Smoketip Introduces E Cigar Discusses discusses about the E Cigars that are recently introduced by Smoketip. Cigar lovers can also enjoy the tobacco free cigar smoking experience with e cigars of the brand.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- informs the cigar smokers about the e cigars that have been recently introduced by Smoketip. Experts say that with the electronic cigars of Smoketip, cigar lovers can also enjoy the tobacco free cigar smoking experience with complete zestfulness. A person can smoke more than one thousand puffs with a single electronic cigar. According to the reviews, an e cigar of the brand can be purchased at a nominal price of $19.95. Also a person can save a lot of money and purchase three electronic cigars at an affordable cost of $49.95. Reviews explain that the working of an e cigar is similar to an electronic cigarette.

As per the electronic cigarette review, the Smoketip is offering disposable e cigars for the customers. Cigar smokers can use the e cigars almost anywhere as no tobacco is involved. Therefore no ash, tar or smoke is produced by using an electronic cigar. Reviews explain that each disposable e cigar of the brand is almost equal to twelve regular cigars. According to the reviews, a person can purchase the disposable e cigar in two amazing flavors that provide the similar taste like with a regular cigar. One of the flavors is Cuban that has a bold full flavor and the other is the Havana that is milder and sweeter. Experts say that e cigars provide the same smoking sensation to a smoker as with the electronic cigarettes.

E cig reviews explain that using an e cigar is very simple and provides ease of smoking to a smoker. A person has to simply take the e cigar out of the pack and peel off the small green colored label that is available at the top and middle of the e cigar. After removing the label, the cigar smoker has to just take a puff and enjoy the electronic cigar that satisfies the smoker’s urge for nicotine in a tobacco free manner. Experts say that an e cigar lasts for around a week and rest depending on the usage of a smoker.

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