SmokeTip Offers a Buy-1-Get-1-Free Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Limited Sale Offer Discusses

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Recently SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette, One Of The Top Electronic Cigrette Brands has made an offer that is set to make waves in the vaping community. When a smoker goes and purchases one electronic cigarette starter kit the buyer will also get an extra identical vapor cigarette kit for free. The kit in mind is the SmokeTip kit, and all the buyer has to do is to add the same kit twice to their shopping cart and they will only be charged for one. This is a limited time offer so there are still stocks and the onus is on the buyer to buy before this bestselling electronic cigarette kit is sold out.

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The reason why SmokeTip has come to be recognised as one of the top manufacturers on the market is because they only offer one e cigarette kit and they concentrate all their efforts on improving it. This has created for them a large following of smokers that consider them to be a low cost and yet a high quality producer of e cigarettes kits. As such should the smoker require anything like a portable carrying kit or car charger for their e cigarette, they will need to buy those separately. It just comes with the basic requirements in an electronic cigarette starter kit that are needed for vaping as with no frills. In fact many have called it the ideal method of smoking for those that want to vape the Highest Possible Quality Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for the lowest possible price.

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Many smokers have noted their appreciation that SmokeTip only offers automatic batteries that are of the KR808D version and they are not some out-dated model. In terms of electronic cigarette starter kits, the offer from SmokeTip allows the smokers to not only choose the strength of nicotine that best suits them but also the flavor.

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