Smokeless Cigarettes Gain Popularity Regardless Electronic Cigarette Health Risks Reports

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- The Smokeless Cigarettes Have Been Called By Vapers To Be A More Worthy Replacement Of The Tobacco Industry regardless of the unfounded electronic cigarette health risks that are being reported in the media. There are those smokers that believe that the smokeless cigarette has created an opportunity for smokers to have a better and a more tasteful smoking alternative. Whilst the smokeless cigarette has not yet been labelled by the FDA to be a smoking cessation device there are those that claim that they are now having a better and a more energetic lifestyle than when they were smoking tobacco cigarettes. This has been one of the reasons why many have rubbished the electronic cigarette health risks that have been raised in the media against vaping.

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In reality the growth and popularity of the smokeless cigarettes is growing more and more by the day and this has been at the expense of the tobacco industry. As a result both vapers and non vapers have come to be more acceptable and more tolerant to vaping and they are waiting for a more federally and united statement that can be said In Regards To The Electronic Cigarette Health Risks. This wait and see approach in the e cigarette community has created a more better and a more acceptable reality of smoking that seems to be making smokeless cigarettes the next natural smoking sensation.

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