Smokeless Cigarettes Now Making Smoking a Digital Experience

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- The revolutionary smokeless cigarettes have been called by many to be an e smoking device that will take smoking into the digital age. This has been noted as the construction and the experience of using smokeless cigarettes has meant that it is a technological break-through that has resulted in the many saying that vapor cigarettes are a solution for those that want a more personalized form of smoking. Top e cigarette brands are making sure that it is now feasible to be able to tailor fit the electric cigarette to suit needs of a person who wants to buy electronic cigarette based on features such as the flavor and the nicotine strength amongst other factors.

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As such many Electronic cigarette brands have pushed the envelope in the design to make the best e cigarette available; the level of technology has increased the features as well as the security of the devices. In fact at the recent CES 2014 there was a concept of a smokeless cigarette that had a finger print scanner meant to enhance security in what many have called a bold new step in technology and design. This has shown that the manufacturers of the electric cigarettes are now geared towards making the e smoking device more technology friendly and creative.

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Many claim that the electric cigarette industry is inherently promoting Moore’s law that states the price of technology will fall as more and more people embrace it and with presence of good Electronic cigarette brands like V2 Cigs and the like, the industry is sure to grow. In conjunction with the growing sales that average 100% per year, has meant that the financial savings combined with the high product quality that smokeless cigarette brands offer have resulted in more people opting rather to Vape than smoke.

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