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Secrets to Dog Training Reviews: Dog Obedience Training Tips

Dog Training Secrets: Best Dog Training Techniques Books

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Secrets to Dog Training has assisted more than 60,000 owners of dogs in dealing with behavioral issues in their dogs and will be sure to help many more. Using this program will make it easy for people to teach dog, to listen, and understand the commands that give it, as well as to correct any behavioral issues dog may have. This training program is great for any dog owner no matter their level of training experience, and is very easy for both the dog and the owner to learn.

Owning a dog is much more than just having a dog at home. The dog needs to be well trained to obey its master, to listen and follow the commands, both, in the presence as well as in the absence of the master. Training ensures that the dog knows what is expected of him and can distinguish right from wrong. Though, having dog trained from professionals is very easy, it is also equally expensive and so many dog owners prefer training their dogs themselves. Studies have shown that the owner lead training helps in building a bond between the dog and its master where a mutual understanding is seen to develop.

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Training dog is not a one step process. It requires a lot of time, strong determination and all the patience in the world. Daniel Stevens is the author of this amazing dog training guide. He is a professional dog trainer. All the training methods that people read in this guide were fully tested or used by him in the past. He knew what or which methods do work and do not.

Secrets to Dog Training Books come with 261 pages manual. The information that this book offered is impressively detailed and straight-forward, especially on how to identify and solve the dog behavior problems. As for the content and layout, it is written in simple English form and easy to follow. Everything is broken down into small chapters or paragraphs. This makes reading extremely enjoyable. Content aside, it also includes many excellent photos and illustrations. These pictures will help people to grasp the whole process quicker than normal.

Training method aside, this guide also covering a lot of information such as nutrition, diet, choosing a suitable vet, general health, grooming, dog breed, and others that dog owner should or ought to know.

Several different training techniques are outlined in the course, including crate training, clicker training, dog whispering, and more. Next, the more advanced behavior issues such as chewing, biting, aggression, digging, jumping, etc. are covered. Several informative and interesting case studies are included in this section.

In addition, there is a chapter on how to understand dog and the significance of the owner being perceived as the alpha in the home. Doggy facial expressions, vocals and body language are also included in this section. Aided by photographs, the chapters on obedience training are well articulated and the many stances and commands are presented in excellent detail.

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The Dog Training Secrets Techniques Books Official Site

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