Sleep Tight Bed Sash from Bugless Bedrooms Fortifies Bed Bug Control with All Natural, Non-Toxic Formula

Bugless Bedrooms presents the patent-pending Sleep Tight Bed Sash product designed to expel targeted bugs and insects from their usual nocturnal hiding place to make them prey to insect-killing sprays.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Bedbugs are a nightmare. They lurk in places that make them virtually invisible and safe, enabling them to bite and cause itchy, unsightly and often dangerous series of red rashes on the skin, which can expose it to infection especially when scratched. They can even thrive in the luggage and travel to places to infest an entire room.

Over the years, many repellants have been formulated to eliminate the tiny insects that cause sleepless nights because of the itching and discomfort. The pressing issue that continues to hound people is that bed bugs have the ability to hide even in areas that appear to be spotless and well-maintained.

Expelling bed bugs from their usual hiding places is Sleep Tight Bed Sash. The new, innovative product from Bugless Bedroom uses ancient bio technology for bedbug repulsion.

"Ninety-seven percent of all bugs are affected by this ancient bio technology that is time proven and very effective, since the days of King Solomon and before," says Mr. Smithson. "It is non-toxic, biodegradable, natural and all-green."

Sleep Tight Bed Sash is a patent pending product by inventor Allen F. Smithson of North Tustin/Santa Ana in Orange County, CA. It is a pad that starts the footprint of a bug free bedroom environment by circulating a natural, lightly perfumed fumigant throughout the bed triggered by the movements of the sleeper. The repellent emanates throughout the mattress and box spring and from the bed outward, thereby repelling insects away from their favorite hiding place.

Sleep Tight Bed Sash from Bugless Bedroom is perfect for homes, as it is a tangible tool for hotels and inns. It is an effective process of protecting business property or facility, as well as the customers, from bed bugs.

Aside from expelling bedbugs, the Bugless Bedroom product helps prevent more than 90% of all insects from infesting a home or establishment, including cockroaches, earwigs, dust mites, fleas, silverfish, mosquitos, moths, scorpions and other microscopic and parasitic pests.

To find out more about the patent pending Sleep Tight Bed Sash from Bugless Bedrooms, please visit http://www.BuglessBedrooms.com for information and orders.

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The BUGLESS BEDROOMâ„¢ products are designed to be used in the usual nocturnal hiding place, or the usual hiding place of targeted bugs and or insects, ultimately leaving the bugs with no place to run, no place to hide, making them prey to vacuum cleaners and insect spray.