Retail Press Releases

Revolutionary Arrow Ezee Storage Shed Available Now in Corner Store Sheds

The second generation Arrow Ezee Sheds has revolutionized the DIY storage sheds industry by adding a snap-together patented technology that reduces the assembly time up to 50%. Now available in Corner Store Sheds store.

Nicamaka Distributors Promotes Umbrellas for the Spring

With the spring season in full swing, Nicamaka Distributors, Inc., a major provider of diverse outdoor products would like to promote its diverse selection of umbrellas.

London Fireplace Supplier Now Offering 50% off Selected Items

Stonewoods, one of the UK leaders in the supply of fireplaces and stoves at affordable prices has recently impressed their clients and customers immensely, offering up to 50% off selected items on their website.

Now Introduces Innovative Learning Toys for Various Age Groups

Parents who are looking for an online store that meets all their demands of learning toys can consider the aforementioned website. It is a platform that is extensive and has a number of choices in the niche. From toddlers to young children, there are many categories of toys which are designed to help them in accentuating their learning habits.

Now, the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor That Appeals Even to Nurses Is Available

Good news for those who want to buy a high quality digital blood pressure monitor. Gurin Products, LLC. is offering the Santamedical brand BW-210 wrist digital blood pressure monitor that comes with a case. The best thing about this monitor is that it has got rave reviews even from nurses. The company points out at the reviews written by nurses, according to which, the new technology adopted in the monitor helps in automatically inflating to the appropriate level. Its auto power off feature and its capability to store 60 blood pressure and pulse readings appeal to them as well.

Now, an Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer That Consumes Low Energy and That Records 32 Last Measurements Is Available

The news that Gurin Products, LLC. is offering Santamedical brand infrared thermometers may gladden those who are looking for such items. Gurin Products, LLC. says that the RY-230 2-in-1 professional clinical infrared thermometer has a new and slim design.

Dates Announced for the Great British Shooting Show 2018: Pownalls Comments

The Great British Shooting Show is the UK's largest public shooting show, and 2018 will be its 9th year running. The show attracts visitors from around the world, with manufacturers given the chance to present their new and upcoming products to the always eager public. People in which are set to attend the show in 2018 consist of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and shooting enthusiasts – al like-minded people, making for a fantastic day and lots of fun. Offers a Wide Range of Garage Workbenches with Great Strength and Durability, one of the America's leading suppliers of garage cabinets, offers an array of durable and functional garage workbenches at the most competitive prices. The workbenches they offer are an excellent solution for people who need a real heavy-duty work surface that is tough, long lasting, and require less maintenance. To cater to the needs of each of their customers, the online store have in the stock workbenches in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Their entire collections of garage workbenches are easy to install, corrosion resistance, scratch-resistant and can withstand high impact pressure. Individuals looking for sturdy-built garage workbenches can explore a wide range of Garage Workbenches being offered at

MassageChairs.Com Offers Johnson Wellness J6800 – 4D Massage Chair for Sale

LogoA renowned online marketplace for one-of-a-kind massage chairs, is offering Johnson Wellness J6800 – 4D Massage Chair for sale. People can customize their full body massage settings by choosing one of nine different massage techniques present in this massage chair such as kneading, tapping, rhythm tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling, sideways kneading, up-down kneading or can choose from 11 pre-programmed massage courses like refresh, relax, shiatsu, morning, night, stretch, energize, shoulder, lower back, quick, and music. The massage chair is equipped with three memory settings to save favorite massage programs for future use. Besides this, its multi-functional footrest can also be used as a traditional foot and calf massage mechanism or can be flipped to turn into a couch. The manufacturers have duly considered their customers while designing the footrest which can be stretched to an additional 6" to accommodate taller users.

Drinking Wine Has Its Own Health Benefits - Kitchen Supreme Offers Their Rabbit Bottle Opener

The Annals of Internal Medicine have conducted a research which showed that consuming wine in smaller quantities on a daily basis is healthy and it also improves existing health conditions. A small New York company launched their new product called the rabbit bottle opener on the online eCommerce platform Amazon and everybody wants to buy one.

An Oral Irrigator Water Flosser That Can Help People in Their Dental Health and That Is Recommended by Dentists

Exciting news for those who always aim to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean. Gurin Products, LLC. says that they are offering Gurin RO-110 professional rechargeable oral irrigator water flosser that comes with a high-capacity, easy-to-fill water tank. These people can rest assured that this flosser will be immensely useful to them because even dentists recommend it.

Snap-on Electrode Pads That Fit All Brands of Electronic Pulse Massagers Are Now Available

Good news for those who are looking for electrode pads for their electronic pulse massagers. Gurin Products, LLC. says they are offering the Santamedical brand 10 Snap-On Re-Usable White, hand-shape, Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel. The company assures its customers that the pads will not irritate their skin and will be comfortable to use. Not only that, these snap-on electrode pads will fit all brands of electronic pulse massagers. Further, the flexibility of these solid-carbon pads makes them ideal for maximum charge delivery and comfort.

Kitchen Supreme Offers Recipe for the Ideal Cocktail This Coming Summer

Summer is fast approaching and a fresh cocktail is everything needed in order to enjoy the weather properly. Kitchen Supreme is a company founded in 2013 by Frank Williams and they are currently launching their new rabbit wine bottle opener as part of a series of them meant to be launched in the next few months.

