Informs the Smokers About Obtaining Rewards by Referring the Premium Electronic Cigarette suggests the smokers about the reward that can be obtained with Premium Electronic Cigarette. A person can get bonus cash and amazing prizes by referring the brand to a friend or relative.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2012 -- informs the Premium Electronic Cigarette lovers about the referral scheme of the brand that can provide the people with bonus cash and awesome prizes. The brand is providing amazing cash prizes to the customers and the friend who is being referred by the customer. Reviews explain that the brand understands the loyalty of the customers and therefore provides amazing prizes along with some cash bonus to the customers depending upon the number of referrals made by the customers of the Premium Electronic Cigarette.

As per the electronic cigarette review, Premium Electronic Cigarette provides a reward of ten dollars to both the customer and the reference made by the customer. Experts say that for every referral, the person who is being referred will receive an assured amount of ten dollars. Apart from the mentioned reward, the brand also provides bonus reward to the loyal customers for referring the brand to the other people. According to the reviews, a customer of the brand will get a reward of ten dollars for making one referral. If a customer makes ten referrals, the person will get a reward of ten dollars and a bonus reward of twenty five dollars.

E cigarette reviews explain that the brand offers when a customer will provide a reference of fifty persons the person will get a reward bonus of $250 Amazon Gift Card and free supply of refill cartridges for one month along with a sum of ten dollars. Experts say that Premium Electronic Cigarette has provided an amazing gift hamper to the customers for referring the electronic cigarettes of the brand to one hundred people. The person will receive a cash amount of ten dollar plus a 3G iPad of 32 GB as a bonus. Experts say that the Premium Electronic Cigarette understands the importance of the customers and honors the people with good amount of cash prizes and additional reward bonus for showing the loyalty towards the brand.

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