Reports Premium Electronic Cigarette Offers Disposable Cigars Too

Premium electronic cigarette is one of the leading e cigarette brands. The brand now has amazing e cigars for the e cigar lovers says

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are very popular in the market. They offer same satisfaction as that of the tobacco cigarettes. Smokers these days now prefer e cigars as the cigars lasts for long. Premium electronic cigarette have disposable e cigars and cigar kits with various accessories. Experts say “e cigars are high on trend as a lot of people smoke cigars instead of e cigarettes.”

E cigarette reviews explain that the cigars have similar look and feel like that of traditional cigarette. The Premium electronic cigarette e cigar is known as Vape Master. E Cigars by the brand are ready to use after opening the package. Vape Master E Cigar is the newest and best tasting e cigar on the market states brand officials. Vape Master E cigar comes in two different flavors Red Line and Black Line. Red Line has a smooth tobacco taste with a taste of sweet honey and vanilla aroma. Black Line has rich Cuban flavor that tastes similar to traditional cigars. E Cigars are like similar to smokeless cigarettes lasts for 1000 puffs and nicotine strength in cigars is 18 mg. Premium electronic cigarettes are rated as 5 star by the smokers. Electronic Cigar is available at a price of $19.99 and a pack of 3 electronic cigars is available for $49.99.

The brand Premium Electronic Cigarette not only has e cigs and disposable e cigar but also has E cigar kits which include refill cartridges, electronic cigar replacement battery and electronic cigar replacement body. A pack of Refill Cartridges contain 5 cartridges. Being priced at $14, each cartridge ensures 500 puffs. Electronic cigar replacement battery fits all the e cigars and is priced at $12.95. The Premium Electronic Cigar Body is available so as to work as a replacement or to have extra cigars. The atomizer is available for $29.95 in brown color. The atomizer body can be used on all Premium electronic cigar models. One of the customers of the brand says “The brand is pretty good and I am very much satisfied with e cigars.”

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