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Sales of the Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Brands Boosted the E-Cig Market Mentions

Electronic cigarettes also termed as ‘Electronic Inhaler’ are gaining fame as an optimum substitute of the conventional cigarettes. Breaking free from the age old smoking this modern day invention has brought new and fresh changes in the smoking arena. had tagged the e-cigs as the latest technology which is giving the tobacco industry a tough time. This online e-cig review website offers its viewers access to a large amount of information and details on the battery powered device. The site is regularly updated with the latest reviews concerning the rapid changes that are taking place in this field. Surf through the and add more to the knowledge of e-cigs.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The market of electronic cigarettes is no less than a showroom of brands. The reviews about the current top 5 brands are made known to the viewers on the website of Log in and get to know more about these top 5 brands of e-cigs.

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Electronic cigarettes increasing use worldwide has resulted in amplified sales of this product. With more than 3.5 million sales in 2012, it is all set to astonish the world in 2013. The never ending hype about this device has created a matter of concern for the traditional cigarettes. People earlier who were a slave of the tobacco smoking are now switching to the electronic cigarettes in a bid to overcome their smoking urges. vaping with the e-cigs are turning from a trend to a new revolution.

Since the mid of last century technology and science has progressed beyond imagination giving way to several inventions and scientific success. Starting from making lifestyle easier day by day it has resulted in several big innovations which have paved the way for the human race for a bright tomorrow. Similarly with the invention of electronic cigarettes, science created yet another history. With more than 5 million people dying every year due to smoking and million more picking up this dangerous addiction, electronic cigarettes have turned up as the best alternative to smoking.

In the last few decades, health experts provided the smokers with several alternating options of smoking like the nicotine patches and gums but very few smokers took the challenge with them. However, these substitutes did not bring the desired change and the experts set to look for another solution. With electronic cigarettes providing the same feeling of real smoking without any bad or offensive smoke, smokers have now accepted them as their vaping companion.

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