Smokeless Cigarette Brands Discourses on Are There E Cigs Without Nicotine to Enlighten New Users is a nice portal that specializes in writing reviews and offering ranks to different leading brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal is established by e smoking enthusiasts with an intention to educate people on the advantages of modern smoking. It aims to promote smokeless smoking among tobacco cigarette smokers. Here it talks on are there e cigs without nicotine in an attempt to reveal finer points of electronic smoking.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- is impressed by superior features of electronic smoking and started promoting it among tobacco cigarette smokers by introducing best brands, by providing useful details on industry and by guiding new users in choosing a right kind of brand. The portal has an exhaustive FAQ section, which deals with several questions such as, are there e cigs without nicotine, to clarify several doubts of new users. The portal explains that electronic smoking devices are great substitutes to traditional cigarettes. They are equally capable of providing nicotine to users, apart from giving an authentic smoking experience. Many smokers, who switched to e smoking, are happy with their decision.

Click Here To Know More About The Best 3 Vapor Cigarette Brands. answers in positive to people, who ask, are there e cigs without nicotine. Electronic cigarettes use e liquid as raw material to make vapors, by heating the liquid with an inbuilt heating element. The heating element derives energy from a rechargeable battery. Vapor quality depends on contents of e liquid. E liquid is a solution of a flavor and a solvent. Nicotine is optional. Electronic cigarettes come with assortment of flavor cartridges, with or without nicotine according to the choice of customers. Even the strength (dosage) of nicotine can be as per customers’ requirement. Heavy smokers like their liquid with high doses of nicotine, while light smokers are satisfied with low doses of nicotine.

Are there e cigs without nicotine? Yes. Consumers can opt for zero nicotine and flavor only e liquid or cartridge when they order for their electronic cigarette starter kit. They can select a favorite flavor among a range of offered flavors. Many new users, who do not want to taste nicotine or who are averse to using nicotine can happily enjoy ‘smoking’ pleasantly flavored vapors to experience unique smoking sensation. Several therapists suggest this kind of zero nicotine smoking as a possible remedy to nicotine addiction. It enables habituated smokers to have the ritualistic and the nostalgic satisfaction, without loading their bodies with nicotine, says

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