Retail Press Releases

Revolutionary Arrow Ezee Storage Shed Available Now in Corner Store Sheds

The second generation Arrow Ezee Sheds has revolutionized the DIY storage sheds industry by adding a snap-together patented technology that reduces the assembly time up to 50%. Now available in Corner Store Sheds store.

Nicamaka Distributors Promotes Umbrellas for the Spring

With the spring season in full swing, Nicamaka Distributors, Inc., a major provider of diverse outdoor products would like to promote its diverse selection of umbrellas.

Zumex Unveils the Speed Pro + Plus

LogoThe Speed Pro + Plus focuses on improving the core features of the original Speed Pro while maintaining a strong focus on simplicity of operation. It also boasts a new PulpOut Automatic System feature that allows for automatic pulp elimination. This new feature saves the operator a huge amount of time while also improving efficiency tremendously.

Discovering the Coolest Gifts for Father's Day at Little Obsessed

LogoFather's Day is set to take place on Sunday, June 18th, which is just a few short weeks away. That's why right now is the perfect time for customers to buy original gifts for the most important man in their lives. This way, people will have the chance to show their fathers how lucky they are to have such a supportive figure by their side, at all times. Every great father provides their children with guidance, encouragement and unconditional love; not to mention, they're also responsible for giving them the gift of life. That's why it's a beautiful thing for families to dedicate one full day out of the year to honoring their fathers for their endless acts of selflessness and the positive influence they've had on their lives.

So Scene Launches a New Range of Stylish and Colorful Ear Plugs, a reputed online store for ear plugs, ear gauges, and more, has now added a fresh collection of stylish ear plugs to the existing collection on its web store.

Fashionable Dog Beds Unveils Vast Collection

Fashionable Dog Beds has made it possible for pet owners to buy traditional, Orthopedic Beds and many other options without any hassle.

Mosquito Bracelet Releases Report to Help Parents Choose a Natural and Safe Insect Repellent for Their Children

No matter how much parents love nature; they need to be extremely careful when dealing with these obnoxious deadly mosquitoes that can hamper them as well as the health of their loved ones.

Green Butterfly Brands Offer Great Deals on Their Newest Treat

Green Butterfly Brands promised that more sales would ensue in the months to follow. And they weren't lying– their latest release, Bark at the Moon Premium Beef Liver Jerky, is now on sale. After the anticipation and excitement following the release of the Bark at the Moon Beef Liver Jerky, this sale is sure to be a success. "We want to give pups from every budget a chance to try our new Beef Liver Jerky," said Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands, in a statement regarding the sale. "Now's the time– we're currently offering our latest treat for just 16.99! It's a price that can't be beat. We are super excited with the health benefits in our beef liver jerky and the fact that we now offer two types of jerky, our original jerky being Premium Chicken Jerky for dogs and cats."

RV Camper Supply Website Launches Guide to Top Portable Countertop Ice Makers

Best Portable Countertop Ice Makers – Buyer's Guide has officially been published on the RV Camper Supplies and Parts website. Suited for use in RVs, small kitchens, dorms, and boats, these ice makers are small and effective. They can practically fit on any counter. Also, countertop ice makers can be hauled to an event so ice cubes are available at a party, wedding, shower, or barbeque.

Forbes Magazine Has Said It. The Fidget Spinner Toy Is a Must in Every Office

Life at the office can be very stressful, especially when work seems to pile up as much as stress. Forbes Magazine has written an article about how the new craze around the stress toys for adults might actually be a beneficial solution for most stress related health problems.

Handy Kee Is the World's Most Useful EDC Titanium Multi-Tool Key

LogoHandy Kee, the world's most useful titanium multi-tool key with over 18+ functions, is live on Kickstarter and trending fast, having already surpassed the raise goal in the first 24 hours.

Nigerian Homeowners Get Excited over Emilinks Biggest Ever Discount Sale

One of the biggest ever sales in Nigerian history is now taking place, creating excitement among homeowners, furnishing companies, and young entrepreneurs. The big discount sale has been launched by Emilinks, who provide quality furnishing items including doors, kitchens, and wardrobes.

Forever Redwood Adds Modern Touch to a Traditional Garden Feature

LogoForever Redwood announces the expansion of their traditional garden pergola with the release of the Modern Louvered Garden Pergola, lessening the divide between a traditional pergola with partial shade and a pavilion with a full shade roof. The product adds to Forever Redwood's unique lineup of completely customizable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly redwood products for all outdoor needs.

The uLeash Is the World's Most Durable and Functional Leash Ever Created

LogouLeash, a modern dog leash designed to be the most durable and functional leash ever created, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Rasdale Stamp Company Holds Lot Viewings Ahead of Next Public Auction

Rasdale Stamp Company, a leading Chicago-area stamp and collectible auction house, has announced that it will hold several lot viewings ahead of its next public auction that begins on May 20th. Pre-auction bidding for the upcoming auction is currently taking place, and will conclude the evening before the auction, May 19th, at 7:00pm New York time.

