Smokeless Cigarettes Make House of Cards Debut, and Electronic Cigarette Reviews Are Ablaze with Praise

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Smokeless cigarettes made a global debut on the Netflix award winning TV series House of Cards Season 2. This is in reference to a scene in which the antagonist Frank Underwood was seen vaping according to many electronic cigarettes reviews. This approach has been heralded by many smokers saying that vaping the Best Smokeless Cigarettes available as a more comfortable means of smoking. The scene in concern refers to when Frank's wife tells him to quit cigarettes because vice presidents don't smoke he then switches to vaping smokeless cigarettes. Later she walks in the room and sees him smoking away, "you're cheating' she says. What has many electronic cigarette reviews ablaze with eagerness is the answer that he gives namely; no I'm not, its vapor.”

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Many people have gone to the Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews such as DigitalSmoke.Org to voice their support. Many say that they wish that more television shows had people vaping smokeless cigarettes as in comparison to the many tobacco smoking scenes on TV and in movies. Many smokers believe that this would definitely help the vaping community and may open up non-smokers to vapor cigarettes. In fact they believed that electric cigarette vaping on TV would show smokers that there are other options to tobacco smoking instead of the tobacco.

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In fact many have said that this is the first appearance of an e cigarette in any major production TV show to a global audience. Many of the vaping community have been anxious to see how the rest of the world (non-vapers) reacts to the showing to smokeless cigarette on TV. The best e cigarette brands have been of the mind that vaping publicly is something that should be done with care. Even on electronic cigarette reviews there have been statements that are saying that vaping e cigs should be done respectfully. They believe that this mature and responsible act will not give smokeless cigarette a bad name.

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