Singapore CBD Office Launches New Real Time Office Listings for Up to the Minute Searches

Singapore CBD Office will now have its database updated live and in real time so individuals in the fast moving world of Singapore business can find the right spaces as soon as they are listed.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Singapore is now one of the biggest global and economic centers in the world, and as a result businesses everywhere are looking to expand into this lucrative territory. Whether a home grown start up or an emerging multinational, getting space in such a crowded territory can be difficult, and often opportunities are snapped up as soon as they are listed. Singapore CBD Office is a real estate listings site that helps businesses find the right space with a unique expertise for hunting down spaces that match their users’ needs and budget. The site is now helping people seize those opportunities with a database that will be updated live and in real time with new listings.

The new real time office rental listing function will make the database search return results that have been listed just seconds before. Users can now search the latest office rental units in Singapore and be guaranteed unique listings that are live right at that moment. The database will include no listings that have been taken and will automatically remove duplicate listings for maximum convenience.

Anyone looking for an office for rent can use the service as a first port of call but can also consult with Singapore CBD Office’s customer service team to ensure that their needs can be met in the most efficient way by a shortlist of available spaces.

A spokesperson for Singapore CBD Office explained, “The new live search feature is a 21st century solution to 21st century demands. Space in Singapore is like gold dust and having the right real estate can mean the difference between a business’ aggressive expansion and its stagnation in a place where most deals are still done face to face and spaces project a brands identity. All the latest listings come from the most in-demand places in Singapore, and yet we manage to keep prices as competitive as possible.”

About Singapore CBD Office
Singapore CBD Office was established in 2012 by a veteran licensed real estate agent from Remax. Singapore CBD Office has served more than hundreds of happy clients since its launch, specializing in space planning and cost saving to create rental agreements that work for everyone. For more information please visit: