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Smoking Cigars Is a Popular Attraction at Weddings, Corporate Events and Birthdays

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- American cigar smokers regard themselves as a small part of the population- a minority that often feels victimized by a zealous national anti-smoking campaign.  However, the actual number of people who will enjoy a cigar is a much larger percentage than most people imagine, claim The Cigar Guys, a cigar catering business founded in Southern California.

“We’ve provided cigars for over 500 weddings”, says The Cigar Guys Co-Founder Tony Wilson, “And we’ve met thousands of people who wouldn’t buy a cigar, but would smoke one if they’re offered.  That’s what we do- offer cigars to non-smokers.”

After nearly 10 years in business, The Cigar Guys (www.thecigarguys.net) have expanded nationally through their Associate program.  Designed to help cigar lovers launch their own turnkey cigar event business while taking advantage of an established model, the Associate program gives The Cigar Guys national reach with a local touch.

Co-Founder Alex Lukoff adds “Nearly every national corporate event we cater has maybe one guy who brings their own cigar- but will have another 30 or more who would like to smoke but don’t even own a humidor.  These guys don’t visit their local lounges, but they ask us where they are.”

Cigars are an established part of the national culture, and are used in the media to denote wealth and power- portrayals that could harm the growth of the industry by putting off potential new cigar aficionados.  By reaching out to events as opposed to individuals, The Cigar Guys believe that they are promoting the pastime of cigar smoking and encouraging non-smokers to visit their local lounges and enjoy the occasional cigar.

Having provided cigars for event varying from The Screen Actors Guild golf tournament to hundreds of private backyard parties, the duo certainly know about getting first timers from every walk of life started on the road to becoming Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf.  Hopefully their efforts are felt in your local cigar lounges’ humidor, when a former party guest at a The Cigar Guys catered event walks in ready to expand their horizons.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Alex Lukoff at 800-610-6717 x1 or alex@thecigarguys.net

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