Retail Press Releases

The New 2017 Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Are Now Available at Bullion Exchanges

Struck for the first time from gold in 1979 and silver in 1988, the Canadian Maple Leafs are one of the most highly anticipated bullion coins on the industry market. Both first-time buyers and long-term investors are eagerly awaiting the newest issue of these beloved coins due to their high precious metal content, legendary design, and the latest bullion security features.

Lavha Launches Brand New Site, Signals Continued Growth

There is never a bad time to unveil a brand new website. Unlike other seasonal debuts, an overhauled website is welcome anytime. Just in time for the flurry of the holiday season, Lavha has revealed the latest version of their beautifully crafted website. The California jeweler now has a site worthy of their widely appealing necklaces, chakra, bracelets, and more. Customers will find the newly minted website to be user friendly, image-rich, and fully functional. All products are easily accessible from the homepage, and large product images give customers a glimpse into the beauty of each item.

pH Powder Packs: It's Essential to Calibrate pH Meters

When there is a digital pH meter in your household, it is important that these devices are calibrated with the pH powder packs. Calibration may not be done at all times but these should be done often in order to ensure accurate testing. Inaccurate results happen when the pH meters are not calibrated.

HealthyWiser's Alkaline Water Ionizer Is the 'Sports Car' of Ionizers

Not all alkaline water ionizer machines in the market are created equal. With several brands and companies offering this product, how can one go about selecting the best device? Take HealthyWiser's alkaline water ionizer differently. Its aesthetics and its function make it the "sports car" of water ionizers.

ReampZone Says They Offer High-Quality Kemper Profiles for the Benefit of Amateur and Professional Musicians

Here is good news for musicians, regardless of whether they are amateur musicians or professionals. ReampZone is offering high quality Kemper Profiles that can be of immense use to musicians. The company points out that they stand out among providers of these items. Plus Size Fashion Tops and Bodycon Dresses Embody the Latest Fashion Trends

Curvaceous women are beautiful in their own ways and online retailers know that more than anyone else., a leading e-store that sells plus size fashion clothing, recently rolled out a wide range of plus size fashion tops and bodycon dresses that are designed for the voluptuous and beautiful women. The plus size fashion tops and bodycon dresses that the company sells now come at discounted prices, as a part of the grand festive offers the ecommerce store has already rolled out. Offers Many Choices in Natural Health Products

People who are looking for a single platform for all their health needs and other fitness objectives can consider the aforementioned website. It is a comprehensive health, fitness and self help source that offers natural solutions to any issues. The ideas have been designed by experts and are believed to help people of different ages. From survival items to home remedies for cold and cough, it has become a popular information source for many.

Active Living for You Caters to All Outdoor Activity Needs

Active Living For You is an online platform that aims to meet the requirements of any outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

Active Living for You Is an Ideal Choice for Outdoors Enthusiasts

Active Living For You is an online store that deals exclusively with outdoor activities and their requirements.

Get Personalized Infinity Bracelets and Necklaces at Highly Affordable Rates has been providing considerably valuable personalized and hand-made jewelry pieces for a quite a while now. The website has been able to establish a reputable status for itself in the market. Recently, an all-new collection of personalized jewelry items has been unveiled on the website. This brand new range includes the highly sought-after Personalized Infinity Bracelets and Necklaces. Updates Website with New Weekly Catalogs and Fliers

Since its launch in 2015, has become one of the most popular and highly utilized websites by consumers to locate their favorite weekly ad from stores across the nation. The site continually adds to its offerings, enabling consumers to save time and money on everyday purchases ranging from food to furniture.

HealthyWiser's Water Ionizer Has 100% Complete Accessories

HealthyWiser's alkaline water ionizer machine has all the accessories that customers need to make sure the experience is great with the device. The official website of the company showed the accessories set that customers can get when they buy one of the best water ionizers in the market.

Be Careful with Shampoo: Hair Care Products Should Be pH Balanced

An article on website The No Poo Method shared how hair care products should also be pH balanced. The website made clear that some products used for the hair might be harmful. Some of these are products are considered "safe," but pH levels say otherwise.

An in-Depth Look at the SelpHbalance Digital pH Meter Features

For homeowners, they always need to know about the good quality garden or when swimming pools are safe for children in terms of the pH levels. SelpHbalance provides a digital pH meter for these needs.

HealthyWiser Offers pH Buffer Powder for Accurate Calibration

If there is a digital pH meter is the household and pH testing is something that is done regularly, then it pays to have the perfect tools for pH calibration. HealthyWiser is among the companies in the market that offers accurate pH buffer powder solutions for calibrate pH meters and more.

HealthyWiser's Alkaline Water Ionizer Offered as Amazon Giveaway

HealthyWiser's alkaline water ionizer machine can also be used to create Amazon Giveaways to gain more followers. Learn how customers can have this feature with the HealthyWiser product in this report.

