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Secret Profit Booster Is a Very Powerful FX Software Developed by Austin Winston

Secret Profit Booster software uses a unique and extremely smart mathematical algorithm developed by Austin Winston.

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Lahore, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Secret Profit Booster is a new very powerful fx software that has been developed by Austin Winston. Secret Profit Booster software uses a unique and extremely smart mathematical algorithm developed by Austin Winston. This is what Austin Winston says about his Secret Profit Booster software: “It incorporates some of my most special trading secrets and also a couple of highly effective principles, that you have never heard of or simply didn't know how to use in the right way and at the right time.

Once you attach "Secret Profit Booster" to your charts, you will be seeing red and yellow signal arrows near the price. Red arrows are signals to sell and the yellow ones - to buy. The signals are appearing super early, never repaint and actually do catch the trend and then tell you exactly when to exit.

"Secret Profit Booster" has a very tight stop loss strategy built-in. You don't have to calculate anything. Once an entry signal has been displayed, the indicator will show you a small "X" symbol near your entry point. This will be the stop loss level for your trade. In the top left corner you will also have a small info box, which includes the current time, last generated signal and some other helpful information.

To make it even better, "Secret Profit Booster" also has a built-in sound and email alert system. You can receive the signals right to your inbox. What I like to do is turn my speakers on high volume, turn on the sound alert system and relax on my sofa watching my favorite movies. When I hear a sound alert, I simply enter the trade and go back to relax.

By the way, all you need to start using "Secret Profit Booster" is an MT4 trading platform, that you definitely already have and an Adobe Reader (download available in the members area) to read through the PDF user's guide.”

About Austin Winston
Austin Winston is a professional forex trader. He has been making a living as a full time forex trader for more than 2 decades. He is also a well known trading coach. Over the years, he has coached many thousands of people around the world. Through years of trading experiments, testing, coaching, winning and losing, he has discovered a number of proven strategies that always work for him. His last forex product was the Pips Blaster PRO Software that made around 500 pips per week.

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