Smokeless Cigarette Brands Explains Benefits of Opting Top Alternatives to Smoking 2014 to Smokers is a popular web site that deals with electronic smoking. It gives reviews and offers rankings on different leading brands of electronic cigarettes in a bid to introduce various companies that make e smoking devices to users. The portal is keen to give reliable and useful info on e smoking. Here, it tells about superior advantages of switching to top alternatives to smoking 2014 to tobacco cig smokers.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers are borne out of necessity. Some fifty years ago, a visionary conceptualized a device that could give users smoking pleasure without smoke or tobacco. The concept was dormant for all these years and materialized in recent years. Experts consider these products as top alternatives to smoking 2014 as these devices can make users the same feel-good experience that they derive from tobacco cigs. These compact, easy to use, battery powered gadgets can give both nicotine and smoking sensation to users, that too without smoke. When users avoid smoke and combustion, they can avoid cumbersome residual byproducts like oily tar, burning ashes and harsh smell, explains

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Electronic cigarettes are now popular as top alternatives to smoking 2014. These wonderful devices are compact enough to carry easily. They work as small nebulizers making vapors from a nicotine rich constituent liquid. They derive power from rechargeable batteries to heat the liquid. The vapors carry nicotine to users and they are inhalable as smoke. As these vapors and odorless, they do not spoil the freshness of surrounding air and they do not offend people nearby. says that this particular quality makes vapor smoking socially acceptable almost anywhere. People, generally do not object smokeless smoking. Users can choose any favorite flavor from scores of flavors that are available.

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free; they are not under the purview of tobacco laws. This reason mainly persuades experts and veterans to consider these modern smoking devices as top alternatives to smoking 2014. By switching to electronic cigarettes, regular cigarette smokers can satisfy their nicotine hunger as and when they need, without worrying about guilt or social stigma. reveals that several smokers who took up e smoking are happy with their switch and they vouch that e smoking is more economical than regular cigarette smoking. Good thing with smokeless smoking is that it has no wastage at all. Every drop of the e liquid is useful in giving smoking pleasure to users.

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