Sellers of Electronic Cigarettes Fights for Its Ban Reviews

Electronic cigarettes advocates and sellers argue over the e cigarette proposal and claim to be effective in comparison to traditional cigarettes.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- The City Council chambers on Wednesday broke out into a debate as proponents fight for electronic cigarettes ban proposal forbidding its usage at public zones. The legislation which is supported by Mayor Bloomberg would include electronic cigarettes under the city’s 12-year-old Smoke Free Air Act, restricting its usage everywhere conventional cigarettes are banned, including restaurants, bars, offices, parks, and beaches. Electronic cigarette advocates and sellers throughout the hearing in a show of defiance condemned the proposed ban and argued that they helped them kick smoking traditional cigarettes.

In addition to it, advocates also stated that there is not enough evidence to show that the devices pose a health risk. Jenee Fowler, 28, who switched to vapor cigarettes few months back, said “I smoked for nine years and I wanted a way out”. “I am not a doctor, but I know that personally my life is 1,000 times better.” While on the other hand, Bloomberg administration officials stated that the electronic cigarette brands not only might be harmful to its users, but might persuade young children to adopt this habit.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley opposed to all the claims raised by its proponent’s and said “If smoking becomes socially appealing or even glamorous again, you can be virtually certain that smoking rates of teenagers will rise”. Reports have revealed that the City Council is therefore likely to approve the new ordinance on vapor cigarette before the end of the year. Experts at express concerns over this issue and say “the entire vapor enthusiast and its users are highly depressed but it is the responsibility of the lawmakers to make a decision and it is totally up to them.”

As per reports, the hearing had advocacy groups that argued over this e cigarette ban, for and against the proposal and it is not expected that one would face issues while going to buy electronic cigarette.

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