Rising Use of Smokeless Cigarettes Makes Best Electronic Cigarettes the Hottest Thing in 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- The reality why smokeless cigarettes are considered to be the hallmarks of making the best electronic cigarettes is that they are growing in popularity. This growth of popularity of the electronic cigarette has been beyond anyone’s expectations because at first vapor cigarettes were regarded to be a fad. Now the best electronic cigarette analysts believe that vaping will be overtaking tobacco smoking by 2020. This seems to have been proven by the fact that in 2013 the best electric cigarette growth estimates put it at 240% for that year alone. The reality is that more smokers are starting to seriously consider replacing their tobacco cigarettes for the best e cigarettes that they can find on the market.

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There are now over 2 million US smokers that are using the best e cigs on the market on an exclusive basis. This is in addition to the more than 12 million smokers that are using vapor cigarettes as a compliment to tobacco smoking. There is also greater acceptance and tolerance from non-smokers for electronic cigarettes and this has created a situation where some institutions are now starting to accept smokeless cigarettes in their premises. In fact many believe that this social acceptance of vaping is being caused by that at best e cigarettes have had no causalities and fatalities globally since their introduction on the market. And the number of claims about the effectiveness of electric cigarettes in assisting smokers be rid of their tobacco habits. Many vaper sare now declaring that their best e cigarettes have resulted in them being more energetic and better health wise in comparison to when they were smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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