Scrumptious Itch Cream

Scrumptious Itch Cream Released Offering Premium Solution to a Wide Range of Skin Issues

There are few things more irritating that itchy skin. A new product recently launched to address the problem is Scrumptious Itch Relief Cream, with ingredients designed to clear up skin itchiness from a variety of sources. The 100% natural premium product has been met with immediate enthusiastic reviews from early customers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- Itchy skin is a very common problem, and the truth is very few all natural products on the market address it properly. Fortunately, for people who would like to treat their itchy skin without resorting to using harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, a new option has recently been released on the market, Scrumptious Itch Relief Cream. The new cream is 100% natural and has been receiving tremendously positive feedback for its effectiveness on the Amazon marketplace and beyond.

“We looked long and hard to find and include the most powerful natural ingredients in our Scrumptious Itch Cream formula,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We couldn't be happier that it's being received so warmly. This is truly a superior itch relief cream in every way possible.”

Some of the ingredients in Scrumptious Itch ReliefCream include: organic aloe gel; organic coconut oil; seed butter; cocoa butter; hemp seed; cehami (a rare plant said to be three times more powerful than aspirin); MSM and much, much more. According to the company, the combined formula's ingredients where chosen to work in synergy with each other and are a unique blend that no other brand offers.

About Scrumptious Itch ReliefCream
The itch cream has been used to treat normal itchy skin, dermatitis, hives, eczema, and dry skin from a wide range of sources. Its’ fragrance free natural organic formula provides relief for symptoms of jock itch, hives, rashes, shingles, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. smooths skin, feet, provides moisture balance and is a great rash remedy.

Product reviews have been positive across the board.

C.O., a recent customer of the company, said in a five star review, “I have skin issues for many years. I was diagnosed with Dermographia in 1960 and Morphea in 1999 so I have been dealing with skin issues for a very long time. My skin is very active at this time of the year, especially my feet, ankles and also my back. I ordered the cream and started using it right away along with a prescribed med which doesn't really help when my skin is active. The cream did help with the itching and I would order the cream again. My only recourse when I am this active, along with a cream, is to go to my dermatologist and get a steroid shot. This usually helps to calm the skin down until another episode.”

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