Smokeless Cigarette Brands Describes the Qualities of Top Grade E Liquid in Its V2 E Liquid Review is among the few trusted web sites on electronic smoking. It gives reviews and offers ratings on different leading brands of e cigs to educate pubic on relative merits of these brands. The portal is committed to guide new users who wish to take up e smoking by giving them correct and reliable information. It is a good promoter of smokeless smoking and here it talks on e liquid in its v2 e liquid review.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- E liquid is the most important thing in an electronic cigarette because vapors depend of it for consistency and quality. Good quality e liquid is essential to get homogeneous and dense vapors, says in its popular v2 e liquid review. Consumers can customize this e liquid according to their specific smoking requirements. E liquid is a solution of nicotine and a flavor. Nicotine is to give users the feel-good-feeling and to elevate their moods by appeasing their hunger for the stimulating chemical. Flavor is to provide uniqueness and identity to smokeless smoking. Both are dissolved in a solution of vegetable glycerin and, or propylene glycol.

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Talking on v2 e liquid review, says that cartridges contain e liquid. E liquid is stored in a tiny reservoir in a cartridge. It enters atomizer to get heated by a heating element using energy from battery. The atomizer turns liquid into vapors instantly. Consumers inhale these vapors to derive an authentic smoking experience as well as nicotine. E liquid comes in scores of flavors; some are classic flavors like menthol, fruits like grape inspire some, some are after dessert aromas such as vanilla, and some are cocktail flavors like bloody Mary. Consumers can select a suitable strength of nicotine in their cartridges. Different strengths of nicotine are available to meet different kinds of smokers.

V2 e liquid review of says that the brand offers around six popular flavors including two tobacco flavors. V2 cigs customers can choose from a range of four tobacco strengths. They start from zero percent of nicotine and go up to 1.8 percent of nicotine. Experienced tobacco cigarette smokers need higher doses of nicotine and some new users prefer smoking flavor only vapors with zero nicotine. Whatever the individual preference, smokers or new users can enjoy vapors from their v2 e liquid ‘almost’ anywhere as the fumes are odor free and non-intrusive. The reason is, electronic smoking devices are not against law and vapors do not annoy others.

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