Smoking E Cigarette Almost Everywhere Is the New Trend Says

E cigarettes feel and tastes like the real cigarette but it’s not just the same old tobacco cigarette says experts of

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- The technology brings electronic cigarettes that are considered safe and eliminates many health risks associated with traditional cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are becoming a popular way of smoking these days as they can be used in smoking prohibited areas and public places like restaurant, hotels, and bars and even in plane these days. Electric cigarettes are non polluting, non flammable and non carcinogenic devices.

The benefits associated with e cigs are that they are pollution free; emits only vapor. Plus, there is essentially no smell, and the vapor cloud evaporates almost immediately. In fact, vapor can be hold for long and vapor almost entirely dissipates with time. The brand manufacturers say “electric cigarettes help smokers to minimize smoking tobacco cigarettes and adjust nicotine levels.” Normal cigarettes have harmful chemicals that are not found in e cigarettes. With e cigs, effects of the harmful chemicals can almost completely be eliminated. An e cig smoker said “Fresher breath! Now nobody can tell that I smoke. I look better, feel better and more alive. That is the best benefit of using e cigs.

Electric cigarettes are user friendly devices. Smokers who use electric cigarette leave no residue and help the environment “Go Green”. E cigs do not produce ash and smoke so the smoker can use it anywhere. Now, there will be no ash tray around the smokers and no hence burns. Electric cigarette works on battery and thus a fully charged electronic cigarette can work for several hours thus, the user should be aware of the amount of vapor one is inhaling. Also, E cigs are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Smokers can easily enjoy and experience the physical and emotional sensations of electronic cigarettes.

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