Drinking a Glass of Wine Each Night Is the Solution and Kitchen Supreme Supports the Study by Distributing Their Wine Opener Set

Kitchen Supreme, although a fairly new company on the market, they have managed to produce a few high-quality products that have shaken the online kitchen supply market at all times. Their newest addition to their collection is the rabbit wine bottle opener, a contraption meant to impress even the picky wine connoisseurs.

Wildflower in Glen Head Takes Hippie Chic to a Wider Audience Thanks to Three Years of Success

LogoPersonifying all things free-spirited, the Co-Owners of Wildflower announce the third year anniversary of their New York location. Offering bohemian clothing, kitsch, and cool, the store is the "love child" of two bigger-than-life owners. Mother/daughter team Lisa Weiss and Mackenzie Keyes, the heartbeat of the store's vintage image, now up the ante. With the quick success of their boutique in Glen Head, the duo announces the official launch of their artsy lifestyle brand.

Matika Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its 3 in 1 Inflatable Hammock

LogoMatika has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support its all-new 3 in 1 inflatable hammock. The hammock is an innovation as well as an evolution of patented technology by Matika. The company has taken a next step in the development of this amazing Hammock followed by the increasing trends of Hammocks being used worldwide.

Insignia Outlet Ex-Display Sale Items Now Offered Online. Last Chance to Grab an Amazing Deal

The No:1 Authorized dealers of the Insignia range of hydro massage showers, Insignia Outlet recently announced that they will now be offering the very last of the ex-display sale items on the online website. After the re-opening of the newly refurbishes and renovated showroom, a variety of the steam showers and hydro massage showers from their ex-display stock was put up for sale at heavily discounted prices. Insignia Outlet launched a limited time only sale, on the ex-display stock is down to the last few items and this will be the last chance to seize the golden opportunity to get an Insignia product of their dreams for an incredibly low price.

At Home Steam Showers Offer Skincare Benefits for Great Skin

Insignia Showers is the primary manufacturer of steam showers that are specially designed for home users in the UK, their steam shower systems allow users to enjoy benefits in the comfort of their home. Home Steam Showers are quickly gaining popularity for their convenience and the wide range of benefits they provide including stress and pain relief. Users are reporting that they love their Insignia steam shower to maintain great glowing skin at home and skipping regular visits to the spa.

Study Published by a Yale Professor Suggests Drinking Wine Is Good for the Brain

A doctor at Yale School of Medicine conducted a research at the beginning of 2017 which showed how the brain functions are improved when a wine is consumed. Sniffing and tasting the glass of wine requires additional control over the way the tongue muscles move and it stimulates the taste and odor receptors, making it a better experience for the brain itself. Releases List of Top 5 Summer Items for Retailers, international importer and wholesale distributor, has compiled a list of the five most sought-after items for online retailers to equip their stores with for the summer of 2017. Online retailers and other small businesses are encouraged to visit their website to both view the list and pre-order supplies. Announces the Launch of Its Wooden Products

All is set to experience the unveiling of cool wooden products to its valued customers. Driven from the idea to combine fashion with nature thereby creating products from renewable, sustainable natural materials, Cool wooden products offers a range of high quality wooden sunglasses, eyewear frame, apparel accessories, and digital accessories with a sturdy look, a unique design and an honest price. Now in the comfort of their rooms and just a click away, clients can easily order online for whichever range and colors of brand new wooden product on display.

Katy Perry Tickets on Sale for KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY 2017 at Stub.Center

LogoKaty Perry, will bring her Witness Tour to KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY on Monday October 16, 2017.

Beat the Heat This Summer with Superior Quality Waeco Fridges from 12 Volt Technology

LogoA market leader, 12 Volt Technology now offers Dometic Waeco CFX100W Portable Fridge Freezer with Cover at the lowest prices in the market. This Waeco fridge freezer is enabled with Wi-Fi technology that allows customers to monitor the fridge's temperature via the Dometic CFX app during long trips. Besides, it incorporates other noteworthy features like improved Variable Motor Speed Optimisation Mk2 that enables the compressor to optimise the cooling speed of the unit through automatic selection between 'soft start' and 'turbo' modes, thereby ensuring faster cooling of drinks and food items. The fridge is made of highly robust materials to achieve greater performance and durability. For additional benefits, it also includes accessories such as remote battery pack, wiring kit and solar panels.

Freshub Completes Series A Financing Round of $4 Million

LogoFreshub, the pioneer of the Smart Kitchen Commerce solution today announced it has completed a multi-step Series A financing round, with the last step of $1.3M bringing the total amount raised under this series to $4M. This round was led by highly credible investors who bring strategic value to the company.

Neofold Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the Urban Style E-Bike of the Future

LogoNeofold has announced the release of its new e-bike to revolutionize the way people commute in cities. Designed by the European Engineers, this e-bike of the future has a unique design that blends technology and innovation. Moreover, it has brought a new meaning to the modern e-bikes.

Big Momma's Bicycles Partners with BizIQ

Big Momma's Bicycles, a cycling shop and bicycle rental provider operating in Naples, FL, has announced a new partnership with BizIQ, a marketing firm specializing in small business online exposure and brand development.

Lush Decor Extends Juvy Lines to Include Storage

Lush Decor introduces new fabric covered collapsible storage boxes and award-winning storage ottomans to match popular juvenile soft cotton quilt sets and home decor collections. Parents can now update their children's Sausage Dog, Flutter Butterfly, Race Cars, and many more with these fun and functional collapsible storage boxes that look great on a shelf or the floor. The boxes are sold in three-piece sets, while the ottomans are sold individually.