Retail Press Releases

Sobo Fashion to Showcase Exhibit at Couture Fashion Week in New York City This September

Sobo Fashion, the manufacturer of the must-have customizable Sobo totes, is pleased to announce that they will be attending the much-anticipated Couture Fashion Week in New York City. Quickly building a clientele of prominent fashion enthusiasts and style-conscious women, Sobo Fashion will be debuting their innovative, interchangeable handbags at the show. Attendees will be able to view their stylish products at their showcase booth, where their totes and fashion-forward sunglasses will be displayed.

Goody Tickets Makes Donation to St. Michael the Archangel Defenders' Ball

Goody Tickets recently made a contribution to the Defenders' Ball fundraiser for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic parish. GoodyTickets donated four tickets to a Peter and the Starcatcher musical performance at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The support provided by the GoodyTickets donation allows the annual Defenders' Ball to be a successful fundraiser for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic parish.

Elevate Customs Explodes Onto Scene with One-of-a-Kind Gaming Tables

LogoUnique elements of a home or office are what visitors remember long after they've left the premises – the touchstone pieces that tie a room together and make a lasting impression. An attractive modern pool table, or sleek table embedded with the company logo; these sorts of things are distinctive and memorable for the right reasons. They are also the bread and butter of California-based Elevate Customs, a newcomer to the industry of game tables, office tables, and furniture. February of 2016 marked their beginning, and since then the company has hit the ground running and demonstrated a substantial amount of promise for the future.

GARY LAIM Launches MFI Lightning Headphone and Lightning Earphone

GARY LAIM is a company that specializes in delivering advanced technology Apple MFI lightning cable, Apple MFI HIFI lightning headphone, Apple MFI Battery, Case, tempered glass for iPhone, USB type c Micro USB Cable, etc. the aim of the company is to develop and direct sell to customers, innovation and cutting edge technology in mobile phone and smart device cables and accessories. Their latest offering is the MFi lightning headphone and lightning earphones which will be the way of the future after the 3.5 mm jack is phased out by Apple. Announce the Launch of Its Newest Collection of Sit-Stand Workstations, a leading store that offers a range of quality products for a healthier home and office purposes has recently announced the launch its latest range of sit- stand work stations. According to the information provided at the site, its company has been providing customers with high quality products at the most competitive prices. The site revealed that its company endeavors to offer the ultimate solution for a healthier home and office. The site further added that its company specializes in superior quality sit-stand workstations, fitness products, TV and display mounts, space management products and more. The company offers free shipping on all its range of products along with 30 day return policy and lifetime customer support service.

PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Being Used During Football Games

With the NFL preseason coming to a conclusion, professional football teams are quickly narrowing their rosters down to the 53 men. For those who make the team, it is a great accomplishment. For those who do not make the cut, it is back to the drawing board. While making the roster does not guarantee long-term job security, it quickly raises a player's stock across the league. With so many talented athletes to choose from, sometimes injury risk becomes the deciding factor whether somebody gets a contract. Injury prone players are considered high-risk, and many general managers are risk averse when it comes to keeping a backup player. Over the last couple years, kinesiology tape has been a common tool among football coaches of all levels to help their players with injury recovery and prevention.

A Customer-Approved Shopping Experience with Buy4LessTuxedo

As summer comes to an end, the fall wedding season approaches. Across the country, men will be shopping for the most flattering of traditional formalwear, the tuxedo. Unfortunately, price-points on those special garments can reach exorbitant heights. To some, finding an affordable tuxedo can seem almost impossible.

Celebrating Love - Imprints-Tshirts Launches Cute Matching Couple Shirts for the Ultimate Public Display of Affection

Providers of affordable custom made shirts and t-shirts designs, Imprints-Tshirts are all about celebrating individuality and people's unique taste in style and clothing. Recently, the brand announced that they will now be offering matching shirts for the couple, which will allow lovebirds to show-off their bond through customized matching T-shirts. Reveals Eco-Friendly Mattress Buying Guide is a newly launched blog that has been created to provide honest mattress reviews to assist readers in finding the best mattress for a rejuvenating and restful sleep. Recently, the website published some of their best advice and tips on how to select the right mattress according to everyone's different needs. The team wants to highlight the different considerations that should be kept in mind when choosing a mattress because restful sleep is an important part of staying healthy and active.

