Retail Press Releases

Phantom Fireworks Prepares for Epic July 4th Weekend

July 4th is right around the corner – a weekend known for barbecues, baseball games, blockbuster movies, and of course, fireworks. On July 4th, 2013, Americans lit approximately 200 million pounds of fireworks (American Pyrotechnic Association). Talk about a lot of celebration! The fourth of July is a special day in our nation's history, representing the beginning of one of the greatest nations on earth. At the center of those fireworks celebrations is Phantom Fireworks, the #1 consumer brand fireworks retailer, from coast to coast, for 40+ years.

Goody Tickets Contributes to American Cancer Society Cattle Baron's Ball

The American Cancer Society Cattle Baron's Ball was supported through a ticket donation from Goody Tickets last year. The June 13th Cattle Baron's Ball event was held for Kansas City's American Cancer Society and is the largest annual gala held for the society. At the western themed annual event, patrons bid on live and silent auction of items provided by Goody Tickets and other donors. Funds raised from the ball go directly to help achieve the American Cancer Society's mission, to eliminate cancer.

Northampton Safety Footwear Specialist Promoting Diversity and Workplace Safety

As Health and Safety Week 2016 focuses on #SHE1000, which recognizes women working in Health and Safety, National Women in Engineering 2016 coincides with this prominent event. Celebrating and promoting a more diverse workforce, Gorilla Safety Footwear is providing a 10% discount on the Vixen range of women's safety footwear.

The Largest and Most Established Hydroponics Shop in Derbyshire Introduce New Price Promise

Tropicanna Horticulture, Derbyshire's main and most respected horticultural and hydroponics shop has now introduced a new price promise to ensure that all of their customers can receive the very best items at the most competitive prices. The company who have recently been named the fastest growing hydroponics online retailer in the UK have promised to offer their products for cheaper than they can be found anywhere else and have said that if anyone finds any products cheaper elsewhere, they will not only match the price – but beat the price!

Make-Do-and-Mend Culture Making a Comeback

When something breaks, what do you do? Your handbag strap, the zip on your trousers, the buttons on your shirt... If your first thought is to go out and replace the item, you are far from alone. Studies have proven that the majority of people in the UK simply get rid of faulty items regardless of the fact that it would be much more cost effective to be repaired.

Divinity Clergy Wear Offers Accessories Along with Their Clergy Collection

LogoDivinity Clergy Wear is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of high-quality clerical clothing. Both men and women of the clergy can find an outfit or the perfect piece to complete their outfit when looking through the inventory of Divinity Clergy Wear. They have been serving their customers with top-quality customer service for over 70 years by providing them with the best clergy jackets and clothing in the industry at some of the best prices. They are also offering accessories to go with their clergy collection.

Stonewoods Ltd Introduce New Bio Ethanol Hang on the Wall Range and Plan to Extend Antique Fireplace Collection

Stonewoods Ltd, established London based company that specialises is supplying a plethora of fireplaces, stoves and accessories has extended their collection yet again to now include a whole new range – the New Bio Ethanol Hang on the Wall Range.

The Prime Watch Boutique Unveils Latest Range of Tag Heuer Connected Watches in India

The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique, an authorized watch retailer in India, has been known for its exclusive watch collections from reputed brands across the world. Recently, the watch boutique has announced its latest collections – Tag Heuer Connected that has already started a craze among watch lovers for its smart use of advanced technologies. With the collection, Tag Heuer has unveiled its mechanical reach that even goes beyond the time.

Get Ready for Summer Camping with These 6 Items

LogoSummer is here and that means it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. When knee deep in camping gear, it's hard to remember some of the most important items to bring along. Before the next trip, create a must-bring bag with all 6 of these camping essentials recommended by so you're never without that one thing.

New Compression Socks for Nurses from CopperJoint Received Well by Amazon Customers

CopperJoint compression socks for nurses were released a couple of days ago through Amazon. As hoped by Jon Deal, the owner and founder of the company, the launch was received well by Amazon customers. Both loyal and new CopperJoint shoppers took advantage of the discounted promo rate and the stocks meant for the launch almost instantly ran out of stock.

Cosmopolitan Collection Announces What Their Makeup Organizer Is Made From

Cosmopolitan Collection has officially announced the new and inventive material behind the construction of their famous makeup organizer.

Natural Outdoor Products Launches ZERO NATURALS REPELLENT, 100% Pure Non Synthesized Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

LogoSince no vaccine has been released yet for the deadly Zika virus, Natural Outdoor Production announces the launch of their follow up product for an overall insect repellent call Zero Natural, a lasting preventive repellent for protection against all insect, mosquitos, gnats, flies, black flies, and more. The new NOP product is made all 100% natural Essential oil, chemical-free, deet-free protection making it safe for the skin. This formula uses 100% PURE Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and not commercial synthesized chemical that many major retailer's use. Supplies Quality Beverage Products in Bulk for Events and Celebrations

LogoFinding gifts in bulk at an affordable rate can be a challenge. The gift has to be an item that can come in large quantities, yet be able to meet the budget. Beverage products are an ideal item for gifts and giveaways because they can be ordered wholesale according to specific needs. Not only are they inexpensive, but they can be customized to display a unique design.

