Retail Press Releases

RPE Solutions Announces Upcoming Webinar to Help Retailers Modernize POS Systems

It is easy for businesses to become accustomed to, and trust, a POS system after years of using the same software. The familiarity of the process and interfaces, combined with quick-fix plugins that seem to update a system sufficiently, can make this software appear to adequately address management and service requirements. However, "legacy" POS systems often constrain businesses' ability to grow and succeed due to their inability to address mobile functions or cross-channel data flow, along with other issues. Oftentimes, companies are unaware of the immense improvements available to them through a new POS system. RPE Solutions, a retail consulting agency that provides retail store systems, announces the availability of a webinar on September 24, 2015 at 2 p.m. EST, to help businesses "Rip Off the POS Band-Aids and Maximize Sales".

Lushes Curtains Receives 2015 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award

Lushes Curtains has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award in the Home Decor category by the Best Businesses of South El Monte Award Program.

EW Home Furniture Starts Online Sales, Announces Amazing Discounts

EW Home Furniture has come on leaps and bounds since its founding back in 2007. The family-run firm specialises in high-quality solid wood furniture for the UK market. Presents 2015 Best Selling Hair with Up to 80% Savings & FREE Shipping brings a cost-effective choice for the worldwide women to don a new hairstyle with their latest 2015 collection of hair, hair weaves, wigs and hair extensions. The online store is offering huge discounts of up to 80% on their products. Moreover, they are also offering free shipping on all products.

Bluewind Beauty Brings Brilliant Budget Brushes Set for Makeup Artists & Makeup Enthusiasts

Applying makeup is a delicate task which often requires patience and dedication. Besides, it also requires a brilliant set of makeup brushes. Hong Kong based Bluewind Beauty offers a range of brush sets through its online store for the makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts across the world. One can purchase these brush sets at cheap prices and can hone their makeup skills.

LazyPocket Announces New Arrivals of Women's Dresses with 20% Discounts & FREE Global Delivery

Women customers can now purchase an adorable collection of dresses available at 20% discounts. The web store of LazyPocket has recently added several new dresses for women to look gorgeous and beautiful. Besides offering great price discounts, they also offer free global delivery for shipping dresses anywhere in the world.

Matching Jewelry Is the New Trend Among Young Couples, Reports iDream Jewelry

With an incredible range of matching jewelries, iDream Jewelry has emerged as a popular online jewelry store for couples from all across the world. According to the spokesperson of the jewelry store, they are selling a number of matching jewelry pieces on a daily basis, and this indicates the growing popularity of the matching jewelry among couples across the world.

Akii Kollections Inc. Launches New Online Boutique on Facebook

Montreal-based company, Akii Kollections inc., announced today the opening of its new online store on Facebook.

Ensure Safety During Hurricanes with Emergency Weather Radios from 12 Volt Technology LLC

LogoIt's a saying that "worse things happen at sea", and when it comes to safety it is true. Travelling miles away from the shore for earning their livelihood, every sailor's first priority should be marine safety equipment. Not only do these gadgets make them aware about rough weather conditions, but also help them in securely tackling them. Considering the importance of safety equipment for mariners, 12 Volt Technology LLC is providing an array of Emergency Weather Radios at the most competitive prices. Manufactured utilizing cutting edge technology tools, these radios provide reliable information about ongoing activities occurring in the deep blue sea. Various alert warnings that these radios provide include child abduction emergency (amber alert), nuclear power plant warning, biological hazard warning, civil emergency message, fire warning, landslide warning etc.

Deal Hunting for the Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling in-Ear Headphones

LogoIn a crowded headphone market, the Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones clearly outperform the competition. At an unbelievable price point, the inclusion of Active Noise-Canceling Technology give you great sound and comfortable listening.

Pink North Expands Their Shipping to All of North America and the World

In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the ethical problems surrounding conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds as they are sometimes known. In 1996, a film of the same name was even produced starring Leonardo DiCaprio which drew more attention to the issue. As a result, many people are now conflicted over whether to use diamonds in their engagement ring. Thanks to Pink North, there is another way. The Canadian based studio produces diamond engagement rings with materials that are ethically sourced from Canada, and is now shipping worldwide for the first time.

Cocoweb Offers Fancy Lights for Homes

Lighting is the essential part of the home accessories. The design and the colors used in the homes according to the tastes are brightened up with the use of the right lightening. The lightening technology is used in different shapes and in different areas of the house, commercial buildings. The Cocoweb introduces the large range of lightening for home and barns. The products of Cocoweb lamp lights come in various designs, colors and ranges. The pictures lights offered by Cocoweb are the creation of artists for artist to bring the pictures and paintings to life. The new led technology lights and the tru- slim picture light series is the best thing that can be added in homes. The sleek and slender form of the new tru-slim picture lightening takes no extra space and highlights the arts in full illumination. The wireless design in the picture lights and the battery operated lights are easier to use and operate in any area whether it is home or a gallery. The classic series picture lights are best for the traditional environment and stance.

New 'Woodland Friends Arts & Craft Sewing Kits' Available at Amazon

A new kids sewing kit has recently launched on Amazon – the 'Woodland Friends Arts & Craft Sewing Kit' offers boys and girls a fun new way to discover the joy of hand-crafting and sewing with their friends.

Love and Buy It Expands Range of Gift Products Available as the Holiday Season Approaches

Halloween is coming soon, and once it's over, the madness begins. While many people look short-sightedly towards their costumes for the popular autumn party, those in the know are already looking to get a step ahead of the game for the holiday season that is just beyond the horizon. Stores are already in preparation, ready for the rush. Love and Buy It ( has expanded its range significantly to offer the best possible selection of gadgets and goodies, ensuring individuals get the best possible choice at unbeatable prices.

