watches with Swiss movement at a real cost price, unheard of in the watch industry.

Instagram Influencers Vegan Wives Open New Store to Spread Awareness

LogoRenowned Instagram influencers Vegan Wives have just published a new e-commerce store they hope will help to spread awareness about their movement. The team behind this venture uses ethically manufactured, high-quality apparel to promote a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. Lunar Ground Shop is now in operation, and all indications suggest that it's going to secure some pretty impressive sales figures this year. New customers are encouraged to take a look at the domain, and all of the exciting product designs available right now. Helping People to Send Gifts to India from Worldwide in Few Clicks

LogoThose who live far away from their family and friends, they know how hard it is to celebrate something special. They often miss the special occasions and celebrations. In fact, it also becomes harder to send gifts to the loved ones and wish them on the special occasion. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, it is not possible to go to India and shower your love on the dear ones. Offers LED TV Products at Affordable Prices

LogoAn all-important measure in safeguarding one's vision revolves around ensuring proper lighting to minimize the strain on a person's eyes. To this end, it is essential to make certain that the lighting in one's vicinity is bright and crisp minus the excess costs. Gecey LED Lighting runs parallel with these everyday requirements. They are a good source of LED lighting solutions in multiple forms.

Top Prop Takes "The Ultimate Cooking Companion" to Kickstarter

LogoTop Prop is a unique kitchen tool that has been carefully designed not only to make cooking easy and more fun but to also safe kitchen users from the accidents and other such undesirable occurrences that happen in the kitchen as a result of hot dripping pot lids. The makers of the product have recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project.

Relax This Spring with a Nicamaka Hammock

LogoThe Nicamaka Sprang-Woven Hammock products are made with factory-dyed, high quality imported polyester by a team of skilled artisans. Each hammock acts as a beautiful accent to whatever setting it is placed in and it is designed for long-term durability. These hammocks are available with or without spreader bars. Choices include the Klaus CHENILLE Brazilian Style Hammock, the TRINIDAD Cross Weave Brazilian Style Hammock, and more.

Gruvi Is a Multi-Functional Leather Organizer to Help Users Stay on Top of Their Daily Tasks

LogoLeather organizers have been popular among business people around the world for decades, thanks to their versatility and functionality. The Gruvi aims to be the most versatile and functional of them all.

Giovanna Barrios Releases a New Line of Exotic Leather Fashions Online

LogoThe demand for exotic leather goods never dies down instead is always on the rise since it is not just a mere fashion statement, but a status symbol. For quite a while, animal leather handbags, belts, wallets, and other accessories have served as a characteristic of distinction, a method for affirming opulence and putting forth bold fashion statements. Leather's fame in attire and accessories remains a staple in the fashion industry. Extremely wealthy and influential individuals invest a long time on waiting lists for alligator skin, python skin accessories and other rare exotic leather products. But with the influx of suppliers who are owned by major fashion houses as well as independent sellers dealing with exotic leather items in various corners of world and online, buying exotic leather goods is no longer difficult. Individuals now have access to various sources for all their exotic leather needs. One such brand offering a range of luxury leather goods online is Giovanna Barrios.

Improved NeoEyes Formula Has Been Introduced in Europe

LogoNeoEyes LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois, introduced their first eye care product - NeoEyes cream. The product is specially formulated to cope with bags under the eyes. As there are many people around the world that are looking for an effective under eye bags treatment, NeoEyes hopes to attract a lot of clients.

Yogipace Discovers New Niche Market for Women's Activewear

LogoThe body acceptance movement is growing stronger and women of all shapes and sizes starting to embrace their imperfections and celebrate their individuality, Yogipace, an activewear brand for women, is dedicated towards spreading body posivity and has chosen to focus on an untapped niche – petite and tall women. The brand offers an extensive range of   fitness wear choices for different heighted women and different types of activities.

Lou Lafond Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce the Automatic Child Car Alarm

LogoActivated on a parent's smartphone (One-Time SetUp), the Automatic Child Car Alarm is an ingenious automated electronic alarm device that warns a parent or guardian that their child is still in the safety seat of the vehicle.  Once the parent or guardian is a set distance away from the vehicle, an alarm is automatically activated signaling that the child has been left in the car seat.

Add Elegance and Timeless Grandeur to the Interior of Any Space with Horizontal Radiators from Radiator Hut

Radiator Hut, the UK's leading provider of designer radiators, offers an extensive selection of horizontal radiators that are sure to add elegance and timeless grandeur to interiors of commercial and residential spaces. They have in stock horizontal radiators in a variety of designs to complement any interior. Their horizontal radiators are manufactured from steel out of low carbon and layered with powder coated finish, ensuring longer service life and less or low maintenance.

