Talks About the Disposable E Cigarettes by Premium Electronic Cigarette suggests the smokers to go for the disposable e cigarettes of Premium Electronic Cigarette. A person can try the disposable e cigs of the brand before settling to a particular starter kit.

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- As per, Premium Electronic Cigarette offers disposable e cigarettes to the smokers who want to try e cigarettes and are not sure about the compatibility with a particular starter kit. Each Disposable by Premium Electronic Cigarette is equal to two to three packs of traditional cigarette. Disposable e cigarettes do not require any changing of the cartridge or charging of battery and therefore provides a smoker with an amazing electronic cigarette smoking experience, says

A smoker who wants to try the vapor cigarettes for the first time, Disposable vapor cigarettes by Premium Electronic Cigarette are a great choice providing a thick vapor volume at an affordable price. The disposable e cigarettes of the brand are non-refillable, and can be easily disposed of when done. A disposable e cigarette is available in 8 flavors Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Vanilla, Cherry, Grape, Coffee and Strawberry. The disposables are the best option for those looking to see if they will enjoy the Premium experience without first spending a lot of money on a large starter kit. With Disposable electronic cigarettes, a smoker gets a better smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes. Moreover, a smoker also gains the smoking experience without the bad smell or taste since no tar or ash is produced by the disposable e cigs.

Premium Electronic Cigarette disposables are gaining preference among smokers since these disposable e cigarettes do not produce second hand smoke says One of the smokers using the Premium Electronic Cigarette disposables said “These are the best and ultimate e cig I have tasted. I like the flavor and the smoke so produced. Secondly the disposables are cost effective. I will be purchasing a starter kit of the same brand very soon”

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