Abundantly Wine Unveils Exciting Options for Users

Abundantly Wine, a dedicated online store has ensured that people's homes are always stocked with delicious Wine options and accessories to go with them.

Shop 'N Hop Unveils Vast New Collection

Shop 'N Hop, a noted Online Mall has now ensured that users can get their hands on a diverse range of products quickly and without having to go the distance for it. Reveals the Various Health Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water, which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of alkaline ionizer machine, has recently published in its site about the various health benefits of consuming alkaline water. As the majority of our body content is water, drinking water continuously is vital for all functions. However, since the majority of the water sources are contaminated, it becomes essential to get a water filter system that will produce the best drinking water. For those people who are searching for a powerful and versatile machine with multiple user friendly features along with energy savings, the alkawave products available at are worth considering.

Lori Kaye Home Decor Announces New Collection

Lori Kaye Home Décor has brought a vast range of high quality Home Décor items online for the benefit of users.'s Coolies and Koozies Are the Ultimate Solution for Fast and Convenient Wedding Favors

LogoParty favors are an important detail of wedding planning. They not only hold a memory of the celebration as a souvenir, but also show guests how much they are appreciated. Every wedding has its own unique ambiance to express the personality of the bride and groom, which is why wedding planning timelines can vary. The well-renowned beverage holder products, koozies and coolies, are often chosen as wedding favors due to their practicality and customized options. These popular drink sleeves are ideal for weddings that are being planned within a short period. is an online koozie and coolie retailer that offers the most affordable solution for wedding favors.

Healthy Living Company Offers Advice to Keep the Eyes Safe Now That Summer Has Arrived

Summer is here and there is nothing better than getting outside and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Skin care is a hot topic, putting on the sun lotion has become second nature, but are people as careful with their eyes? Publishes Comprehensive Buying Guide on Best Coffee Maker with Grinder, a premier website that offers comprehensive information and reviews on a variety of coffee makers that are currently available on the market has recently published a comprehensive buying guide for finding the best coffee maker. According to the information provided at the site, the reviews and information are provided by experts who have carried out an extensive research on the variety of best coffee makers available on the market. The website's information further added that the site has been created with an aim to help consumers make an informed buying decision and to find the right coffee maker that will best suit their needs and budget. Publishes Comprehensive Information and Reviews on Nuviante Hair Care Product, a premier website for hair care product and treatments has recently published comprehensive information and reviews on the popular hair care product Nuviante, which has been in the news for its effective hair loss solution. According to the information provided at the site, Nuviante claims to effectively treat hair loss issues without causing any side effects. In addition, the product has been clinically tested and proven to produce effective results. The site revealed that the Nuviante hair care review has been published after carrying out a thorough research on the best hair care product for hair loss. After a proper research, the team of experts at has finally published a comprehensive information and review that can be extremely valuable for people considering buying this product. Reveals the Best Portable Ice Maker, a premier website that offers comprehensive information and reviews on various ice maker models available on the market has recently revealed a list of the best portable ice maker. Along with the list of best ice makers, the experts have also provided comprehensive buying guide and review on each of the products. Publishes Ultimate Buying Guide for Finding the Best Bunk Bed with Stairs Model, a popular website that offers information and reviews on a variety of products available on the market, has recently published a comprehensive buying guide to help prospective buyers find the best bunk bed with stairs. With a wide variety of bunk bed with stairs available on the market, it can get quite overwhelming to find the right model without a proper buying guide. Thus in order to help consumers make an informed buying decision the experts at the site has provided a comprehensive buying guide along with reviews on the top models. Reveals the Ultimate Skin Product for a Healthy, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin, a premier site that offers comprehensive information and reviews on a variety of skin care products has recently revealed the ultimate product to get a flawless, healthy and younger looking skin. According to the information provided at the site, the new product that is becoming increasingly popular due to the various skin benefits it offer is the BellaVei skin care. The information provided at the site further added that BellaVei is a completely natural product that effectively rejuvenates the skin and reverse the signs of ageing. The skin experts recommend this new skin care product as the ultimate solution for treating skin imperfections.

Happy Kombucha Offer 40% off Their Water Kefir Grains

Water kefir is a probiotic drink that is made using water kefir grains consisting of bacteria and yeast standing in a symbolic relationship. The term "kefir grains" describes the look of the culture only, as water kefir grains don't actually contain any actual grains such as rye, wheat, etc. Both water and milk kefir offer several benefits, and are in turn becoming increasingly popular each and every day all over the world.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Punto Soave's Latest Line of Handmade Italian Tableware

Punto Soave, a manufacturer of handmade Italian tableware, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his latest line of handcrafted designs. The company produces fine plates and serving dishes for use by high-end chefs to present their dishes in a more beautiful and elegant manner. The brand is committed to providing high-quality artisan dishware to showcase both chefs' creations in restaurants and dishes served in the home.

Glitz Design Announces Their Upcoming Independence Day Sale Event

LogoThe 4th of July is an important day for all Americans. On this day in 1774, the United States had declared Independence and was successful in doing so. If it weren't for all the people involved in claiming the freedom of the United States, Americans would not be as privileged. With that being said, this day has been and continues to be one of the biggest celebrations every year. This day is filled with fireworks, bar-be-que, and laughter. The best way to do celebrate is gifting your loved one a pair of earrings or a promise ring from a Made in USA jewelry manufacturer.