Sepang Gold Coast Resort

Sepang Gold Coast Relaxes and Rejuvenates with Luxury Resort Service and Amenities

Sepang Gold Coast , the new travel hot spot in Sepang Malaysia. The main attraction is the 5 star Golden Palm Tree Resort - the first Malaysia Eco friendly luxury resort.

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Sepang, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- When trying to get away from busy urban living, going for a swim or just spending time by the sea may well be one of the best ways out. The calm waters, the fine beautiful sand, and the glorious view seemingly sooth the senses in ways only nature can. At Sepang Gold Coast in Malaysia, guests are offered exactly the same relaxing treat and more.

Dubbed as Malaysia's newest travel hot spot, Sepang Gold Coast offers rich sceneries of the vast blue sea and ample greenery that leaves guests feeling refreshed. Stretching across 22 kilometers, the beach lets swimmers and vacationers enjoy the waters of the Malacca Strait.

While on vacation in Sepang Gold Coast, guests will enjoy nature at its finest, while also try the best local seafood. Vacation itineraries can be visits to the Mangroves Sanctuary visit and the Malacca Strait, as well as shopping in retail outlets for native products and souvenirs.

When enjoying Sepang Gold Coast, a highly recommended and most visited accommodation is Golden Palm Tree Resort. Famous for its 392 villas, the 5-star resort hotel is only one kilometer from the sea and most of the rooms provide a majestic view of the waters.

A Maldivian style resort hotel, Golden Palm Tree Resort exudes the tropical culture while integrating the modern convenience with top-of-the-line rooms, amenities and facilities. It is also a near 25-minute travel by car to the Malaysia International Airport.

A recent guest at Sepang Gold Coast Resort shares the unforgettable experience: "Sepang Gold Coast Resort is a very lovely beautiful resort. For who love the view of the sea, this place is nearest to Kuala Lumpur. I guarantee this place is the best place to relax and escape from the city's hustle and bustle."

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About Sepang Gold Coast Resort
Sepang Gold Coast is the new travel hotspot in Sepang, Malaysia. The coastal magnificence stretches through one of its main attractions, the 5-star Golden Palm Tree Resort, the first eco-friendly luxury resort in the country.