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Shameless Girl (Item Girl), a Fiction Novel Is Set to Release Later in the Year 2014

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Uttar Pradesh, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Richa Lakhera is all set to release her second book Shameless (Item Girl) later in the year 2014. The novel is a appalling, shocking and outrageous tale of the bad world of Bollywood and TV journalists.

Item Girl, a book written by Richa Lakhera is the tale of five challenging and fearless journalists who spend their lives covering the stories and latest happenings taking place in Bollywood 24x7. They meet the stars, celebrities and TV actors and indulge in extended sessions of interviews to know more about their professional and personal life. They cover their achievements, flops, faults, scandals, controversies, love affairs, breakups, and the tie-ups.

The work of an entertainment TV journalist is very daunting. Their work end up giving them different types of experiences. They have a mixture of emotions as they have to face different situations. Sometimes they feel humiliated, hurt, scared and terrifying. They manage all these experiences very well as they know that the world of TV and Bollywood is more weird and larger than real life.

Item Girl is a story based on the life of a sexy bollywood reporter Latika who transforms into a famous item girl ‘Maaya’. It’s a novel that brings into picture all the pathos of a girl who has entered the colorful world of Bollywood with big dreams. But, all her dreams are shattered when she finds the reality here. The book focuses that surviving in the world of Bollywood is not so easy.

Secret Life of Item Girl is a must read as it also throws light on the image of a item girl in the society. A father whose daughter is a part of tinsel town is always ashamed on the career choice of his daughter. The book brings into picture all the hurdles that a Bollywood item girl has to face in order to achieve success in the world of Bollywood and TV.

About Richa Lakhera
Currently working as an Associate Editor, Anchor and Producer with NDTV, Richa Lakhera is a New Delhi based eminent TV journalist and a talented author. Her first fiction novel, ‘Garbage Beat’ which reflects the ideal picture of the scandalous world of Bolloywood stars and TV entertainment journalists is a big hit in the market. Her second novel, Shameless Girl(Item Girl) set in Mumbai’s tinsel town is all set to release later in the year 2014. Now, she is working on her third Novel, named ‘Death of an Actor’. This novel is the final of her trilogy on Bollywood, after first two, Garbage Beat and Item Girl. With a successful career of over a decade in the field of entertainment journalism, Richa Lakhera has achieved great heights in the area of Bollywood, Fashion, Lifestyle and Art.

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