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Sizegenetics Clinical study shows noticeable improvements by 29% within 6 months

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- The SizeGenetics penis extender is the first and only medically recognized device clinically proven to add inches on manhood. It is backed by thousands of users’ feedback who reported various positive effects of using Sizegenetics. A recent clinical study has reported noticeable improvements of an average gain of 29% within 6 months.

Using traction devices to enhance manhood has become a common practice these days. Medical experts also prove these devices as a safe mechanism compared to surgery. SizeGenetics is a popular penis enlargement device which is clinically studied and proven to significantly increase penis size. Doctors and medical professionals are in agreement that Sizegenetics is the only device that can offer safe and natural results with minimal discomfort. Some research studies were conducted with an objective to determine that are medical devices really efficient in penis enlargement, as up to this point there was no clear evidence regarding their effectiveness. However, a recent clinical study has shown positive results of using Sizegenetics and concluded that this device may increase the size of the male organ.

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The clinical study discovered the effects of the extender on 18 men aged between 24 and 47. The study took two phases with 3 months period each. The patients were asked to wear penis extender at least 4 hours a day throughout the study. Results were measured at the end of every 4 weeks throughout the six months. The study showed that at the end of 24th week, participants reported an average of 29% increase in overall size and the average total gain was 1.9 inches in length and 1.1 inches girth.

From the results of the study, one can notice that the study was successful to demonstrate the efficacy of SizeGenetics. More importantly, even after discontinuing, patients managed to keep the positive changes.

Sizegenetics is also backed by medical endorsements of famous health experts. A famous specialist in plastic surgery, Fin Worn Kundsen says, “One of the methods I recommend is the use of a traction device, more specifically the Sizegenetics traction device. This is the only device I trust as a clinically tested medical type 1 device able to help extend the penis by inches and reduce and remove penis curvatures.”

Backed by a 60 days guarantee, SizeGenetics system includes a useful exercise program along with every order. The whole system is designed to help users achieve the results they want.

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