Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream Is All Natural Homeopathic Skin Tag Removal System That Has Guaranteed Results with No Chemicals Now with Free Bottles

Revitol skin tag removal is the latest breakthrough by revitol skin care, specially designed to eliminate small, hanging growths on the skin commonly known as skin tags

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Revitol skin care has a great name in producing the skin care products to cure the different skin problems in a natural way. The best thing is that all the Revitol products are naturally formulated, contain natural homeopathic ingredients only and cure the skin problems with care and without any negative reaction on the skin. For 100% natural and highly effective formulas of the Revitol products, they have gained significant popularity among customers. The company has currently launched the Skin Tag Removal formula which helps to remove skin tags in a natural manner without any pain. The product is a homeopathic topical remedy, contains natural ingredients with no chemicals added into it, therefore it has no negative side effects.

A skin tag is the small and harmless growth over the surface of the skin which looks like soft and hanging skin. One factor that causes the skin tags growth is the obesity but these tags may also grow due to some other unknown factors as well. Males and females both are equally prone to the skin tags. The medical name for the skin tags is acrochordon and these can grow anywhere over the skin surface like eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and even few females can experience the skin tags under their breasts.

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These tags are completely harmless but they look ugly and everyone whoever experiences these tags always wants to get rid of them. Some medical studies also illustrate that people inherit the tendency to develop skin tags. Skin tags also seem to occur more often as a person gets older.

The benefits of this product are completely removes the skin tags without any side effects, fights with the re-growth of skin tags, helps to develop a health and soft skin, it is very quick solution and shows its result within few weeks, all ingredients are natural and it is painless solution.

The main ingredient in this product is Thuja occidentals, natural oil which is considered as well known ingredient for the treatment of skin tags. The natural oils include sweet almond oil, soya bean oil, tea tree oil and sunflower oil. All these ingredients will work together to completely eliminate these skin tags. When this cream is applied on skin tags, all these ingredients dissolves the tag penetrating deep in to the skin. It helps you to obtain the moisturizer skin. There are surgical medications also available to remove these skin tags but many people prefer this cream over surgery.

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