BULWELL AERIALS Provides Fully Digital Aerial Service Installed for Only 45.00

LogoBULWELL AERIALS is a leading, channel company; providing TV & Home Theater to set-up, Digital Aerial and TV antenna installations on behalf of the UK's leading retailers and our IT channel partners.

Blackburn Shopping Mall Atrium Now Improved Thanks to Lustalux Ltd

Many shopping malls and centres across the UK are designed to create an outdoor "high street" feel in order to allow shoppers to feel the true retail experience, whilst protecting them from rain and other severe weather conditions. With such large expanses of glass however, one problem often occurs– one in which those at Blackburn Mall had noticed. Glass domes act as huge magnifying glasses, increasing the effects of glare and solar heat, making the overall shopping experience less enjoyable for all.

Chessington Garden Centre Offers Loyalty Club Membership Providing Special Privileges to Customers

LogoChessington Garden Centre have been well-known locally for their home and garden furniture for several decades, and now they are offering a loyalty club membership to provide special offers and privileges to their customers. Loyalty Club members can get great savings on home and garden furniture purchases throughout the year. The company provides a wide range of home and garden furniture at the most competitive prices in a wide variety of materials and styles. The top-quality products the company offers require low maintenance and are weatherproof, which makes them perfect for enjoying the summer sunshine.

Mooments Now Offers the Best Gift Vouchers in Singapore

LogoIn the hassle of modern life, it is always difficult to find time to buy the best gift for a person, who celebrates birthday or any other festive occasion. There are so many things and services available online and offline today, but this often makes the choice even more complicated. People just lack time and imagination to find something unique and special – something they could surprise their loved ones with. This is where Mooments will be of great help to them!

Custom NCAA College Football Jerseys - Everything Needed in a Recreation & Sports Online Store announces its specialized football jersey for 2016 College Football Season that will commence in a couple of weeks! Get prepared for game day starting with a custom football jersey. At Recreation Sports World online, everyone will watch major brands from our outlets. To make ones shopping adventure pleasant, there is detailed information, reviews, and cost comparisons of the products.

Higher Return on Trade Spend Proven with AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail Solution

LogoAFS Technologies' Trade Promotion Management Retail (TPMR) helps businesses generate a higher return on trade spend and improve spend efficiency. AFS (TPM Retail) is a closed-loop system that helps businesses plan, allocate, execute, settle, and analyze trade spend with a robust set of intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities. This solution drives trade dollar visibility across your sales, finance, accounting, supply chain and marketing professionals, providing insight into retailer trends, whether the go-to-market strategy is straightforward or complex.

Everdry Socks Launches Kickstarter Campaign for All-Terrain Waterproof Sock

LogoEverDry Socks, a British product development company, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for its all-terrain waterproof sock. The campaign aims to raise funds to finance the initial production run of the innovative waterproof footwear.

Little Moppets: UK's Leading Online Kids Designer Fashion Search Engine Showcases New Look

Little Moppets is a unique online portal. The site is the UK's premier web destination showcasing designer clothing for children. Little Moppets has gone from strength to strength and has now unveiled a fresh new look.

Introduce Newborn to the World with Newborn Personalized Hats from, a renowned online store for exclusively designed baby hats, offers top-notch newborn personalized hats at a market's best price. These personalize hats that the company offers are made in the USA with soft yarns, which is suitable for newborn babies. These personalized hats are available in variety of sizes, designs and styles for both baby girls and boys. Some of personalized hats that one can get include Monogramed Traditional Nursery Striped Big Bow Newborn GIRL hospital hat, Organic Marvelous Monogrammed Newborn BOY hospital baby hat, Blue and White Seersucker PATCH First Initial Newborn Boy Hospital Hat, and much more. Individuals who want to introduce their newborn to the world in style can now explore Newborn Personalized Hats being offered by

Sexyshoeswoman Manufactures Footwear by Hand to Ensure Higher Quality

Established in the year 2005, Sexyshoeswoman is a specialized and a leading manufacturer of footwear for women. The company has two factories and has three production lines that help in manufacturing Thigh High Boots, Gladiator Heels, Gladiator Sandals, Women Pumps, Women Motorcycle Boots, Platform Shoes, Wedding Shoes and especially Celebrity Shoes. The company is of a firm belief that the quality of the footwear will be the best only if it is handmade. Therefore, the company has hired more than 200 highly skilled workers who are very well experienced with shoe making. With the help of these workers, the company manages to turn out about 10,000 to 20,000 pairs of footwear every month which is phenomenal by any standards. The company does not make any kind of compromise on the quality. There are about five steps of inspection put in place before the product hits the market.

