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New Market Research Report: Vending in the Czech Republic

In 2013, vending, similar to many other retailing categories, continued to suffer from restrained spending from Czech consumers and registered a value sales decrease of 2% in current terms. This performance was similar to that seen over the review period. Czech consumers started to reduce their expenditure in 2009 after the outbreak of the financial crisis and this persisted into 2013.

"Peru Retail Report Q2 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

Peru's retail market is experiencing a period of rapid growth, which is garnering attention from a plethora of international retailers looking to break into or expand in the country. This is partly caused by a rapidly expanding middle class, with a penchant for upmarket, premium brands. The percentage of households entering the US$10,000+ wage bracket is set to rise from 41% to 61% over the 2014-2018 period, with steady population growth and a 1.6% average annual increase in the labour force bolstering demand for retail goods.

Canadian-Israeli Academic & Entrepreneur Seeks to Solve School Students Bag Pack Excessive Weight Through Kickstarter Funded Tablets Pilot

LogoWhen Goltz’s daughter texted him on her way to school: “Its 2014 and my backpack is crazy heavy." Nachshon realized he must take on this mission for our children. And when his daughter's teacher told him that this problem will only increase with age, Goltz knew he must do whatever he can to solve this problem. Amazingly enough, when the idea was shared with people close to Goltz, the common response was: "Well, we carried it too."

Kawaii-Kigu Brings Fun, Cozy, Adorable Kigurumi Costumes to Canada

Kawaii-Kigu, a manufacturer and an online retailer of cute Kigurumi Animal Pajama based in Toronto Canada have set out on a mission to introduce and popularize the fun, cozy, and adorable, costumes in Canada and the entire North America They want others to love and embrace their inner kawaii animal as much as the people at Kawaii-Kigu do. Kigurumi is a full bodied hooded pajama, which first started in Japan. It is often styled after animals or cartoon characters; the Kigurumi trend has expanded from the Japanese street style to countries all over the world.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves for Pregnant Women Available at Bbrautkleid

Latest news comes from's headquarter that this international online wedding shop has just announced a new line of plus size bridesmaid dresses with sleeves for pregnant women for sale. The promotion will last for 2 weeks. Up to 30% off is available for anyone places order during April 12, 2014 to April 26, 2014. Don't miss the big sale and a chance to get a cheap maternity bridesmaid dress.

Get Extra Discounts at Bbrautkleid for Good Quality Wedding Dresses

It is good time to get extra discounts at for its good quality wedding dresses. Bbrautkleid has just started a big sale of cheap wedding dresses under $100. Welcome to check out the big sale and find out your favorite bridal gown. Introduces the 'Next Big Thing' in HD

There is nothing worse than a cable box going bad on a game day or at a time when family TV viewing is on the cards. Cable subscriptions are not of much help except the fact that they charge huge sums of money for poor service that is highly unreliable. Antennas have long replaced these boxes but, antennas offered on belong to a different breed. These antennas support HD TV viewing that is unheard of and something that everyone who owns a TV should experience.

Swiss 3A Watches Offers Calibre De Cartier Watches for Sale

Swiss 3A Watches is a website established in 2001 which sells Cartier Replica watches. The watches offered by the website are intended for people who truly appreciate high quality replica watches at reasonable prices. The website is mainly designed for people who don’t have to spend a lot of money just to purchase expensive, original watches.

New Online Resource Helps Consumers Find Detailed Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Blenders have been causing quite a stir since they were released to the market a few years. The company behind Ninja claims their product offers superior performance to other more expensive models while costing just a fraction of the price. In many cases, the Ninja Blender comes as a complete kitchen system, which also includes a single-serve blender, a food processor, and cookie dough attachments. With so many accessories and supposed “benefits” many consumers have been asking whether or not the Ninja kitchen blender actually works or whether it is just all buzz.

New Market Report: Mixed Retailers in Hungary

LogoMixed retailers in Hungary is a retailing channel which is largely limited to four department stores and many thousands of independent variety stores, with only one significant chain operating in variety stores. As such, the entire category continues to suffer from rising levels of price competition from modern grocery retailers, especially hypermarkets and discounters.

New Market Report: Slovenia Retail Report Q2 2014

LogoSlovenia's retail sector is set to post minimal growth over BMI's forecast period to 2018. Household spending is forecast to rise by 1.0% per annum, aided by falling unemployment and more households entering the middle-income wage bracket of US$10,000-plus, thereby enhancing spending power. However, economic instability still plagues the country, with real GDP growth set to contract by 0.5% in 2014. Despite increased purchasing power, consumer confidence remains low, with premium brands and non-essential items such as clothing and household appliances suffering, allowing discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl to increase their market share.

"BMI India Retail Report Q2 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

Logo# An emerging middle class and an expanding 21-plus years age group resulting in a strong rise in household spending across all retail subsectors means that India's retail sector is forecast to grow strongly over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for communications, personal care & insurance, and clothing & footwear spending. However, we expect food and drink expenditure to remain the highest throughout our forecast period, with spending on transport and housing also high.

Market Report, "Malaysia Retail Report Q2 2014", Published

LogoA low unemployment rate, growing urbanisation and improved standards of living for Malaysians living in rural areas will result in a strong rise in household spending across all retail subsectors over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for education spending, with expenditure on restaurants & hotels and health also forecast to grow strongly. However, we expect the highest proportion of the household budget to be spent on food and drink throughout our forecast period.

