SmokeTip Increases Variety with More New E Liquid Flavors

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Recently one of the top e cig brands on the market, SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes released a set of 5 new e liquid flavors that are designed to attract more vapers to vaping, the introduction of these 5 news e cig liquid refill flavor cartridges means that the current range of flavors will be expanded in an effort to make SmokeTip one of the top e cigarette brands this year. The new flavors that are being added by SmokeTip are banana, cinnamon, orange, pineapple and watermelon. All of these flavors are being offered in all of SmokeTip nicotine levels including the nicotine free version of their latest e liquid range.

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In addition, SmokeTip is also offering the same great savings that they have been offering with their already existing e liquid product range. These electronic cigarette liquid savings are that should a buyer purchase 3 ten packs of refill cartridges they will also be able to get a free battery.

And this does not only end there, upon the purchase of 6 ten packs of refill cartridges, the buyer will get a free USB and a free wall charger for their vapor cigarette kits. As a result there are now more varieties that will allow vapers to enjoy their best e liquid flavors that are being offered by SmokeTip.

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