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Science-Backed Happiness Blog, FulfillmentDaily.com Launches with 30,000 Visitors in First 3 Weeks

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Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- FulfillmentDaily.com, an upcoming happiness/well-being blog which offers latest news, advice & tips on healthy living backed up by scientific evidence, launched on June 15th 2014 and received over 30,000 visitors in its first two weeks online. Its authors already include a list of 18 notable scholars and researchers from leading educational U.S. institutions.

The blog aims to achieve 3 major goals – inspiring people to live a happier life, providing scientifically-backed advice and offering practical solutions and tips people can start practicing right away.

Despite the recent boom of lifestyle blogs, many healthy living websites present articles that are not backed by science. FulfillmentDaily.com provides inspirational and useful advice that is grounded in hard data. Each article links back to original scientific sources and many of Fulfillment Daily’s authors are PhDs in Psychology or professors of Psychology or Organizational Behavior. Founded by Emma Seppala PhD (writer at Huffington Post and Psychology Today and Stanford University scientist), the site’s authors include Adam Grant, PhD (author of bestselling book Give & Take and Wharton Professor), Scott Kaufman PhD (author of Ungifted and University of Pennsylvania Scientist), Kristin Neff PhD (author of Self-Compassion and professor at the University of Texas), and Daisy Grewal PhD (writer at Scientific American Mind and Stanford scientist) among others.

The founders of Fulfillment Daily are dedicated to creating an experience that is not just science-backed and pragmatic but also approachable, pleasurable and beautiful. Though written by scientists or science journalists, the articles are free of scientific jargon and written to be accessible, practical (with tips for applying the findings) as well as entertaining. The happiness blog is also free of stock photography. An artistic director, Namita Azad, New York-based photographer, curates or creates the original photographic content.

The site’s slogan – “Daily Science-Backed News for a Happier Life” – makes clear the site’s aim to provide the latest news and daily fresh content. So far, their message seems to be resonating.

Daniel Moss, the site’s web designer, says that in the first three weeks the site has not only received over 30,000 visitors, but also 600 email subscribers and 1,600 followers on Facebook. Moss attributes their rapid success to enjoyable and trustworthy content in a modern, mobile friendly design, as well as promotion from many of the sites already popular authors. He also notes that over 70% of the site’s traffic is coming from mobile and tablet devices, reflecting trends in web usage, especially social media where the site is gaining popularity.

About Fulfillment Daily
Fulfillment Daily is an upcoming well-being lifestyle magazine which will offer science-backed news for a happier life and inspiration. Focused on uplifting society, it aims to become a perfect blend of practical ideas backed with scientific evidence. The site, fulfillmentdaily.com, launched on June 15th, 2014.

For more information about Fulfillment Daily, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders, please call at 262-745-1976 or email to fulfilmmentdaily@gmail.com.