Slimweight Patch - the New Weight Loss System Featured by the Sunday Express Now with Best Offer on This Christmas

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- The latest innovation in the weight loss industry Slimweight Diet Patch has clinically been approved by health experts because of its powerful delivery system. The product has recently featured by the Sunday Express as an effective weight loss aid.

Popular with millions of people including Hollywood celebrities, Slimweight patch promises to burn off fat and suppress hunger pangs. Extensively researched in several clinical studies, this latest method for weight loss uses a unique and innovative technology to help people lose extra body weight naturally and effectively. These days, it is the #1 rated weight loss patch available and more and more customers are turning towards this approach. The product has recently been featured by Sunday express as more effective weight loss technique than diet supplements.

According to Sunday Express, “Traditional weight loss aids come in pill form but scientists have found the liver tends to break down the active ingredients before they enter the bloodstream. It means that anywhere between 85 and 90 percent of the effect is wasted.

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Makers Slimweight patch claim that their new patches are better because the ingredients are absorbed through the skin and straight into the blood. A spokesman said “Every week there’s a new fad diet out. Thousands of Britons struggle to lose weight and these complex diets add unnecessary hassle to the process.”

“The patches works by increasing the body’s ability to burn the fat it receives from the food. While at the same time reduces cravings to binge eat. You consume less fat and the fat you do consume is metabolized quickly.” He explains more.

Since Slimweight patch helps completely absorb all the nutrients directly into the blood, one can safely and quickly burn unwanted body fat and reduce hunger. Because of its 24 hour fat burning mechanism, users can experience a visible reduction in overall body weight within a few weeks.

Slimweight patch is also backed by real success stories of thousands of satisfied customers.

Many customers have shared their positive experience with Slimweight patches. Fortunately none of the customers have reported any side effect. Some users reported a significant reduction in overall body weight within a few weeks. Various health experts also recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose weight without any hassle.

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