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Many companies which are in the business of manufacturing vaporisers out of these numerous companies TRISTICK is the most trusted and respected name.


Southfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- People's (specially medical fraternity attitudes towards the use of marijuana) after it's medicinal uses were discovered has undergone a drastic change, from a herb which was earlier considered to be a drug which creates havoc in people's life’s and unleashes the demon in them, it has today gained the respect and gratitude of the community as a herb which in today's world has been increasingly put to medicinal uses, Marijuana as we all know is known for its pain alleviating capabilities and has been specially found to be useful in providing relief to the patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS ETC.

These medicinal facts aside, nobody can reject the fact that using Marijuana is injurious to health, also many medicinal marijuana users have reported extreme irritation while smoking it, so in order to provide relief to such people the process of vaporisation was devised in which the cannabis are heated to a temperature of 180-200 degree Celsius, at this temperature THC and other medically active cannabinoids are emitted with little or none of the carcinogenic tears and nauseous gases found in the actual smoke, in a nutshell vaporising makes smoking of marijuana healthier and safer. The devices used are known as vaporisers (though some other devices can be and a s a matter of fact have been used as a substitute for vaporizers for. ex. A homemade light bulb vape but vaporisers are clearly the healthiest and the most effective of the lot) a typical vaporiser can cost anywhere between $49-as much as $600.

There are many companies which are in the business of manufacturing vaporisers out of these numerous companies TRISTICK is the most trusted and respected name. They have revolutionised the way in which medical marijuana is administered, majority of the vaporiser manufacturers are busy churning out vaporisers by truckload, but not Tristick which has always stressed on quality and has never compromised with it's core principal of giving only the best vaporizers. As a result Tristick, the best vaporizer manufacturer is considered to be the best in the business, they are known for their craftsmanship, they have been constantly coming up with different models, and these models come with powerful and artistic lithium batteries which once charged for 5 minutes provide a usage time of 12 hours and a stand by time of one month. The first one was, the Majestic, which was one of it's kind which allowed it's user to use it with either dried, oil or concentrate as compared to other conventional vaporisers which gives the user a single option, also these are said to be the best vaporizers manufactured by Tristick as they are portable and less bulky as compared to their counterparts. Tristick is about to launch a new model The Majento Stick in about a couple of months, the expectations of it's customers are as always high and given the proven track record of this company in giving it's customers nothing but the best, it is once again all set to meet the huge expectations of it's customers.

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