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Save 15% with the V2 Valentine's Day Kit, Announces V2CigsDeals.com

With the much awaited Valentine’s Day round the corner what can be a better gift for the beloved than an easy escape from smoke? Keeping this in mind, V2, the best electronic cigarette brand of the world has come up with V2 Valentine’s Day kit. And adding more to the love in the air, one can save 15% with the V2 Valentine’s Day kit now.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Unveiling the most exquisite product, a spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “The kit arrives wrapped in a Valentine’s themed sleeve and contains matching kits for Him and Her. It is sure to impress the beloved as the promise to quit smoking as well as keeping the promise is the most precious gift for a beloved.”

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The kit comes with four V2 standard batteries, two in blue and two in pink, four 5-packs of V2 cartridges and two smart chargers with wall adapters. Though, equipped with all the best of the accessories, the kit comes at only $97.70. And then there are discount coupons. But the offer is valid in this season only, said an official of V2CigsDeals.com. As there is a huge rush to grab the lucrative offer, the lovers should not think twice over the best gift this Valentine’s Day.

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As tobacco smoking is highly injurious to health, no one wants his or her beloved to thus smoke away the health. However, it had been difficult to overcome the addiction until electronic cigarettes came to the market. Still, many smokers are doubtful over the level of satisfaction derived from e-cigarettes. While, e-cigs passed this test, smokers were sceptic of the cost of the product. But now with this Valentine’s Day, putting an end to all these question marks, V2 has come up with the best product, which can be the best gift to the beloved.

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Smokers will actually get two kits in the price of one and that too with 15% discount. The discount is available through coupon codes.

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