Soothi: Style with Substance Launched to Supply Marketplace with Eco-Friendly Accessories via Women's Entrepreneurship in India

LogoFounded in 2013 by Krittika Khandelwal to help women in India, Soothi | Style With Substance brings a new approach to socially conscience fashion. By implementing a manufacturing system that empowers and educates women, Soothi not only provides a platform for underprivileged artists, it creates a source of income for them as well. With the betterment of others top of mind, the company’s product line is made almost entirely by women in India. Some of these women would ordinarily not be allowed to support their families financially outside the home.

US Steam Shower Supplier Now Offers Products at Affordable Prices

The Bathroom Supply, the largest distributor of steam shower in the United States is now offering it extensive lines of bathroom steam showers and steam shower systems to their customers all over the United States.

Bevlan Office Interiors Now Offers Furniture and Office Planning Services

A furniture supplier is now offering high quality office furniture that is suitable to all business applications. This is good news to office administrators and business owners that are looking to renovate their office interiors with new and stylish furniture sets. Started New Promotion of Affordable Evening Dresses for Ladies started a new promotion of affordable evening dresses for women. It is a professional online company to buy cheap custom made party dresses for women. There are all types of evening dresses for selection. has collected more than 4,000 different styles for different ages and body types. It is a good chance for customers who are looking for a fit, affordable, and good quality evening dress.

How to Choose Between Buying a 50 CC Scooter vs a Tao Tao Scooter

People that have wanted scooters for a long time, or people that have the desire to upgrade current scooter, all- terrain vehicle, or bike, is the best option. Not only do they offer the best products with the best guarantees, there are also student, military and senior discounts.

The Best New Plus Size Dresses from Amiclubwear in 2014 Are Featured at

The latest article from looks at some of the best new plus size dresses that have recently gone on sale in 2014, and focuses specifically on the plus size dresses that are available from Amiclubwear because this site has a reputation for offering stylish, fashionable clothing at affordable prices.

Follow Trailblazing Brand Young World Clothing Through Kickstarter Campaign

LogoYoung World Clothing seeks crowdfunding to raise capital to manufacture merchandise for the full Summer 2014 collection. Funds will also be used to purchase equipment for multimedia.

Tru Hue Makeup Brings You Exclusive Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

A new makeup line, created by makeup and skincare expert Marcella Cardinal, boasts the Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation as a perfect base layer with many added benefits. It is one of two foundation choices in the Tru Hue 6 Step, 5 Minute system. The Tru Hue Mineral Liquid Foundation covers completely, giving the wearer flawless skin.

Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats - QiRiver Launches Eco-Friendly Products

Over the past few years, many women have become immensely interested in yoga since it tends to offer them with a wide range of many short and long term benefits. The reason why Yoga is being adopted by countless people in the world is due to the fact that it is one of the best ways of spiritual medication and an exceptional way to maintain fitness in the long run. Not only is it soothing and relaxing but it is also quite beneficial to the health of individuals.

Replica Love Bracelet Presents Its Online Store with a Range of Jewelry

Jewelry is something that women have always been keen about. A perfect piece of jewelry brings out the charm inherent in the nature of women. While they love to adorn themselves, there are myriads of different designs available for them to choose from. Choosing a gift is never difficult when it is a woman who is to be gifted. Moreover, it is something that can be gifted to women in all occasions. Rather, it is something that women most readily and most happily accept when gifted with. They form a perfect gift for all occasions that include birthdays, wedding, wedding anniversaries, or other events. The Valentine’s eve is another time when women expect beautiful gifts. Replica Love Bracelet is an online store that offers a huge collection of modern and funky jewelry for women. The varieties available at the store include bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, studs, and a lot more.

Wellin Unveils Coffee Pot, Coffee Carafe & Vacuum Flask for the Modern Generation

Wellin Co. Ltd. is a leader in producing various types of Coffee Pots, Vacuum Flasks and Coffee Carafes etc. The company not only sells products in the domestic market, but also exports them to the international markets such as in Europe and Middle East. They are now introducing a new range of thermo vessels and vacuum flasks that can meet the requirements of the modern consumers in a more precise manner.

Juicy Couture Presents Fashionable and High Quality Men and Women Clothing

Juicy Couture is a China based company that supplies quality clothing for both men and women throughout different corners of the world at wholesale rates. The clothing from the company assures customers of high quality and latest trendy designs. Majority of the products are from reputed brands of the world and this online shopping portal showcases a wide range of clothing of different types for the customers to choose from. The cheap Ralph Lauren tees for men not only come available in different designs and styles but also assure full comfort to the wearer. The striking colors of these tees along with their attractive designs make them ideal for all types of casual occasions.

High Quality & Attractive Sheer Curtains at Cheap Prices, Only at

Recently, the super online store selling a wide variety of household products has included new designs of sheer curtains or net curtains. These Cheap Sheer Curtains can be used to transform the looks of a room and achieve a more contemporary style to suit the modern home décor requirements. Currently, these net curtains are available at highly discounted prices for customers to achieve a completely new home interior makeover in an affordable manner.

Especially Designed Sexy Plus Size Cocktail Dresses Announced by For Every Dress Online Store

For Every Dress, the leading supplier of women’s dresses, now announces the availability of sexy plus size cocktail dresses, designed especially for bulky women to look stylish and trendy. The designers have tried to hide the bulginess and reveal the beauty of a plus size woman with their highly functional designs. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have now beautiful cocktail dresses for women of all sizes in their collection, and they are supplying these dresses at cheap prices to the global customers.