HealthyWiser pH Buffer Powder Gets 5-Star Ratings from Customers

Amazon customers who purchased HealthyWiser's pH buffer solution gave the product perfect five-star ratings in their reviews. This article takes a look at some of the best reviews about this product. Launches Infinity Cross Necklace

LogoJewelry has been a fashion statement for people since the earliest civilizations. People have always sought to adorn themselves, in order to convey status, value, and creativity to wider society. In recent times, jewelry has become more accessible than ever, and not only is it a style or fashion statement, but of sentimental value too. Personalized jewelry became a big market because consumers want a unique showcase of their personality. As the New Year cheers fast approaches, jewelry collectors have at their disposal the finest set of personalized necklace that portrays their unique identity. Infinity cross necklace is made for all this and more.  The classy jewelry is made with elegance and style in mind.

Tow Hitch Covers That Make a Statement Offered by Online Retailer

LogoTow hitch covers may be a seemingly small statement, but they are a bold one and can truly add that can add that perfect final touch to any vehicle – whether it be a truck, SUV, or RV., the online retailer that specializes in high quality customized products ranging from license plate frames to credit card cases to cell phone covers is proud to have recently added a line of tow hitch covers sure to impress any individual who enjoys taking care of their ride and doesn't mind adding on some stylish extras. The Northern California-based online retailer makes ordering a quality hitch cover through their website as easy as one-two-three with a simple select and checkout process.

Luxury Goods Market with Business Strategies and Analysis to 2020

LogoThe demand for luxury goods is increasing due to rising disposable income. The products which are not essential to survive but which make life more pleasant for the consumer are called as luxury goods. Luxury goods are also called as superior goods. The growth of luxury goods market is directly proportional to the income elasticity. The way of purchasing luxury goods also affect the luxury goods market. Being able to recognize the right channel for marketing, purchasing way of luxury consumers and choose the beneficial way of shopping in-store vs. online will be a key focus for luxury brands going forward. These factors are strongly associated with the growth of luxury goods market. Offering Special Festive Discounts on Blazers and Jumpsuits for Sale, a premium retailer online that has managed to secure its position among top-line e-retail enterprises, recently started offering special festive discounts on blazers, coats, and jumpsuits for sale. The online store is now determined to expand its consumer base far beyond the confines of China and US and is now eager to tap in to new and unexplored markets where demand for blazers and other types of women's clothing are pretty high. The discounted jumpsuits for sale and other products that the company sells now will boost sales to a great degree, the owners believe. Plus Size Women Clothing Products Now Come at Prices Discounted Up to 80 Percent, an online store that sells fashion apparels of different sizes and styles and for women of all ages and ranks, recently heavily discounted their products as a sign of gratitude to all their old and new patrons. The women clothing store now offers up to 80% discount on their clothing products, many of which are plus size clothing products to enhance brand awareness and to rehash their commitment to their customers this festive season. The owners maintained that the new pricing strategy is aimed at attracting as many buyers as they can around the current festive season.

Sunlife Adventures Is Launching a New Product

Sunlife Adventures has just announced the release of the Camping Cookware as their next product. This cookware set combines a superior, compact design with lightweight material making it stand out from the others. It is definitely considered a must have for any adventurer.

Startup Men's Fashion Company, Versattire Featured in the Palm Beach Post

LogoMatteo Ferrer, the creator and CEO of Versattire, a company that aims to bring breathable, moisture-wicking materials to dress shirts, is excited to announce today that his purpose-driven startup has been recently featured in the Palm Beach Post. Offers Cozzia Massage Chairs with Numerous Convenient and Amazing Features

LogoA globally recognized provider of massage chairs,, offers Cozzia massage chairs with numerous convenient and amazing features. With several massage options like Shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, kneading, dual-action and tapping, these massage chairs are the best for providing all the benefits of a relaxing massage. A wide range of Cozzia massage chairs that the online store is offering includes Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair, Cozzia 16027 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair, Cozzia EC-363C Massage Chair, and many more. The entire range of Cozzia massage chairs is compact, sturdy, and ergonomically impressing. These massage chairs are perfect for both professional, as well as for personal use. People looking for high-end massage chair can count on for providing a comprehensive collection of Cozzia massage chairs at the most competitive prices.

Abbott Florist Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

LogoAbbott Florist has officially launched their new logo and brand. Owner/Operator, Joukje Sklikas, affectionately known as "Jackie" wanted a new, more modern logo to reflect the current brand's identity. The new logo is marked by an adorned tulip. The tulip, a flower known for its ties to Holland, is a nod to Jackie's own Dutch heritage.

Sennheiser Announces Product Compatibility with Samsung SMT-I6000 IP Phone Series

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium headset and speakerphone solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership and product compatibility with Samsung Electronics CO., Ltd, one of the world's leading electronic companies.