Flaunt the Glam Look with Glamourous Dresses from Fashion Mia This Season

Fashion Mia, the online fashion destination is pleased to present their latest range of summer shift dresses and cheap maxi dresses for their customers online. The dresses are not only fashionable but made up of high quality materials yet offered at very affordable prices.

Season Friendly Summer Tops and Women's Short Sleeves T-Shirts from Fashion Mia

Fashion Mia, the online fashion destination is pleased to present their latest range of summer tops and women's short sleeves t-shirts for the season. The store is known as the ultimate fashion destination for women. It features the latest and the trendiest fashion clothing and accessories every season that too at the most affordable prices online.

Crazy Italian Pizza Announces Their Partnership with Herschel Walker and Renaissance Man Food Services to Add New Crazy Kickin' Chicken Wings

LogoCrazy Italian Pizza® announced today their partnership with Herschel Walker and Renaissance Man Food Services®. RMFS will now produce a classic bone-in hot chicken wing that will be added to Crazy Italian Pizza's menu line up under the brand name, Crazy Kickin' Chicken Wings®.

Sablier - 'Goodbye Paper Cups' Campaign on Kickstarter

LogoSablier, the portable drip coffee tumbler, was designed by YOUNGSE KIM who designed the 2018 Winter Olympic Torch & Cauldron.

Turn Spills Into a Thing of the Past with the ULid, a One Size Fits Most Cup Lid

LogoULid, the revolutionary new cup lid that will cover just about any size cup to prevent spills, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. The Credible Online Diamond Buyer

Diamond buyers online and offline should be chosen carefully as it is very easy to be derailed on the value of the rocks. It is important to identify an authentic and credible diamond buyer who not only provides the exact value of the diamond however would also ensure the process is hassle-free. has been ranked to be the top diamond buyer offering their services in CA. With the increasing fame and demand, they are now expanding their diamond buy services to many cities in the US.

Direct Office Solutions Offers Executive Desks in Weston and Boca Raton, Florida

LogoWhether it is a small enterprise or a gigantic multinational corporation, desks and office furnishings play a huge role in defining the character and status of the organization. They exhibit the pride the firm has in work being done. It is often said that appearance is deceptive. It is usually appearance that grabs the attention of the customers, clients, and coworkers to the profile which takes so much of time and effort to establish.

Direct Office Solutions Elevates the Office Environment by Offering Modular Workstations in Palm Beach and Weston, Florida

LogoDirect Office Solution is one of the leading and most formidable premium office furniture companies that offer refreshing and vibrant modular workstations that translate into better productivity. The quality workstations in Palm Beach and Weston, Florida provide responsive solutions for creating human centric work places and are designed to address the widest possible range of needs of any office. Apart from crackling functionality that the systems offer, they can unleash creativity and turn the office into a signature of work ethos.

SWEAT IT out COOL COMPRESSION Provides Athletes with Compression Gear for Spring Sports

LogoSWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® supplies a large collection of athletic attire available for purchase online that is perfect for spring sports. Anyone looking to exercise this spring season is encouraged to buy compression shorts for running on their website.

More Elegant and Stylish Bathrooms Now Possible for Reduced Prices at JT Spas

Bathrooms are now seen as places of comfort and no longer have a strictly utilitarian purpose. More homeowners want a stylish and elegant bathroom, a place where they can relax in luxury – and this has been made even easier by a company like JT Spas with its noteworthy discounts.

Immediate Appliance Offers Preventative Maintenance for Air Conditioners

With spring rapidly approaching, the mild weather that comes along with it creates the perfect opportunity for preventative maintenance to A/C units to prepare them for upcoming warm weather months. Immediate Appliance, the reliable same-day appliance service in Mercer County, NJ, is proudly offering their Preventative Maintenance Plan to all their customers.

Premier Wet Room Shower Screens Also with Substantial Sale Offers at JT Spas

Wet rooms have been proven to enhance the safety and efficiency of the modern bathroom. And for customers who would like to benefit from some substantial sales and discount offers on wet room shower panels, JT Spas features great bargains on Premier brand screens.

Diamond Mining, Trading, and Manufacturing Expert Patrick Saada's Daughter, Galith, Opens Jewelry Brand

Diamonds have been associated with the family of Patrick Saada for years, and this isn't surprising considering that Patrick Saada is the founder of well-known diamond company Infinite Diam. But Patrick Saada's daughter, Galith, is now involved in the diamond industry as well with the opening of her own brand of jewelry.