Reports a New Study That Shows E Cig Vapors Are Environment Friendly

Smoking have always been a matter of concern for environmentalists but now experts of suggest e cigs to help the environment stay clean.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2012 -- A new study shows that e cigarette vapor does not pose the risk that secondhand smoke does to the environment. Experts of say electric cigarettes are not only better for humans but they are helping in preserving the environment too. Electric cigarette create no tar, ash, smoke or cigarette butts and electric cigs have always been in news for their popularity and effect on human health and environment.

An electric cigarette review says “A remarkable number of smokers have diverted from their usual smoking habit and chose to Vape using electric cigarettes”. Smokers prefer e cigarettes as they do not produce any pollution, and are safe for both environment and smokers. Recently a study shows that the e cig vapor doesn’t affect the environment and second hand smoke is harmful for the environment and people who are with smokers. The study compared harmful byproducts commonly found in cigarette smoke versus the levels of those same compounds in several popular brands of vaporized e-cigarette liquid.

As e cigs vaporize e liquid and tobacco cigarettes burn tobacco ad produce smoke. The tobacco cigarettes are flammable in nature but the e cigarettes use battery to produce vapor. Tobacco cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that on burning are released with smoke. Electronic cigarettes help smokers to get rid of the cigarette butts left after having a puff and that even protects the environment from unwanted wastes. The tobacco cigarette contributes to air pollution with the smoke that is exhaled with every puff. An e cig user said “I have been a smoker for years and since I switched to e cigs, I‘ve not only saved a lot of money as now I just use refillable e cigarettes. It has made my smoking convenient and easy.” The experts conclude that this product type is recommended for people who want to minimize smoking or smoke in a better way for their whole life.

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