Smokeless Cigarette Brands Unmasks the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand of 2014 the online e-cigs review site receives several postings of questions and queries about the electronic cigarettes indicating the urge among people about knowing this device. Along with honest and satisfactory answers, provides information and data on the e-cigs and the various brands available in the market.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- The phenomenal hit of the e-cigs among the smokers created promises of a bright future for several companies in this market. Not only that, but it also attracted and encouraged other companies including few regular cigarette companies to launch their own brand of e-cig in the market. With this several alternative brands are now available in the market for the buyers and consumers. But sooner or later everyone looks for the best brand in the market. While earning the tag of being the best is a challenging task given the tough competition, in its official website introduces the viewers to the best electronic cigarette brand known for providing the best of everything known to be-cigs.

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Along with the accelerating sales and profits, the device is also undergoing new and innovative changes. Along with atomizer, cartridges and power storage the mechanism of e-cigs are introduced to cartomizers and clearomizers. A cartomizer is a portmanteau of the atomizer and cartridges, and is used for heating the e-liquid after which it is usually disposed of. Like the cartridges the cartomizer are refillable. The atomizer is inserted in a clear tank used by a clearomizer. The continuous changes brought in the e-cigs designs and working are adding to the already increasing sales of the device.

Developed countries like the United States and UK have regulated the sales of electronic cigarettes owing to the large population of tobacco cigarettes. And it has been an instant success with more than a million active users of the device in the UK alone. Globally, there exist more than 3.5 million users of electronic cigarettes, and every passing time is adding more to this figure. Counted as one of the best inventions of the current century, electronic cigarettes are quoted as the future of smoking.

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