Smoketip Provides High Capacity Cartridges with Built in Atomizer Says

Smoketip one of the leading brands of e cigs in the market provides its costumer with a high capacity cartridge

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Smoketip one of the leading brands of e cigs in the market provides its costumer with a high capacity cartridge. With a high capacity cartridge more puffs are provided with every puff. The reason behind this is the built in atomizer. It saves on the money front and also provides more puffs.

Cartridges are a container that stores the liquid of e cigarette which is vaporized and it also serves as a mouthpiece. The atomizer is used to heat up the liquid so that it vaporizes. And with the power supply user can easily recharge its battery.

Soketip is the most advanced electric cigarette in the market. It is has high capacity cartridges that not only save the money but also the time for replacing it. Each cartridges of Soketip gives about 250 puffs per unit. It also cut of the needs to buy an atomizer every month as an atomizer is provided with every cartridges. It offers a life time warranty on its batteries. Smoketip comes with vast variety of flavor. It offers 19 different flavors to choose from. Different nicotine strength is also provided with these flavors.

Smoketip is an electronic cigarette that is light on the pocket as well as on health. It is smoke free tobacco free and odor free. 1.25 pack of the traditional cigarette is equal to a single cartridge of a Smoketip which provides 250 puffs. Its simple two piece design makes it user friendly and also eco friendly.

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