Discusses About the Wide Variety of Starter Kits V2 Offers

As per, V2 Cigs offer various Starter Kits to the smokers. The kits are available at a very nominal price so that the smokers can enjoy a rich and break free smoking experience.

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- As per, V2 Cigs is known to be one of the best sellers of e cig in the market and provides good quality smokeless cigarettes to the smokers. The brand has become very popular due its high quality Starter kits, accessories and flavors. The brand takes care about the time and money of the customers and therefore provides excellent starter kits to smokers. The Starter kits are ultimate for smokers since they can be easily operated and can be used almost everywhere. A fan of V2 Cigs Starter kits exclaimed, “I found it quiet easy to the switch over from tobacco to the electronic cigarettes with V2 Starter Kits. Thank you so much V2 Cigs for your products. Thank you V2 for making my smoking affair very convenient.” talks about the V2 Express Kit, V2 Economy Kit, V2 Power Cig and V2 Notebook Cig. According to an electronic cigarette review, the V2 Express Kit is the best for smokers who want to try good quality e cigarettes for the first time. The V2 Express Kit features one Standard V2 Automatic White Battery, one V2 Flavor Cartridge and one new Express Charger. Smokers are provided with an option to select among two flavors which are V2 Red (American Tobacco) and refreshing Menthol.

As per the reviews, V2 Express Kit is available at an affordable price of $29.95 only. Talking about the V2 Power Cig, this is a supreme quality vapor machine. The power cig is composed of a cord that is attached to the USB at one end and an electronic cigarette at the other. A person has to simply plug in the USB port into any USB hub or USB power adapter and enjoy the thick vapor with complete zest. One can purchase the product at just $34.95.

V2 Economy Kit is designed for smokers who want to try an e cigarette while traveling or in public settings. The kit is the one of the best electronic cigarette starter kit for social smokers. V2 flavors and strengths are designed to simulate the favorite traditional cigarette brands says The kit is easily available for $59.95. Reviews explain that the V2 Notebook Cig is black in color and has a plastic button. Also the notebook cig is little cheaper than the power cig. A person can purchase it at a nominal price of $29.95.

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