Dalla Mano Jewelry Brand Marries Eclectic Designs to Haute Couture and Creates Hand-Crafted Chic

LogoQuite literally creating art for fingers, necks, wrists, ears and waists, the newly launched Dalla Mano jewelry brand creates rarities. With tremendous commitment to craftsmanship, the new high-end jewelry brand is entirely devoted to bringing rare, uniquely designed jewelry pieces to clients with a taste for hand crafted design. The designs that are created with immense detail are inspired by nature, medieval Roman architecture, art deco design and classic sculptural geometric forms The brand works exclusively with precious metals, often gracing the metals with gemstones for their clientele "that seeks out and appreciates luxury and hand-wrought exclusivity."

Ifchic Releases FREE Coins for Shopping Designer Dresses, Shoes & Jewelries on September 24th

Ifchic has an adorable collection of designer dresses, shoes and jewelry items for the modern women that can suit their busy lifestyle. The web store has a brilliant product lineup, available at great prices. Besides, they organize the IFCHIC24 event every month, where women can shop for the whole day on the 24th of every month and can use free IFCHIC24 coins for their shopping. The online store gives an opportunity to collect coins every day except on the 24th day of the month and a woman can use up to $180 worth of free coins for her shopping.

GSMCity Announces Limited Time Sale on HP Laptops

LogoGSMCity (, the largest GSM Distributor in the nation, is tapping into the laptop market with its most recent sales event. Known for their wide selection of fully unlocked smartphones from America's most trusted brands, GSMCity also features some of the lowest prices on laptops and computers, too.

A to Z Business Ventures, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Backyard Bird Products

LogoGregory Miller is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website carries many different items for bird lovers, including bird houses, binoculars and cameras for bird watching, bird books, bird feeders, bird art, bird baths, bird jewelry, and much more. Miller was inspired to create his website as a result of his own love of birds. For years, he and his wife have enjoyed bird watching from their backyard deck. One of their most memorable times was observing a family of fledgling baby bluebirds learning to fly for the first time after emerging from the bird house in which they were born.

Amazon and Zeigen Announces the Launch of Hydramate Microfiber Drying Towel for Cars

Amazon, the largest online shopping platform has added a new product. The Zeigen Hydramate Microfiber Drying Towel For Cars. The Hydramate Drying Towel, is a large, soft and safe option for drying vehicles. To celebrate the launch of the product, Zeigen is offering a special 35% discount coupon code, which is available by contacting support at

Best Service Appliance Repair Launches Google Plus Page to Join Era of Social Media Marketing

Appliances are what make a house a home, what enables us to keep food fresh, what enables us to wash in warm water, cook our food and dry our clothes. It is understandable then that when they go wrong, it can have grave consequences for the homes in question. Brooklyn is one of the most tight-knit communities in New York, and Best Service Appliance Repair has been serving that community as it has transformed through the last three decades. Now it is changing with the times, and has just created a Google Plus page to transform how it interacts with its customers.

Diamond Envy Launches Pink Diamond Wholesale Program in Light of Mounting Scarcity

Among the most elusive of gemstones, pink diamonds constitute less than 2 percent of the world's diamond reserve; as such, they are also one of the most valuable varieties. Due to rarity and expense, far fewer people have been given the opportunity to own such a stone than who seek one. With this in mind, a spokesperson for Diamond Envy has launched the company's wholesale pink diamond program.

Flacit Offers High Definition Audio Tracks in Stereo

LogoWith the rapid development of online technologies, it has become quite easy to find everything people need on the web. This does not concern clothing, toys, food products, electronic devices and other products only. This also concerns music. Unfortunately, music fans often admit that the quality of audio tracks they download from the Internet leaves much to be desired. With Flacit, this problem will not bother customers anymore!

Bluewind New Website Launched with Affordable Makeup Brush Range

All makeup artists know the importance of high quality makeup brushes that enable them to carry out precise makeup. Now, they can purchase an Affordable Makeup Brush from the web store of Bluewind Beauty and can achieve a professional competence. The online makeup brush store has also launched a new website that can allow a makeup enthusiast to quickly find the product that suits his/her requirement.

Bluewind Beauty Introduces Special Offer on Their Cosmetics Brushes, Cosmetic Puff & Blending Sponge

Bluewind Beauty Ltd. is often recognized for offering high quality and affordable makeup range for the worldwide customers through their online store. Customers can now purchase Cosmetics Brushes, Cosmetic Puffs, Blending Sponge and a host of other products at reasonable prices and can also win free gifts.

Stockroom Brings Incredible Range of Office Tables & Table Lamps for the Modern Consumer

The online furniture shop, Stockroom is often recognized for its incredible range of thoughtfully designed furniture pieces available at great prices. This time, they are bringing an adorable range of office tables and table lamps that can help redefine the décor and the aesthetic value of a built space.

Mandala Tapestry Launched on Amazon to Enhance Meditation, Stimulate Insight, and Uplift Decor

LogoWith the Sanskrit word for 'beautiful' in their name, Kanti Design launches their inspiring flagship product on Amazon. Launched to create beautiful products with a purpose, the company brings the Blue Peacock Mandala Tapestry to market. A work of art that transforms the internal as well as the external, the mandala is handmaid with Buddhist methods in India. Used to focus attention and aid meditation, the brightly colored traditional peacock design is an ancient tool for concentration. Making everything old new again, the tapestry transforms a wall, a window, or a bed with transcendence earthly and otherwise.

New Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Urban Slim Wallet 2.0 RFID Protection Carbon Fiber Edition

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter platform by Victor Hung to raise $8,000 for a new Urban Slim Wallet 2.0 RFID Protection Carbon Fiber edition. The wallet is made out of premium genuine leather and 3K Carbon Fiber for more durability, style, convenience, and digital theft protection.