Shares E Liquid Benefits to Smokers

E liquid present in e cigs is a very useful substance that makes electric cigarettes cost effective and user friendly for smokers says experts from

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Electronic cigarette brands are gaining popularity because of the benefits that e cigs provide. Smokers who have a strong craving for cigarettes, electronic cigarettes serve as a great option for smokers. E cigarettes are designed to match the size and shape of a real cigarette. Upon inhaling, the person inhales a flavored vapor that consists of ingredients specifically chosen to match the taste and effect of cigarette smoke, just without the toxic ingredients. E liquid of electric cigarettes replaces the need to change cartridges as e liquid is less expensive than pre-filled cartridges .Experts say “e cigs saves money and gives more vapor, and better taste.”

E Juice of electric cigarette is a solution of propylene glycol, nicotine and mixed with various flavors. They are available in a bottle or as pre-filled disposable cartridges. Many electric cigarette manufacturers offer dozens of flavors which resemble the taste of regular tobacco, menthol, vanilla, coffee, cola and various fruits, but nicotine concentrations vary by manufacturers. Zero nicotine concentration is also available in e liquid. The standard notation "mg/ml" .A smokeless cigarette user said, “Apart from the massive savings, I find the smokeless cigarette vapor to be very satisfying. They offer rich flavors to smokers and my personal favorite is fruit flavors that make me feel close to nature.”

According to, e cig brands give its users freedom to smoke almost everywhere .Highest and freshest quality e liquids make the e cig smoking experience wonderful. The smokeless cigarettes are high tech devices and non flammable cigarettes for obtaining nicotine with great flavors. Smokers can enjoy vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale a water vapor that resembles to a puff of smoke.

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