Says Proper Inhaling of E Cigarettes Give Smokers the Desired Effect of Smoking

E cigarettes feel and tastes like the traditional cigarettes. Experts of suggest longer drags to smokers for relishing smoking experience.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are considered safe for smokers and are termed as modern alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes involve smokers in a great vaping experience and they are considered worth for money and time by the experts. E cigarettes do not contain harmful chemicals and provides great flavors to smokers. The vaporized liquid nicotine solution of electric cigarettes resembles a puff of smoke, providing the same physical sensation and flavor to a real cigarette.

An e cig review said “Electric cigarettes must be smoked to take long puffs and slow drags to get the desired effect.” A longer drag will certainly yield more vapor going into lungs so if a smoker wants a fuller effect, simply continue a slower drag for longer. E cigs also help to maintain the nicotine levels in smoke. While smoking e cigs, a check is maintained by the smoker on the nicotine levels as the entire nicotine contained in the pack cannot be used at once. The intake of nicotine depends on the nicotine content of the cartridge and how much puffs one inhale.

Electric cigarette eliminates the risk of second hand smoke and carcinogens that were found with traditional cigarettes. Smoking traditional cigarettes is hard to quit but electric cigarettes helps to minimize the smoking needs of smokers. An e cig user said “I am very happy with my e cigs. They give me a complete feel of smoking e cigs .When I first started with e cigs, I did not get complete smoke as I was taking short, quick puffs like I used to do with normal cigarette. But then I got to know that smoking electronic cigarette in this way is incorrect and will not deliver the results as expected. So, to receive the full feeling, I took longer and slower puffs and that made me a loyal e cig smoker.”

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