Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette Give Away on Battery and Charger Combination for E Smokers

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Smoke tip is an electric cigarette brand that is known for its unparallel range of electric cigarette products. The brand offers a number of choices in every category of electric cigarette products. For the New Year, Smoke tip electronic cigarette has come out with fantastic offers on purchase of a wide range of products. It is providing its customers with combo pack of a battery and charger, for durability factor, battery and charger are an essential. The battery that is provided is compatible with all Smoke tip e cig cartridges. There is a 40% saving on buying this combo.

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An e cigarette consists of two parts; one is the battery and second is the cartridge. Battery is the part that’s power the cigarette. It heats up the e liquid and produces the smoke and flavor. Thus battery is an essential part of these cigarettes. A charger is used to charge these batteries so that they can be helpful in long run. Many brands are coming out with different range in batteries with different lengths, color choices and design.

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The battery-charger combo by smoke tip consists of one 180mah lithium battery that works with all Smoke tip cartridges, one wall adapter and one USB charger. This combo of electric cigarette accessories saves its customers around 40% of the value when purchased individually. These charges help the user to recharge its battery from anywhere.

The battery has a dimension of 63.5mm long x 9mm diameter that is 2.5 inch. This e cig battery can be paired with any of the cartridges that the company provides. In total it provides 19 different flavors to choose from. These flavors range from different fruit, mint and tobacco flavors. These flavors can be paired with different nicotine strength.

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