SEAL Training Academy

SEAL Training Academy Releases Authentic Navy SEAL Workout with Realistic Training Protocol

Aptly called SEAL of STEEL, the workout offered by SEAL Training Academy aims to provide "functional fitness" online and on location.

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Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- SEAL Training Academy debuts SEAL of STEEL, the newest Navy Seal workout that will push the boundaries of toughness and fitness. Offered online and on location through obstacle courses, it is the only workout of its kind created by former US Navy SEAL, Brett Hess and former University of Florida javelin thrower, Doug Nelson.

SEAL of STEEL offers the most realistic and advanced Navy SEAL workout programs designed based on BUD/s current training protocols, and combines real and effective Navy SEAL evolutions.

"Our Navy SEAL training program is designed to challenge you to be your best physically while teaching you how to consistently push yourself both mentally and physically," says Brett Hess. "When you are challenged to push past your comfort zone, that's when the magic happens."

By signing up for the Basic, Athlete or BUD/S Prep SEAL of STEEL monthly program packages for as low as $9.99, individuals can go through a portion of the Navy SEAL training Mark Wahlberg experienced to look the part of a real Navy SEAL in the action-packed movie Lone Survivor.

The Navy SEAL online workouts are designed to train people interested in pursuing a career in Special Forces, Military and Law Enforcement, as well as for combat sports athletes like MMA fighters, Boxers and Martial Arts fighters. The program is also ideal for the average person that just wants to get into great shape.

The SEAL of STEEL workouts are designed to progress and build on the previous one to ensure that with each workout, the level of fitness is improving consistently. The training will push individuals physically to the edge and show how to fuel the body to function at peak performance levels.

At the end of the program, individuals will benefit from mental toughness, athletic excellence, extreme conditioning, and fitness far beyond their expectations. When already in tip top shape, trainees can decide to push themselves even further by participating in the SEAL Adventure Challenges for 6, 12 or 24 hours.

To find out more about the new SEAL of STEEL online and on location workout program, please visit for information.

About SEAL Training Academy
SEAL Training Academy is the most up-to-date civilian Navy SEAL training program online and on location. It offers the most realistic and advanced Navy SEAL workout programs designed based of off BUD/s current training protocols, and endorsed by a former US Navy SEAL and D1 athlete for athletes and military.