Safrron Extract Select Melts the Excess Fat Saved in Butts, Thighs and Waist Now Available in Australia, USA, UK & Canada

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Saffron Extract Select is the latest discovered weight loss supplement recently arrived in market. The product has made its significant place for its highly effective formula and best results in clinical trials. Developed from the extracts of a flower, this is 100% natural formula which works by increasing the Serotonin Secretion in body which is linked to the mood. Low level of Serotonin causes depression and stress which then leads to emotional overeating and then an ultimate weight gain, but the product works by increasing the level of Serotonin hormone in the body and let the person feel good, and a significant reduction in appetite. The reduction in appetite ultimately reduces overeating habit and helps to develop a healthy eating practice which is the key to weight loss. Clinical results of Saffron Extracts Select have showed 55% reduction in snacking as compared to 28% of some other supplement and 72% reduced urge for sweets as compared to 46% of any other supplement.

Saffron spice and extract have been used to cure a number of disorders such as asthma, sleeplessness, whooping cough and stress. Saffron Extract has also been used by women to reduce menstrual cramps and by both men and women as an aphrodisiac.

Features and Benefits:

It will boost the serotonin level in the human body.
It will lower your appetite and food craving.
It will improve your general health.
It will decrease your blood sugar level.
It will decrease your depression phase.

Simply put, Satiereal Saffron can increase satisfaction in one’s appetite quicker mean while decreasing stress hormones and improving emotional health for more long term results and stability.

The unique saffron extract with satiereal ingredient proved to be a viable satiety alternative for hunger in a clinical efficacy confirmed double-blind against placebo study.

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Saffron Extract proves to be unique in turning on the satiating mechanism to satisfied hunger cravings and reduce overeating habits which often lead to unwarranted weight gain.

Researches was very smart when revealing Satiereal Saffron Extract, in discussing the facts of emotional eating and its relationship to fast weight gain if not dealt with properly. It is a known fact that anxiety, stress, and depression influence food intake, both quality and amount.

Because emotions control eating habits which often lead to reactional hyperphagia (compulsive overeating), individuals often look to find comfort by overindulging in food (usually sweet, salty, or sugary variety). Until now, finding a natural appetite suppressant as an alternative to harmful prescription medication or costly stomach surgeries was hard to come by.

Experts have conducted various clinical trials on this supplement. When they compared it to other weight loss solutions available today in the market, they found it more effective than other products. These studies show that this supplement can reduce appetite by 84% compared to 52% appetite reduction by any other supplement.

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