Cosercosplay Provides the Best Quality Anime Costume Products at Competitive Prices

Established in the year 2005, Cosercoscosplay manufactures a wide range of costumes including anime Cosplay costumes, Movie Cosplay Costumes, Wetlook Catsuit, Halloween Costumes, video game Cosplay costumes, sexy Cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, bodysuit, Sexy Catsuit and full body suits. The company has two factories and 3 production lines. The company is equipped with the state of the art equipment to manufacture these costumes. About 200 workers who are highly experienced and skilled have been hired for shoemaking. Every month, about 10,000 to 20,000 costumes are manufactured. All the finished products undergo stringent inspections before hitting the market. There are about 5 steps of inspection that are carried out on each product and the product have to pass all these five steps in order to reach the stalls of the market. Right from the point where an order is placed, the staff checks at each and every stage of the production very strictly.

Review of Women's Hair Capillum Unveiled at

As per a recent development coming from, a new review of Women's Hair Capillum has been launched on the website. Sources claim that the review has discussed the product in detail by including all its interesting facts, benefits and how many women have been able to achieve a brighter and stronger hair.

Watch Maker Seeks Kickstarter Support to Launch Modern Vintage 70's Collection

Watch enthusiast, Jurijs Buldovskis is seeking support from the Kickstarter community to launch his watch brand, UNIVAQUE. A campaign was created to raise €34,500 by September 10, 2016. Funds received will be used to procure tooling, manufacture the product, and make a QC Controlling.

Aidee Baby's New Multi-Use Cover Gives Mothers the Confidence to Nurse in Style Whenever, Wherever

LogoFew bonds are greater than the one between a nursing child and its mother. Many mothers, however, find that nursing in public is uncomfortable for them and wish there was an option that would allow them to do so without trepidation. Fortunately, one Los Angeles-based company has stepped up and developed the perfect product for mothers the world over. Few companies take the bond between mother and child – and how mothers feel about expressing this bond – as seriously as Aidee Baby. The young business is excited to share with the public the launch of their new wearable nursing covers / baby wearing jackets in order that the special union between mother and child remain unbroken regardless of environment and circumstances.

Good News for Customers Who Are on the Look-out for High-Quality Digital Products Like Data Cables

The news that the China-based HORIZONTAL Tech Co. Ltd., that was established in 2011, is supplying digital products may interest customers who are on the look-out for such products. The company is into R&D of these products as well.

Audio City Offers Fuel Wheels and Rims for a Smooth off-Road Drive Experience

LogoA renowned automotive accessories provider, Audio City is now offering off-road wheels and rims of Fuel Wheels at the best deals in the market. Starting from $480.00, all their Fuel wheels and rims are robustly built with cutting edge technology and quality tested on standard parameters for durability and strength. A few of the wheels and rims that truck owners can order from their official portal,, include 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 20" Fuel Wheels D557 Anza Black Rims, 15" 17" 18" 20" Fuel Wheels D560 Vapor Matte Black Rims, 17" 18" 20" 22" Fuel Wheels D564 Beast Black Rims, 20" 22" 24" Fuel Wheels D262 Maverick Black *Two Piece Rims, etc. Installing a set of these wheels and rims can not only enhance the off-road performance of the automobiles, they can also provide a much smoother off-road drive experience.

Amaxy Global Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary New 'Honeycomb' Hair Dryer

LogoAmaxy Inc. has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for its revolutionary "Honeycomb" energy efficient & therapeutic hair dryer with far-infrared technology that it claims will actually heal the scalp.

TMD Global Enterprises Launches Website Featuring a One-Stop Baby Supply Shop

LogoThomas M. Donatelli is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of baby supplies with a particular focus on baby toys from the top brands, baby clothes from formal to active apparel, baby diapers and ointments, and baby health products. Donatelli was inspired by the excitement that surrounds a newborn and the desire of proud parents to make sure that their baby has everything he or she needs to stay healthy and show his or her inner glow. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Donatelli wanted to help others get the products they need to ensure their baby is comfortable and stylish every day.