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The San Marcos city council has decided to vote on whether or not to exempt the e cigarette from the smoking ban ordinances.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- The e cigarette is likely to get a reprieve as the San Marcos' City Council looks to be among the first in the nation to introduce and welcome the regulations that will govern the use of the smoking devices. If passed this ordinance will make the electronic cigarette businesses be exempted from San Marcos ordinances on the banning of smoking in enclosed public areas. The city council is expected to take a vote on Tuesday on measures that will include the terms vape shop and vapor shop to the official stipulations that regulating smoking in San Marcos.

Vape shops or vapor shops are by law defined as stores mainly deal in the sale of electric cigarettes or devices that are used to produce vapor, based on the ordinance on that was on the December 3 agenda. Yet it must be noted that whilst the e cigarette has witnessed a rise in demand as it becomes more and more popular amongst those that consider them to be a more comfortable and more affordable method of smoking when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes have been on a surge in popularity as the market for the smoking devices is expected to be at least $1.7 billion by the end of 2013 up from the half a billion dollars that it made in 2012.

This is seen as a 240% increase in sales of the best e cigarette in just a period of a year and many are saying that it is a clear indication to the trend of smoking in the US as more people are opting for the smoking devices even though they are only a small percentage of total cigarette sales nationwide. Yet the San Marcos city code still explicitly bans the use of e cigarette products in all enclosed public places.

However on a whole it has been seen as going against the trend as there is more and more US cities such as Chicago, New York and Ada have instead voted to regulate the e cigarette the same manner as tobacco cigarettes. Yet there have been many statements that have stated that the e cigarette brands are making the next big thing in the smoking phenomenon.

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