MEH Business Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Baby Care Supplies

LogoMary E. Hertel is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of baby care supplies including convertible cribs, playpens, lightweight strollers, high chairs, and swings. Hertel was inspired by the number of people who look to the convenience of online shopping to have a hassle-free way of surrounding a little one with comfort, safety, and style. Through her online store, Hertel wanted to help customers take away the stress of welcoming a baby into this world and replace it with pure happiness.

DeJane Online Shopping, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Personal and Home Security Solutions

LogoTina DeJane is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of personal and home security solutions including personal defense supplies, surveillance products, home security essentials, security accessories, and tactical gear. DeJane was inspired by the breath of fresh air that security products provide in allowing us to enjoy our lives stress-free. Through her online store, DeJane wanted to help customers stay on top of their busy lives while their security stays on top of every corner.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Previews Upcoming 2017 Fall & Winter Beauty Trends

Luxury hair extension design company The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has published a list of fashion trends ahead of the fall and winter 2017 seasons. The company posted the trend preview to its online blog, which is frequently updated with relevant fashion information that is maintained on the designer's website, listed in the contact information below.

LEP Global Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Designer Fragrances to Capture Every Spirit

LogoLeda Pisarcik is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of designer fragrances to capture every spirit including men's cologne, women's perfume, bath and body essentials, and fragrance gift sets. Pisarcik was inspired by the instant confidence and charm that comes from wearing the perfect fragrance whether at work, running errands, or enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. Through her online store, Pisarcik wanted to help customers find the scent that captures their spirit on any occasion.

Vera Global Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Home and Garden Design Decor

LogoLavera Collins is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of home and garden design decor including outdoor living accents, walkway and path lighting, decorative wall and mantel clocks, lighted mirrors, and festive string lights. Collins was inspired by the warm feeling that a well-decorated space gives us as we walk through the front door and are greeted by our favorite memories and a soothing atmosphere. Through her online store, Collins wanted to help others quickly find their home decor essentials so they can enjoy catching up with friends under the glow of string lights, refreshing patio dinners, and cozy nights in.

Santamedical SM-165 Pulse Oximeter Is the Bestseller on Amazon

The news that Gurin Products, LLC. is offering the Santamedical brand of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for measuring blood oxygen may gladden those who are on the look-out for a blood oxygen saturation monitor. According to the company, this newly upgraded Generation 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Oximetry Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor that comes with a carrying case, a lanyard and 2-AAA Batteries is the bestseller on Amazon.

KiltGuide Publishes Comprehensive Information About Worldwide Popular Kilt Sellers

KiltGuide is one of the most trusted and highly recommended websites which is widely popular for publishing comprehensive information about the best kilt sellers of the world. Currently, has in-depth details about all the top kilt sellers that are popular for their unique range of kilt & kilt accessories' designs, top-notch quality, and competitive prices.

Adults Smoke Too Much, Study Says. The Yes Baby Fidget Spinner Toy Wants to Change the Bad Habit

Studies have shown that a whopping 37 million adults in the USA currently smoke. Yes Baby is a company that was recently launched on the market and that has decided to enter the war against this damaging habit by offering their brand new product, the fidget spinner toy. Releases Useful Guide for Pet Owners to Help Purchase Magnificent Prevue Bird Cages

For any pet bird owner, picking the right cage is a critical decision. helps bird lovers in buying a suitable cage to keep parrots and other birds at home. The website allows choosing the best prevue bird cage for different species of pet birds, including Budgie, Canary, Parrot, Cockatoo, and so on. Now Releases Guides for Bird Owners to Buy Best Macaw Cages or Cockatiel Cages

For any bird pet owner, it is essential to buy a parrot cage that can be safe, comfortable and pleasurable for the bird. There are different types of parrots and if the cage is not suitable for a particular bird, it may create behavioral issues for the bird. The creator of Cuteparrots.Com is well aware of such facts and offers his help and guidance to purchase the best cage suitable for the parrot species. Now Explains How One Can Select the Best Parrot Travel Cage for Their Bird

Parrots are adorable and many people don't want to leave their parrots alone at home, when they go on a holiday. For such pet lovers, there are different types of parrot cages available in the market. helps bird pet owners in selecting the best travel parrot cages that can provide the bird with enough peace and comfort during the travel. Reveals Information on Different Parrot Breeds for Bird Lovers to Choose the Right Bird as Their Pet

A parrot lover must read about the different breeds of parrot before choosing the best parrot to take home as a lovely pet. Cuteparrots.Com provides in-depth information on all breeds, which they have compiled after a complete research. The information also covers the pros and cons of owning different types of parrots.