Smokeless Cigarette Brands Brings the Best No Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews

It is now possible for smokers to get proper guidance about e- cigs before making a decision about purchasing them.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes are gradually making a switch to the new age electronic cigarettes, owing to the several benefits that the e- cigs have over tobacco cigs. However, they are often reluctant and confused before making the change, and also wonder which brands should suit their needs best. SmokelessCigaretteBrands give no some electronic cigarette reviews to help give step-by-step guidance to the new smokers about e- cigs.

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Electronic cigarettes are being considered a healthier option than tobacco cigarettes, since tobacco can cause cancer. Nicotine can also be harmful, but only if taken in large amounts. E- cigs contain only small amounts of nicotine, and the strength of nicotine can be adjusted by the smokers. Heavy tobacco smokers can start by using 24 mg nicotine and slowly work their way down to as low as 0% nicotine intake. Moreover, the smoke emitted by e- cigs is produced without combustion of any substance. It is simply water vapor, and is hence not uncomfortable for the others either. Thus, it is a good alternative of tobacco cigarettes for effective as well as passive smokers, especially when many countries have promulgated ban against public smoking.

Several companies produce the best of e- cigs to cater to the variety of needs of different smokers. While V2 Cigs is considered the no.1 manufacturer, with excellent battery life, large variety of flavours and flexibility, South Beach Smoke, with its excellent battery life is the choice of long distance travellers, and Eversmoke E Cigarettes are well-known for the powerful flavours ensured by the anti-leakage system provided by the silicon tips. These brands rank 2nd and 3rd. Other brands like Green Smoke and Blu Cigs come closely behind.

SmokelessCigaretteBrands helps the users to pick the best e- cigs, not just by guiding them with reviews, but also making the components easily available to them. Moreover, there are attractive discounts offered by the site on the products, to help them get the already affordable e- cigs at even lower costs.

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