Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette Presents Portable Vapor Cigarette Travelling Charger Case

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Smoke tip electronic cigarette is one of the best electronic cigarette brands available in the market. Smoke tip electronic Cigarette offers an array of handy and convenient electric cigarette accessories. For some people carrying a vapor cigarette around at all times is difficult if it’s a long trip and there is no power switch. As a solution to this problem Smoke tip has come out with the electric cigarette Travel charger case that helps the users to charge their case on the go. It simply charges the vapor cigarettes without being connected to any power switch. It increases the portability and functionality of electric cigarette.

The Travel charging Case helps its customers to charge their smokeless cigarette on the go. It is best suited for the customers who love traveling. It is the best gift that could be offered to a vapor cigarette user who loves traveling. It is among the best accessory that has been provided by the company. Also it allows customer to charge the battery while on the go and keep battery in reserve too.

Charging electric cigarette battery becomes difficult when the person is traveling. Or when no power switch is available near about. The only solution to this problem is the travel charging case. It wirelessly charges the battery up to 3 times per charge. That is with this charging case one can charger his battery 3 times. It takes about 6-8 hour to fully charge the battery of the travel charging case.

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One has to just charge its charging case by simply plugging it in any wall charger or any USB charger. It will take around 6-8 hour to charge the e cigarette battery completely. The case has two light that indicate the charging of the vapor cigarette battery. The electronic cigarette is easily recharged within two hours in this charging case. The case can easily hold one battery and two cartridges. It also serves as a carrying case for its users.

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